Community Spotlight - EnchantedDaisy

CalacaBellaTrix | March 14 2014

EnchantedDaisy's Gamercard

EnchantedDaisy:  So what's up?

Bella: **** DRUM ROLL PLEASE! ***

EnchantedDaisy: Lol dramatic


EnchantedDaisy:  What?! Haha ok  smile

Bella:  (I did it all in caps for an Oprah-type effect) smile  Any special shout outs to anyone out there in our Pop Culture world?

EnchantedDaisy:  Felicia Day for sure! I started following her pursuits when The Guild began. I have really been impressed with her grace, business mind, and humor. I have gotten geekier since following her Geek & Sundry site...especially her Tabletop show hosted by Will Wheaton.

Bella:  The Guild is so awesome!  Which if the 3 girls do you think you relate most with : Codex, Tinkerballa, or Clara?

EnchantedDaisy:  When I started watching the show, I hadn't yet played WoW or any other similar MMORPG so I didn't get all of the innuendo, characterizations, and references. But since then I have played about 2 years and I really don't fit any of them but I really see those kinds of characters playing all the time. Sometimes I am like Clara. I get immersed in gaming to the detriment if everything else. Sometimes I'm like Codex because I like everyone to get along.

Bella:  If you could change Clara's name to a different gamertag/screen name- what would it be?

EnchantedDaisy:  I'd call Clara "Momster" because she's a mother but is more concerned with her gaming than her kids so she's like a monster LoL. Harsh.  The show's conflict is so awkward that it's funny.

Bella:  LoL she is a Momster!  Great new name for her.  Let the internet be advised she is now Momster! *Blinks eyes & folds arms out forward  to complete the genie nod.** 
What's the story behind your gamertag?

EnchantedDaisy:  Waaaay back when I first got married and got my first computer and internet in 2001 I had a really hard time finding usernames that weren't already taken. I had to remember different names for each site and it was annoying. I finally came up with an online handle that no one else seemed to have and I could use everywhere. I am a bohemian spirit and I love gardening so I came up with EnchantedDaisy. My grandmother would always say that "Daisies don't tell. " In times gone by A lover would give a daisy to his special love to signify their secret romance. I liked the quiet intrigue of that. A pile of daisies were my wedding bouquet too. I just love their simple sunniness.

Bella:  Ooooooo!  I like that saying of "Daisies don't tell!"  I like how you incorporated family and wedding into a great gamertag.

EnchantedDaisy:  Whenever she'd tell me a secret or I'd ask her to keep one for me, she'd say that.

Bella:  Which garden does EnchantedDaisy grow in (aka what part of the globe do you call home)?

EnchantedDaisy:  I was born in a rural part of Orlando,FL, and have lived in Saint Augustine, FL, Newport News, VA, Creswell,NC, Williamsburg, VA, and now I'm living in Rapidan, VA which is in the foothills of the Blue Ridge and Shennandoah natl park. We are looking to move even closer to the mountain ridge this year.  And no, I'm not military. I'm just a gypsy smile

Bella:  Daisies for the gypsy!  There's nothing wrong with exploring the U.S. smile.

Since you are ENCHANTED, what super powers do you have/ would like to have? (And yes, this Daisy can tell smile.)

EnchantedDaisy:  I have always liked playing magical healing characters in games and I'd like to be able to soothe pains, aches, injury, and illness in all creatures, However, the tenuous nature of life does make it all the more precious, so perhaps the ability to help people and animals enjoy this short time we have together would be even better. I think we all have that superpower.

Bella:  ^^^^^MESSAGE!^^^^
YES, you are absolutely right!

EnchantedDaisy:  I enjoy making things that make people smile. Cooking, cleaning, gardening, crafts, design, and writing are things I do everyday to make life brighter.

Bella:  EnchantedDaisy, it appears that you are very crafty with your hands.  What has been your most favorite/ proudest moment for a geekery or pop culture item you've made?

