Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers:  Free Xbox Live Games For Window Phones Reviewed

xSHADOWx | November 21 2014

This week I've mostly been playing Xbox games on my window's phone. These are great little games to play whilst out and about, some of them are free and if that's not good enough for you, you also get achievements that go on your gamer card! 


Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja is one of my favourites, I think its actually a lot easier than the kinect version, the achievements are pretty much the same. The idea is the same but instead of using your whole body and waving your arms around, you just slice the fruit with your finger.



Flowerz is the most addictive one for me, I've thrown so many hours at this game it is crazy, the idea of the game is to build rows or columns of three or more flowers of the same colour, which then disappear and score you points. achievements are fairly easy although I'm yet to obtain them all. The leaderboard ranks you against your friends list. I'm currently second on mine and I can't tell you how annoying it is.



Wordament is a cross platform online game which can be also played on the PC. The idea of the game is to make a word from a grid of letters 3x3, you can go in any direction as long as the tile with the letter on is touching the next either by vertical, horizontal or diagonal, your against the timer and against 1000 plus people, I know this because I'm often ranked in the 900's, Yeh I'm not good at this game but I enjoy the mental stimulation. Dont ask me about achievements, I dare not look! Lol.

There are many other free games and paid games to chose from but these happen to be my favourite and most played top three games.


Do you play Xbox Live games on your phone?  Which games? Let me know in the comments below!


xSHADOWx Fri 21 Nov
Correction its 4x4 not 3x3 my mind temporarily broke at that point
Fyremelon Fri 21 Nov
I play some. I really was glad to finally see The Sims Freeplay be released for my lower-end phone but i eventually uninstalled it after learning that it would no longer be supported with future updates (after June or July ,I think it was).

Is Fruit Ninja free?! I'll have to grab that one. Right now I have the free Angry Birds,bad Piggies, kinectimals(?), and some other ones I think. I deleted many previous free ones due to lack of memory
Fyremelon Fri 21 Nov
Add me too on Xbox live! I only had two ppl who played games on windows phones (one mostly inactive). I'd love more peeps on my leader boards. Fyremelon is my gamertag.

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