Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers:  3DS Time, PSN Hacks and the P.T. Demo

xSHADOWx | September 05 2014

22 August  2014

I actually keep my 3DS by my bed in hope that one morning I will wake up early enough to get a few minutes on it.  But no, I'm sure my child has a radar in her room that goes off whenever I wake up. It's been there for 3 weeks and only once have I played on it. I'm sure my town in Animal Crossing New Leaf is covered in weeds and my town folk are packing bags and set to abandon their shocking mayor.

My 3DS has been a God send really because my daughter plays on it quite a bit.  She loves to play Cooking Mama, it keeps her quiet and I can get on with house work. I can't wait until her little hands are big enough to hold a controller and reach all the buttons.  She's only 4 years old and there is plenty of time for her to be my co-op partner.

How many of you game with your children?  What age were they when they managed to hold a controller and use all the buttons effectively?  Let me know in the comments below. smile



23 August 2014

My husband gave my daughter a bath and I took the opportunity to get in a quick game of Assassins Creed Black Flag, And it was a quick game, I had just enough time to get a mission, an assassination and a run around before the wet hair monster came downstairs and proceeded to run circles round me. Whilst I was playing I came across a British flag. I got quite excited (being English and all) its not very often I see games with the union jack in it (most of the time its the American flag). However it turned out there was a lot of them, so my excitement was not called for really.

Yey for Britishness!

Well I went to play Battlefield 4 but had problems connecting to PSN.  Thinking it was my internet, I spent 15 minutes rebooting and restarting my system. Finally got an error code, googled it and some <expletive> known as lizard squad DDos attacked the PSN server and also at the same time the president of Sony online entertainment was flying back when lizard squad tweeted to American Airways that there was a bomb on their flight which then had to redirect. Seriously, what is wrong with these people?

What are your thoughts on the recent PSN attack? Let me know in the comments below! smile



29 August 2014

My daughter playing the six axis on the PS3 before we upgraded to a PS4

Friday marks the start of the weekend for me. But as it's still the school summer holidays here for the UK kids, I took my daughter to the swimming pool for a few hours of splashing and near drowning. On the way back, we hit the park and playground with the hope of wearing her out so tonight I get to put the PS4 through its paces (i.e., get some game time with games we can only play when she's asleep).  Like recently we ( myself and my husband) played the P.T demo. It was really good, weird to say the least, but totally worth the change of underpants every 5 minutes to see the ending (which I'm not going to tell you what happens but any Walking Dead fan really needs to play this).

In other news, I did our weekly shop while the husband and child sat in the car.  It's cheaper that way, ya know without the pestering off "can I have this and can I have that." The husband is guilty of this too. We tend to be fairly healthy with fresh fruit and veggies, however a pizza fell into the trolley all by itself. I was so embarrassed I couldn't put it back, and was forced to buy this yummy cheese stuffed crust topped with various processed meats. Plus a small child's cheese pizza saw the other pizza fall into my trolley and decided to take the leap too. It would be rude to separate them.

Have you played the Silent Hills P.T demo yet? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.


jessageek Fri 05 Sep
We're a family of five and we game together all the time. Co-op games usually are the best option though -- we're all pretty competitive! LOL
xSHADOWx Sat 06 Sep
I really can't wait till my daughter is older and we can have a family game night every week. She's just a little small to reach all the buttons on the controller. How old were yours jess when they could hold a controller?

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