Tears, Tantrums and Broken Controllers: Gamer Mums And Tablet Gaming

xSHADOWx | August 29 2014

Hello there!  I'm a gamer mum from the UK and I'm lucky enough to be given the space to write a blog-based column on my life as a gamer mum: the balance I struggle to find time for raising a family and having time to enjoy my gaming will be written out for the world to see. I know a lot of you ladies and gents are in the same boat as me, by boat I mean pirate ship. Yes, my one child crew is hard to handle and I want to drink rum all day.

Before my girl pirate was born, I spent 85% of my time gaming.  I was racking up achievements like they were going out of fashion. Now, I'm lucky to get 3 hours a week gaming. My life is now filled with Disney, Barbies and tantrums. Not to mention the child friendly games I must play, yes must! That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it. This week I've managed to squeeze in a few hours of Bubble Witch Saga 2 during my daughters bath time. 

These types of games are games I swore I would never play, but they are the only games I can pick up and drop just as quickly without loosing my way in the game. You can't pick up and drop Gears of War in the same way.  If you did, you'd never understand the story and probably spend your entire time throwing grenades at yourself because you've forgotten the buttons. Now I've sorta found myself addicted to this game, and at the same time I hate it because it cheats, cheats without regret I'm sure of it!

Do any of you supplement your gaming needs with gaming apps?  Please tell me some of you are addicted to similar tablet based games LOL.  Post in the comments below!


Fifiville Fri 29 Aug
3 hours a week sounds like a lot to me now days :( I used to play so much, like you, but now I barely touch my xbox...tv...anything that is not my baby! Last time I played was 21 days ago...I just looked up my last achievement raspberry
xSHADOWx Fri 29 Aug
Ahhh I remember when my daughter was first born I was exactly the same. As they get older its slightly easier to game. I used to game durringmy daughters nap times. I usually only got an hour tops but it was just enough "me to e" to get trough the day. Luckily my daughter is 4 now and has shown interest in gaming, she will happily play tablet games and Nintendo 3ds games. After about 30 minutes she gets bored. But its a start. Hang in there Fifi it does get easier, your doing a fantastic job x x x
xSHADOWx Fri 29 Aug
Edit " me time". Stupid tablet touch pad keyboard.

* during my
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Mon 01 Sep
I know quite a few of us play in the Hayday group. That's a great game, but WAY addictive. smile

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