The Chief ChiX

DirtyDiva | March 24 2013

This site would not exist without the help of these lovely ladies. Meet your Chief ChiX who help with social media, forum moderation, playdates and making you happy!


AlletS/Stella’s interests include everything from yard work to graphic design, although she really isn’t an expert in anything. Her dream job is to preserve and protect books and manuscripts. She has enjoyed gaming for as long as she can remember, and loves everything from Pong and Qbert to Halo and Bioshock. When she isn’t gaming she is busy taking care of her home, husband, and very spoiled dog.



Starting with the NES, Bella's love of video games came at the early age of 6.  It wasn't until winter of 2009 that she felt the awesomeness of First Person Shooter games, and quickly grew attached to Call of Duty World at War! (Nothing compares to that headshot sound.) When not playing video games on her multiple systems, or interviewing the fabulous-all-mighty PopChix of the Month, she can be found pampering her dogs and consorting to rule the world with laughter and mayhem....  Ohhhh snap!!
::CalacaBellaTriX stands for being a lover of Calacas, and BellaTrix, which means female warrior (sorry Harry Potter fans).::



Cookie is a gamer mom of 2 who, when not on her Xbone, is reading romance novels. She LOVES cats and spending time with her little monsters being a big kid.



jessageek (Jess Allerdice) first discovered the excitement of pressing buttons as a preschooler when she pushed a restaurant’s Big Red Button and summoned the local fire department. To better channel her enthusiasm, her parents decided to place a more appropriate red button in her hands. This one was attached to the joystick of an Atari 2600 and pushing it booted up a love of all types of games.

Now that Jess is all grown up, married to a fellow gamer and raising three more, every night has become Family Game Night which also doubles as a fun-filled tool for teaching her children on the Autism Spectrum. Ask Jess her personal motto and she’ll say: “Caned But Able: Conquering disability challenges one achievement at a time.” If you bump into her at a gaming convention, she may very well fall over, but then she’d just dust herself off and ask you to sign her cane. Signatures: She’s gotta collect ‘em all!

Jess has worked in both the technical and social sides of online community management for over thirteen years.  She’s thrilled to use that experience to support the site that led her to her gamer sisters.



Coming Soon!



x1Up Girl (L.B. Brown) is our resident wasteland lacquerista and editor. When she's not spending her days sitting in Vault 101 adding your awesome articles to our site, she's developing software professionally and raising three gaming minions. Her interests include game deal hunting, reviewing junk food, and planning world domination with the PCX Write Club.


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