EnchantedDaisy:  I actually have  unpublished cookbooks based on the lore of books and worlds of fiction. The Redwall series, The Hobbit, and even the Monty Python movies and shows have served as inspiration.  It's ironic that I usually don't use recipes when I cook.

Bella:  Oh how exciting!  Maybe someday the world will get a taste of the cookbooks!  I know Id grab one, especially after reading on your blog ( ) that you made a kick-ass cake: basically flour, sugar, eggs, crushed pineapple, nuts, unsweetened coconut flakes with a lemon-vanilla cream cheese topping. 
**Homer Simpson drooling sound effect going on!**

... Oops sorry, I got a bit of drool on the screen ...

With kick-ass cakes like that, the world can only dream & wait in anticipation for those cookbooks - if you ever decide to publish them.

EnchantedDaisy:  Oh my! That cake was so good! I constantly want to tweak and substitute ingredients in my recipes so it's hard to get them out of "Beta"!

Bella:  Lol!  Beta - mode cake! ... Not to be confused with Betta-mode cake! (Please note, no fish were harmed in making the cake.  Betta aka fighting fish.)

I like on your other gaming blog ( ) that you show your gaming setup of where "you save the world from evil."  While fighting for justice and riding the gaming world of evil, which game has your "hall of fame moment"?

EnchantedDaisy:  Haha! My brother actually named his betta "Beta"!  I have enjoyed video games since Pac-Man on Mama's Atari 2600, but I have never been interested in being the best at any of them. My brother wanted to beat a level the fastest or with the highest score. I just enjoy the journey. The story is where it's at for me and I think Final Fantasy VII is one of the first games that turned my casual enjoyment of games into a major hobby. My best accomplishment I think has been beating The Witcher 2 on Dark. Not a lot of people have done that...including my brother. He called last week to tell me he was giving up on trying it!  I actually got all the achievements for that game except the one for getting a specific dice roll in the gambling game. I think it was only worth 5 achievement pts and so not worth more time than getting through the game took already. Lol. I hate ach like that!

Bella:  Awesome!! Ungh, flex that Gamerchix PopChix e-controller muscle!!  Work it girl!  All bow down and give daisies again to the mighty gypsy!  Speaking of e-controller PMS Amethyst has some questions for you, before she passes the shiny e-controller :

PMS Amethyst:  If you could eat one food and drink for the rest of your life what would it be and why?

EnchantedDaisy: It might sound a bit strange but I absolutely love ice water.  When Mama was pregnant with me in Florida, she'd run our ice crusher and suck on ice chips and she says that's why I like agua (the first Spanish word I learned...I was 4).  I would probably never tire of eating a grilled cheese and jelly sammich.  My favorite combination is toasted whole wheat bread buttered with S&P, with Havarti slices and Mayhaw jelly (from the Southern US Mayhaw or Hawthorn tree) and then toasted together in a cast iron pan.  It's delicious and somewhat healthy!

Bella:  OMG.... Must have it now!!! OMNOMNOM!  Here take my cash... I definitely want those unpublished cookbooks now!

PMS Amethyst:  What was your favourite Xmas gift you had this past year?

EnchantedDaisy: I should get on the pre-order bandwagon and offer a pre-order bonus for them!  My husband and I are saving for a down-payment on house with some acreage so I can open a boarding stable and no-kill shelter for farm animals and pets so we didn't buy each other gifts, but we had a wonderful Christmas morning together just sitting in our livingroom by the fire and the Christmas tree with nothing on it but white lights,  looking out across the mountains and enjoying the love and peace of a country morning that God had given us.  We've been so blessed to just have each other in our journey in this life.

Bella:  OMG!  You definitely have a big heart!  Not only are you warm and inviting online, in the kitchen,  but it spills over into your home land!

EnchantedDaisy:  Aww, shucks

PMS Amethyst: I always have trouble keeping my New Years resolution. Do you have any that you have trouble keeping? Or any you have at the moment?!

