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DirtyDiva | March 11 2013

The PopChiX Founding Femmes!

Trixie 360:

Trixie360 (aka Christa Charter) has worked in the video game industry since 1995 and currently does community things at Xbox. Besides being a founder of GamerchiX, she also created the Xbox Ambassador program and a handful of Xbox LIVE events such as Xbox All-Nighter, Family Game Night, Music Monday, and Arcade Afternoon. She has three kids (17, 13 and a newborn) and is married to a United States Marine. When not gaming on the Xbox 360, DS, Wii, or PC, she can be found reading a book on her Kindle or making videos on her FLip.
DirtyDiva (aka Sara Nicholson) has been gaming since the age of seven. From programming Pong line for line to destroying Rad Scorpions in Fallout 3, she has loved everything about the evolution of gaming. She has been active in the gaming community since 2003 when she joined GamertagPics and later became an admin. She was also an Xbox MVP, had a piece published in EGM, was featured in ads for 1up, and was a member of the Xbox Community Team where she designed, wrote for and ran Gamerscoreblog.com as well as spearheading the MVP Program. She is a co-founder of GamerchiX, which pushed her to create this new place for members to visit and contribute. She loves dark chocolate, her English Bulldogs, Lizzie, Zoe and Tyson and watching trashy TV.



Kitty (aka Chloe Brown) got a late start to gaming at the ripe ‘old’ age of 19 with a healthy addiction to Zelda, after growing up in a household that held the opinion that “video games aren’t for girls.” She got involved in the Xbox community in 2005, has been an Xbox MVP since January 2006 and rounds out the triumvirate of the Gamerchix Founders. A multitasking Queen, her time is spent among the Chix, Halo, the PMS Clan, IM and her Facebook games!
Ichigo Sage (aka Drea Avellan) is an artist, graphic designer, writer, wannabe performer/musician, and social media enthusiast who applies her talents into all her passions. Drea has been writing about videogames and creating designs for websites such as Gamertag Radio, 360voice and The Blue Skittle Magazine since 2005. Drea decided it was time to chase her dreams and head to Seattle -- the videogame capital of the world. Still a resident of the Emerald City, Drea is still an active blogger for gearlive, writer for Hardcore Gamer Magazine, and now -- PopChix. Microsoft acknowledged Drea's efforts in the music community and awarded her with a MVP (Most Valuable Professional) award in 2007 for Zune. She now splits her time with her day job at Xbox, Internship at Sarathan Records, freelance design and whatever else you throw at her. Drea has an unreasonable love for live shows, fire, bacon, and monkeys.

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