Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: How Parenthood Affected My Gaming And Bonfire Night

xSHADOWx | November 07 2014

2 November  2014

Hello everyone! This week I thought I'd try something different for my blog. I thought I would tell you about how my life has changed... well more to the point, how my gaming life has changed since my daughter was born.

Six years ago (before I was pregnant), I wasn't working and I pretty much never left the house, except to go to the game store to buy a new game. I would literally spend every waking second playing games or watching DVDs on my console whilst waiting for friends to come online. I would game until the early hours of the morning and then sleep till lunch time. When I became pregnant (planned of course), I felt so ill that I couldn't game.  It was almost like motion sickness more than morning sickness. I found the only game I could play was Uno Rush! Which I played an awful lot. Later on in my pregnancy, the sickness subsided and I managed to play Borderlands. However, I found I couldn't sit for long without getting a back ache.  I obviously couldn't lie on my belly so eventually I ended up having to stop playing.

Fast forward a few months and my daughter was born, I managed to play most weekends and in the evening. Yay! Things were getting back to normal, or as close as possible. Eventually I was playing less and less mostly because I was too tired to play.

When my daughter was 22 months, I found a job and returned to work.  I was working anti-social hours, so gaming was restricted to weekends. My co-op buddies had steamed ahead and I was left behind in campaigns.  I lost the love for gaming. I actually stopped gaming for a few months. Then for that Christmas, my husband brought me a Nintendo 3DS. It was great because I could game in the bath, in bed, anywhere.  It was brilliant! I even got addicted to Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I played this game 2-3 times a day for nearly a year.

Earlier this year when we brought a PlayStation 4, my love of console gaming has returned. My daughter, who is now 4 1/2,  likes to game with us. It has definitely gotten alot easier to find time to game but still mostly falls on the weekend. Most Friday nights all three of us sit in front of the PlayStation and play together.



5 November  2014

This week us Mighty Brits celebrated Bonfire Night (5th Nov). I took some videos of the fireworks that can be seen from the bottom of my street, that I'd like to share some screen captures with you. There was quite a crowd. The quality isn't great on my phone so my apologies for that. I hope you enjoy them as much as me and my family did!


TootieTazzy Sat 08 Nov
I love bonfire night! Unfortunately though, I was sat in acting and a human shields for my two dogs who hate the snap, crackle and pops of fireworks. I had a sneaky peek from the window so I managed to watch the big ones from the local display.

Great pictures, too!
akashaheart Sun 09 Nov
Awww I know the feeling I had a gaming drought where i was tired and had so much to do i just stopped trying to play and lately with my tooth pain and kids having so much homework even when they go to bed all i want to do is go to bed too
xSHADOWx Sun 09 Nov
Yeh it came to the stage where my own needs ( sleep) and looking after my daughter were greater than my desire to game. Luckily its returned now, just not to the same hardcore nature it used to be

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