Community Spotlight - Akashaheart

CalacaBellaTrix | July 11 2014

akashaheart's Gamercard

Bella:  Hold on to your socks... You're our PopChix of the Month!!! This calls for a wedge dance... While I'm dancing it out, are there any special shout outs/thanks you'd like to give?
Akashaheart:  OMY GAAAAAAAWD!
I feel like i wond spme money on the wheel of fortune.  see im so excited i cant type.
Bella:  ^^^ I know, I know... That's how one normally feels after my wedge dancing. #PopChiXskills

That wedge dancing is something to behold.


Akashaheart:  im so overwhelmed with that dance im speechless.
Bella:  So overwhelmed that you didn't realize you've been doing the wedge dance too!

Bella:  Ok, now that we've brought sexy back, tell us how you chose Akashaheart as your gamertag?
Akashaheart:  Mmore of a Spiritual thing. Akasha means fire spirit in some Native American lore and I have a big heart so I put those two together after a powwow and wiccan festival one year like in 1998. My real nik name is ...wait 4 iiiiit...Snookie. Yes, true story. smile

Bella:  Wow!! I like how it fits together nicely!  Where in the world is Akashaheart?  We need this information to send out the SexyBack Newsletter for the Wedge Dancers Coalition - j/k. 
Akashaheart:  yes Yes National Wedge Dance Coalition.  Plus the name goes with my fire sign LEO baby yeaah.
\Texas hot ass Texas... the 3rd Dimension of HELL.

I saw the Devil sitting on my balcony asking me for a cold rink of sweet tea.

Bella:  The fire sign LEO in hot Texas ... I'm sure it's hot in thurrrr ... Especially when your doing the dance!

Akashaheart:  ahhh the dance

Bella:  What special powers do you posses/ would like to have ... Aside from having a big heart?
Akashaheart:  My special Powers of choice would be to speak any language in my dreams.  I can speak what ever language that is spoken to me first. But my regular powers are living on the cheap, making my own detergent, lipstick, hair products and lotion while tending to 2 mini Me's and and 6'3 giant who some know as my husband.
Bella:  Alls I'm saying is that if you do the wedge dance it'll make it rain.   So you need to do it often to help cool down Texas... But then you would just heat it back up again... Quite the catch 22 there...
Akashaheart:  Yes, rain makes it humid how bout make it rain ice cubes.  Or would that be HELL in another form.

Bella:  You make your own lipstick?  How neat!! How did you learn to make it, and what's your favorite shade?
Akashaheart:  Good ole Youtube videos, and my favorite shade is purple and lavender or white mixed together. I have to sacrifice crayola crayons for this venture  with a drop of food flavoring and essential oil.  I prefer shea butter uncut instead of crayons.  You can use food coloring.


Bella:  I guess I need to start saving my crayons!  What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?
Akashaheart:   I have my favorite t-shirt Adventure Time. Sadly I would like to have more items but space is not in my favor until I get a house.  Apartments have their uses but not for my geek cravings. BUT I do have alot of pc guts like ram sticks and hard drives so those do come in handy.
Bella:  Awesome!  Computer Candy is always appreciated!


Bella:  Hey everybody - it's our previous ChiX of the Month, h3110xxxk1tty!  She'd like to ask some questions before the e-controller is handed off to you...
h3110xxxk1tty: What is one nerdy item you wish you had gotten as a kid but never did?
Akashaheart:  I wish I would have got a EASY BAKE OVEN!
Bella:  Yes!  An EASY BAKE OVEN... Imagine the possibilities of stuff and thangs you could make with your Baller Coupon powers!  A Ken doll you could shave would be so flippin fantastic.  I'd probably shave him to look like Mr. Clean - or better yet Mr.T!

h3110xxxk1tty:  What 5 fictional characters would you have on your team if you were in a zombie apocalypse (they don't have to be from zombie movies or books, can be anyone)?
Akashaheart:   Well first and foremost MICHONNE from Walking Dead, a die hard Mountain MAN, MCGYVER, one of those secret ops people, and a medical field person one of those war doctors.
Bella:  Awww yeah!  Michonne & McGuyver on the same team =


h3110xxxk1tty:  What one female character do you find the most inspiring (from any type of media- books, movies, TV shows, video games)?
Akashaheart:  Cicely Tyson is one of the women that inspire me. She's almost ageless and, even though years are showing a little, she keeps on going and all the inspiring roles she has been in. I remember her in the movie The Autobiography of Jane Pittman and was in awe even now when i see her in movies like The Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of Georgia. I'm like WOW! Mrs Tyson, you go girl!