EnchantedDaisy:  I always have some things in my life I work on...not just at the beginning of the year!  My guiding phrase is the Golden Rule and I always try to make sure I am treating other people with the love and consideration that I would like to be afforded.  I always am conscious of living a mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually healthy lifestyle and that is tough!  I struggle sometimes with depression but I have found that focusing on helping others with their problems is often the cure; two birds with one stone!  With all the yummy cooking I enjoy, it's often a struggle to make sure we are eating a balanced diet and getting enough exercise.  I enjoy dancing in general, but particularly clogging, and that is great cardio!  I also enjoy hiking in the mountains, gardening, taking care of our pets, and other sports so that is great for staying in shape.  When I am feeling like I am not having a great day I try to do something fun!  You can usually tell when I'm feeling the worst because that's when I log a lot of gaming hours!!  It's an escape but chatting with geeky-friends like the PopChiX is so uplifting!  chatting..and gaming!

Bella:  Wow, clogging?!?  That's impressive!  When I read that, I got a picture of you and OhMyFluffyGoat clogging together in a field full of rainbows & daisies!  (Here's her awesome picture in her RED CLOGS! )

Check out OhMyFluffyGoat's article here!

EnchantedDaisy:  I just love that pic of her! She's inspirational!

PMS Amethyst:  Do you have an item of clothing or footwear that you can't live without? What is it and why?

EnchantedDaisy:  I could clog since I could walk and I just love it smile  With all that clogging I couldn't do without a really great brassiere! LoL
As much as I am interested in fashion, I really don't have anything I couldn't live without.  I love the bohemian/hippie fashions of the 60's and 70's. I wear a lot of tie dye (I'm wearing a Rolling Stones tie-dye tee at the moment), and plaid, and lace... my fashion ADD lends itself to the bohemian look I suppose smile

Bella:  Tie-dye, daisies, clogging, rainbows, OHMY!  smile
Thank you PMS Amethyst for your intriguing questions, and for passing the e-controller onto the next ChiX of the Month!
Everyone wave goodbye to PMS Amethyst.  ... Oh no!  I see a foot has stuck itself in the door .... (Door opens wide open with trumpets blasting)...

Why it's none other than the lovely BADONKADONK girl - Ms. x1upGirl!  Please everyone give a warm wedge dance to x1upGirl! 


x1upGirl:  If you were stranded on an deserted island with four people of her choosing (famous, living or dead), who would the four people be and why?

EnchantedDaisy: Ooooo, the famous deserted island question! I'd want to be with my husband because we are One. There is no "me" without him.  I'd want to be there with my grandmother because even though she almost lived to be 100 years old, I didn't have enough time with her.  I want her to teach me how she lived her life with such grace.  I want her to make another lemon meringue pie or German Chocolate cake with me.  I want to sit at her feet under a shade tree on that island with a glass of her perfect iced tea in hand while we'd watch the ants climb through the cranny's of the tree's bark and talk about the wonder of all the things God made for us.  I'd like to have Leonard from The Big Bang Theory on the island.  He's funny, good-hearted, and could help engineer things that would make living on the deserted island much more comfortable. I'd like to have Tim Gunn there, too.  He's smart, kind, and witty, and would bring a certain je ne sais quoi to island life.

Bella: Wow!! What a great group of people to be deserted with.  Your husband & grandma would definitely keep you entertained.  I can only imagine the fashions Tim Gunn would create & make it work!

Everyone say bye to x1upGirl!!  (She's "making it rain" as she exits smile.)

EnchantedDaisy: If anyone could make gentility work on a deserted island, it would be him!

Bella:  From clogging to cooking & everything else out there in the pop culture universe please tell us your favorites:

Video game -
I could never have just one favorite video game but I have all of The Sims games and with all of my anxious energy about my upcoming move and perhaps having a home built, I have been playing it a lot.  I love creating and designing the homes I dream about living in.

table top game / card game- 
I *just* started really getting into tabletop and card games.  I am loving Magic the Gathering and Munchkin.

