PopchiX Summer Challenge: Complete!

jessageek | August 18 2014

A month ago we tasked you with finding up to 199 items in 30 days, and did you ever rise up to that challenge! Every team had a little help along the way, some of it furry! Zaythar's dog, Sindaen, played an adorable game of fetch. The Littles813 family guinea pigs made a splash. AlletS's dog tried on a dress. MrsNinjaMaster's cat took a ride. Eagle Warhawk's dog stuck out its tongue. And Eith's kitty napped on a baby's changing table. 

We also got some fantastic visual interpretations of member usernames. AlletS drew a picture of an iCeTKiTtY. Eagle Warhawk created a fabulous Fallout-themed picture of X1up Girl. And MrsNinjaMaster made ohmyfluffygoat. 

Part of the point of this challenge was to get members out and about in their community this summer by asking them to find new places, meet new people, check out their local shops, and do some silly things. iCeTKiTtY found a food truck, and got her mom to try its offerings. Purplepooki took a drive and recorded her views along the way. Fifiville turned on her video camera for her ride down a roller coaster. X1up Girl convinced her kids to do cartwheels. Mistress Sara arm wrestled a cafe's barista. Eagle Warhawk hugged a friendly employee of her nearby comic store. Deathrina captured a a picture of a beautiful sunrise. arkangel318 tried on some hats and theHeFiNaToR took a ride on a Barbie Power Wheels!

I loved seeing all of the entries come through but one of my favorite parts of this challenge was discovering that we have some wonderful writers amongst our ChiX! Just look at all the fabulous articles we received, all of which left me feeling hungry and creative:

Nine teams joined the scavenger hunt but only two could come out victorious. It was a very, very close race with only four points separating first and second place.  

Our second place team with 519 points, is. . .




The Time Travelers! Congratulations Eagle Warhawk! You win a $10 Amazon gift card. 

Our first place team with 523 points is . . .




Partners in Crime! Congratulations MrsNinjaMaster and Mistress Sara!

You will each receive a $10 gift card to Amazon and the special Queen of the Vault Badge:

Winners: Please email admin@popchix.com for details on how to receive your prizes.


Thank you everyone for playing, for making this SUCH a fun game, and for showing your Popchix Pride!


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Mon 18 Aug
Congrats to the winners!!! WTG, ladies!! :D
arkangel318 Mon 18 Aug
Congrats, y'all! :D
DirtyDiva Mon 18 Aug
This was such an awesome thing to do. I loved seeing all the photos submitted. Also, a huge thanks to Jess for setting it all up!
Deathrina Mon 18 Aug
Congrats smileit was fun to participate in!
Mistress Sara
Mistress Sara Mon 18 Aug
OMG, that was a close competition and SUPER fun. I'm having daily challenge word withdraws. Thanks for setting it up Jess!
MrsNinjaMaster Mon 18 Aug
Wahoooo! Thanks Sara for being my awesome partner in crime! Congrats to Eagle Warhawk!!!
Fifiville Mon 18 Aug
Congratulations ladies! :D

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