A History Of Zombies

xSHADOWx | May 14 2014

When I first started doing research for this article, I had no idea how much information I'd find or how far back in history it actually went ( about 110 years).  I always assumed that zombies were fairly recent pop culture phenomenon, however my research has proven different.

Zombies originally came from Haitian folklore, it is described as an animated corpse raised by magical means in witchcraft or necromancy. Zombies remain under the control of the witch as their personal slaves. Under the same folklore it is said that a zombie could be saved by feeding them salt - completely different from what we know.

In Syria, evidence has suggested that they used to bury their dead with their heads separate from the body and often the head was crushed.  No one really knows why they did this but it is suggested that they believed it was performed to stop the dead from coming back to life.

It has been said in some articles that zombies are a representation of human fears in society.  Back when the word zombie was first used, people feared becoming a zombie because the world was obsessed with witches, witchcraft and being hexed or put under a spell.  Now in modern times, people are fearful of being bitten by a zombie and turning into a flesh hungry monster but it's more than that.  Turning means we lose our individuality.  And a zombie apocalypse means the breakdown of our environment, not to mention the excessive rate of our scientific advances.

In recent times zombies often appear in horror and fantasy themed works, but zombies today are mindless flesh eating corpses with a hunger for human brains, although the name is still the same the link to the Haitian folklore is unclear.

So there you have it:  a brief history lesson on zombies and where they came from. I'd love to hear your knowledge on zombies and where you believed they originated from.

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Fifiville Wed 14 May
Awesome article! Thanks Shadow! :D
Captain Awwsum
Captain Awwsum Wed 14 May

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