A movie that is always entertaining and reflects my wit is Monty Python's Quest for the Holy Grail.
My favorite book is "Walden" by Henry David Thoreau.

It's impossible to name a favorite song.  Most of my favorites are classical scores, but not many folks would know them by name.  I really love Simon & Garfunkel's "Bridge Over Troubled Water", The Carpenter's "We've Only Just Begun", nearly everything by The Beatles, The Grateful Dead, The Monkees, and John Denver...basically, if it was recorded before I was born, I probably like it raspberry

"As seen on TV" item -
The Ronco Showtime Rotisserie! It's what I cook my Thanksgiving turkey in every year. It's awesome!!

Cooking Gadget-
I'm am not big on single-use gadgets, but if small appliances count, I'd never want to have to go without my stand mixer!

TV show-   
My favorite TV show is Friends, but in the current season I am loving Downton Abbey and Reign!

Cell Phone/Tablet application - 
I have Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign on Steam, my cell phone, and my tablet. I even made a site for it at

Geekery clothing accessory or even costume –
I don't really have anything that I can think of!

Saying/phrase -
saying: cool beans!
Oh! There's a quote by Bob Marley I love: Some people feel the rain. Others just get wet.
Cheers to Feeling the Rain...and dancing in it!

Bella:  I love Friends too!  I think Ross and 80's Chandler would totally fit in with the guys from The Guild.  If Ross discovered a new dinosaur, what would the name be & what would it look like?

EnchantedDaisy:  80's Ross! haha, yeah! Totally!  He had a bit of an ego so probably Gellerrossaurus!  It would look/sound like this: 

Bella: Oh no!  While on your deserted island you encounter the Gellerrossaurus attacking Marcel the monkey!  What kind of weapon would you and Leonard create to defeat it (with the following items found from the ship you landed on the island with - coconuts, palm tree leaves, stakes, rocks, magnets, ruler, bones, blender, plunger, super bouncy balls, toothbrush, and a briefcase.)

EnchantedDaisy: I defy your theoretical construct!  It might be demagogic but I'd probably let nature take its course....especially if the snack-size Marcel would keep the dino distracted from making a meal of me!  I'd fix the ship with the supplies, get in, and sail away! Ta-da!

Bella:  Best solution ever!!!!!!!!!
How did you find PopChix?

EnchantedDaisy: When the Gamerchix Treehouse on the Xbox forums closed I got invited to PopChix.

Bella: Ahh yeah!  GamerchiX are still here representing at PopChiX!  Now that We've picked your brain, here's your shot to ask the community.... What would you like to ask our fantastic PopChiX community?

EnchantedDaisy:  I'd be interested to hear about how entertainment hobbies like gaming has affected the social life of the ChiX.

Alright ChiX & Chaps, EnchantedDaisy would like to hear from YOU!  Please visit the following link to our forums to continue the conversation with EnchantedDaisy and the rest of our PopChiX community!

Go share your thoughts!!

Let's give a BIG round of applause for EnchantedDaisy!!

Remember PopChiX & PopChaps, we need your input for ChiX of the month.  Send your recommendations to! Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!



arkangel318 Fri 14 Mar
Congratulations EnchantedDaisy! Great interview! :D
xSHADOWx Sun 16 Mar
Yey. I love the daisy story
kwynn Sun 16 Mar
All I can picture is now is lots of daisy chains.
theHeFiNaToR Mon 17 Mar
congrats!! Also - that Bob Marley quote is one of my faves! :D
EnchantedDaisy Mon 17 Mar
Thanks, y'all. I feel honored to be chic of the month smile
Deathrina Thu 20 Mar
Congrats!! It was so fun and Awesome to read your Interview smile

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