Community Spotlight - Arkangel318

CalacaBellaTrix | May 22 2013

Arkangel318's Gamercard

Bella:  Congrats!  You are May’s PopChiX of the Month!

Arkangel::  Wow! Didn't see that coming!  #^^# Thank you!  I'll do my best to be entertaining.


Bella:  Oh entertaining you shall be indeed wink    What's the story behind your gamertag?

Arkangel::  Not much of a story there, I'm afraid. It's just a play off my real name.


Bella:  Hey it's still a good reason. grin  Where on the globe do you call home?

Arkangel::  I'm another New Englander. smile 


Bella:  Oh my.... I swear it's a coincidence!  So then are you, Eith, and TheMutantPanda in some secret superheroes group??? What's your secret power?

Arkangel::  I can't tell you, it's a secret! wink However, I can tell you I have the psychic ability to find things, (I know there's a name for that but I can't think of it right now), especially if it's something I want. This has been very useful at work as I've done a lot of inventory related stuff.I can't tell you how many times I've had the impulse to go to the mall and discover I've arrived just as something good just came in stock. I'm also good at spooking the UPS guy. I'll open the front door as just he's about to do the drop 'n dash. XD


Bella:  Oooooooooooo spoooooky!   Maybe you know where all those missing socks are, which get lost in the dryer.  Or maybe you know where all of Willy's golden tickets are???   Ooooooo Or maybe you always knew where the precious ring was for Gollum. wink

Arkangel::  I just might! wink There's no hope for the socks though. You see, the dryer god demands a sacrifice. A sock has to die and turn into lint in order to protect the rest of the load.


Bella:  LOL!!! All those poor sacrificed socks - at least they went with honor protecting the rest of the load.  As I sort through my massive pile of unmatched socks, Jessibaby will take over for a bit as she passes the e-controller to you....


Jessibaby:  Are you still rocking awesome nail art?

Arkangel::  I still am! Here's what I have on now.  I haven't been posting pics lately because I've been getting banged up a lot at work lately. Cuts and scrapes don't make for good pics, y'know?



Jessibaby:  Any awesome game related stuff hanging about your room/home?

Arkangel::  I do have this Chun-Li action figure I really love, I got it literally like fifteen years ago.


Jessibaby:  Did you buy the moogle amigurumi from etsy? If not think you would be crafty enough to make one if a pattern were out there?

Arkangel::  No, I didn't. -_-; I have to admit, I'm normally a patient person, but not when it comes to making things like that! I'll get annoyed part way through and abandon it.

Bella:  Thank you Jessibaby for passing the e-controller onto our next ChiX of the Month!  As a parting gift you get one of the mismatched socks I have left.  I’m sure you can find a use for it like a sock puppet, to dust with, or to put rocks into like Homie D. Clown (yes another clown for you Jessibaby)  J.


Bella:  Sweet Chun-Li figurine Arkangel:!   Which Super Street Fighter has been your favorite?  Which of the spinning bird kick Diva's special moves is your go-to move?

Arkangel::  I think Street Fighter Alpha 3 was is my all time save, although Street Fighter 4 ranks up there. I'm partial to the Hazan Tenshou Kyaku in the games where it's available.  Jump towards that and you'll be punished!



Bella:  That is amazingggggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!! I must get that on my phone cover somehow!


Speaking of faves.....

Its that time --- tell us your faves:



Hmm, let's see...

Cartoon -  Sailor Moon S, the new Teen Titans Go! cartoon is pretty fun too.
Song - Drive, by Incubus
Video Game - Final Fantasy 6 would be my all time fave, Borderlands 2 would be my current fave that I'm actually playing
Table top game/card game - Does Solitaire count?
Movie - Rush Hour
"as seen on TV item" - I really thought the Brightlight Blanket was cool. Expensive, and a potential fire hazard, but cool.
Book/Story - Charmed Life by Diana Wynne Jones
TV Show - Mythbusters
Nail polish color  - Wait...I have to pick one? *looks at collection* I'd have to go with blue.
Mobile game/iPod game - Angry Birds!


Bella:  What myth would you have liked to solve if you had the chance to be on the Mythbusters show ( it can be a past episode too)?

Arkangel::  Oh, that's an easy one. I would have loved to work on the myth about the guy trying to clean out a cement truck with explosives, leading to the destruction of a cement truck.

Y'see, there's a concrete supplier close to where I live, and it's not unusual for me to get stuck behind a cement truck on my way to work. It was awesome to see one get blown up - one less truck to make me late! raspberry


Bella:  Hmmmm I have a feeling I wouldn't want to make you late...seems there's a bit of road rage wink

Arkangel::  Not to worry, you're perfectly safe - as long as you're not driving a cement truck. 0:)


Bella:  What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?

Arkangel::  Oooh, I don't have anything like that - yet. I'm going to have to level up a bit more, check more loot chests, and see what happens. smile

Bella:  Maybe something along the Street Fighter lines inspired nail art?? wink

Arkangel::  Possibly wink


Bella:  Which 2 super geek icons would you like to see come together and make the ultimate power couple, and what geekery item would they come up with?

Arkangel::  Hmm, I can't help thinking if you paired up Bill Gates and Grant Imahara, you'd probably end up with Skynet! XD


Bella:  Skynet & the end of the human race???!? Yikes, maybe we better not introduce the two wink

What gaming device do you use the most (Xbox, smartphone, tablet, Wii, etc)? 

Arkangel::  I'd say 90% of my gaming is done on my Xbox, and the other 10% on my iPod.


Bella:  Tell us your favorite gaming experience or the one where you knew that you'd be a gamer!

Arkangel::  I knew I was a gamer as soon as I discovered my uncle's Pong game.  He had to unplug it to stop me from playing it constantly.  Those ancient games could burn images into your TV screen for good, but I didn't care. I just wanted ooooone more game.  Wait.. just one more!  One more? Please?


I think my favorite gaming moment was when I was in retail. I was filling in at another store, they had an arcade in their mall, and I happened to be early. I was playing Marvel Super Heroes vs Street Fighter and this guy challenged me. It was as close a fight as you could ever ask for. We were so evenly matched, the game timer ran out and we weren't sure who'd won until the game decided it. Definitely my best match ever, even though I'd lost.


Bella:  Awesome! Who doesn't love PONG??!

I would have definitely paid to watch the epic battle go down, especially since it was at an arcade!  It's like taking the fight to the streets in West Side Story, but without all the snapping. wink  You definitely have geek street cred. wink


Final question:  Why are gaming communities important?

Arkangel::  I think gaming communities are important for finding people with the same values that you want to play with - my experiences have been hit big or miss a lot when I play with randoms.  They're also important for discovering things you might have missed otherwise. I mean, I've only been with Popchix for around nine months or so, and in that time I picked up at least three games I wouldn't have considered at all (Gears of War 3, Borderlands 1&2, You Don't Know Jack) and had a great time with almost all of them. I learned about Zoya nail polish, the Goodies Company - you get the idea.

Bella:  Thanks for your time!  Remember PopChiX & PopChaps, we need your input for ChiX of the month.  Send your recommendations to ! Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Wed 22 May
Congrats Arkangel!!! I looooooooooove ur nails
Fifiville Wed 22 May
Awesome interview! Congrats!!!
Furied Fate
Furied Fate Thu 23 May
Your nails are so pretty. I can't keep nail polish looking nice. I always smudge them.
TootieTazzy Thu 23 May
Congrats Arkangel! Enjoyed the interview!
arkangel318 Fri 24 May
Thank you all! :D

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