Bella:  Wow!! You are right Akashaheart; Cicely Tyson is an inspiration.  I remember her from the movie Fried Green Tomatoes.  Such a great actress.
Let's give a round of a-paws for h3110xxk1tty!!!  Thank you for your help!  (Get it. Get it... A-paws for the kitty... No?? *le sigh*. I tried...)

It's that time... Give us your favorites:

Video game - MYST
Table top game / card game-  Go Fish
Movie/book-  The Color Purple/ Their Eyes were watching God
Song-  Purple Rain by Prince
"As seen on TV item"-  Eggies
Anime- Dragon Ball Z
TV show-    American Gothic oldie
Cell Phone/Tablet application -  Hay Day
Geekery clothing accessory or even costume – Adventure Time gear
Saying/phrase -  If you can't Duct it F*** It
Quote:  "Sometimes, I feel discriminated against, but it does not make me angry. It merely astonishes me. How can any deny themselves the pleasure of my company? It's beyond me." Zora Neale Hurston

Bella:  Another Hay Day player yay!  When you game, is it for the story, achievements, or for the shenanigans?
Akashaheart:  Story when playing alone but with others ALL about the SHenanigans.

Bella:  Share with us your favorite gaming moment.
Akashaheart:  One of my favorite moments would be the time my cousin and I were playing Pac man and we decided we were going to see how high the score board would go before it reset back to zero. IT TOOK A WHILE SATURDAY morning and a lot of passing the controller back and forth to do it to reach a million just to see zero again.
Bella:  How awesome!  That's dedication right there for some serious PAC-Man OmNomNom's!  What do you think those power pellets would taste like (since they get Mr PAC-Man all charged up)?
Akashaheart:  LEmon Heads

Bella:  What are your top 5 go-to games?

  1. Leisure Suit Larry  ...giggity giggity
  2. Dead Island
  3. as of late, Dead Pixels
  4. Minecraft
  5. Euro Trucker

Bella:  I love Leisure Suit Larry!  So funny!!  I know you like to stream on Twitch.  What's game do you like to stream most?
Akashaheart: I go to, an adventure server. We have drop parties and a kill zombie event. The Games I like to play most while streaming would be any multi player game the things you do in a group are so freaking funny not to mention the things that pop out your mouth. 

Bella:  It's so hilarious watching you and the other PopChiX in Left 4 Dead 2 & the other games!  Hilarious Steam Thursdays. smile  Why is streaming important to our gaming community?
Akashaheart:  Well I think it is important because today's technology allows us  to play together differently than what we use to do with All our friends, gathered around each other watching over our shoulder yelling ooo Ahhh JUMP!  We can still do that just looking at a screen and typing what we are yelling - So This way all gamers can connect via stream than at a 7 eleven or mini mart crowded around a arcade.  This way when we are ready to play no lines and no quarters.  I also think it is important because I do recon before I buy a game or I will watch someone else play if i am stuck and get a feel for the game.

Bella:  Wow!  I didn't even think of it like that (in reference to your arcade example)!  It's true; I hated when we would crowd around the machine & people's heads would get in the way!  What is your favorite game to play at the arcade/fair/game rooms/ etc?
Akashaheart:  I hated when people look over my shoulder and i mess up of course I blame it on them.  OOO OO my favorite would bee skee ball or House of the dead! I love that dang game at amnazing jakes.
Bella:  Yesssssssss!!! House of Dead is awesome!!!  I was so addicted to that game; I never had enough quarters. I also purchased the learn to type game from their series.
Akashaheart:  Guilty also! wink

Bella:  Any advice for newbie gamers, especially to our awesome ChiX or ChiX in training?
Akashaheart:  Only advice is to HAVE FUN! Get down get funky, get loose like that wedge dance Bella was doing.
Bella:  Lol!! #CommanderBadonkadonk will be pleased! smile  Thank you for participating!
Akashaheart:  And thanks for using me...until you used me up raspberry

Bella:  Again, thank you for letting me interview you! Now it's your chance to ask the community.... What would you like to ask our fabulous PopChiX community?
Akashaheart:  I would Like to know: What is on everyone's viewing plate on TV when they do not have a controller in their hand?

Bella:  Wedge dance vibes are being sent out through the inter webs... Let's make it clap for Akashaheart!

Don't forget PopChiX & PopChaps, we need YOUR INPUT for ChiX of the month!  Send your recommendations to! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!


MrsNinjaMaster Fri 11 Jul
I absolutely love reading these! Gurl, you so silly.
akashaheart Fri 11 Jul
that wedge dance tho
kwynn Sat 12 Jul
jessageek Sat 12 Jul
This was fabulous. Congrats!

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