PCX Write Club - Now Taking Applications!

X1up Girl | February 20 2014

What Write Club is...

  • a fun, casual group of ladies who like to share ideas and enjoy writing
  • an opportunity for chicas who want to be more active with planning site content
  • an opportunity to collaborate with other PopChiX.com writers


What Write Club is not...

  • this is NOT a paid position
  • this will NOT make you an official PopChiX.com representative (you still have to go through DirtyDiva, Popchix Founder and Administrator,first)
  • you will NOT have to actually fight to be in the group


Amazeball Write Club perks: 

  • Special access to our PCX Write Club Facebook group for site planning and collaboration
  • An exclusive site "Write Club" badge
  • Your place of honor on the "Meet The Write Club" page (coming soon)


The only requirement of Write Club members is the submission of one article a month and that's it.  Members may leave the group at any time should they feel they can't meet that commitment.  Anyone interested in joining should send me a private PM (x1up girl) by March 1, 2014 via this site. 


xSHADOWx Thu 20 Feb
Sounds good to me, can we discuss anything game and geeky? Or has it got to be a certain topic?
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 20 Feb
Convos can be game/geeky/anything. Think break room of reporters throwing ideas off each other, and talking about a variety of topics for upcoming articles, etc. That sounded way like work, but it's definitely going to be a casual group and talking about something doesn't mean you have to right it either.
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 20 Feb
Errr, I mean write LOLOL
xSHADOWx Fri 21 Feb
Ok cool, sign me up.
Littles813 Wed 05 Mar
Very cool... glad I joined
Zaythar Fri 21 Mar
Yes, I'm interested in this. Need something fun to do!

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