Community Spotlight - h3110xxxk1tty

CalacaBellaTrix | June 13 2014

h3110xxxk1tty's Gamercard

Bella:  OMG did you know .....
h3110xxxk1tty:  WHAT?  NO?!  hahaha are you sure it's me O.o


Bella:  Yes indeed!  Any special shout outs?
h3110xxxk1tty:  haha omgomgomg
Umm big shout outs to x1upGirl and OhMyFluffyGoat and Jessageek all the other ladies I've been connecting with in Hayday and the Rated: PG PopchiX Parenting Group!


Bella:  Hay Day for life ��.
How did you choose your fabulous gamertag/screen name?
h3110xxxk1tty:  I chose 1337 speak form of Hello Kitty mostly just to annoy the super competitive twelve year old boys playing Halo. ��. I thought it was funny when a kill would come up that "so and so was killed by h3110xxxk1tty!"  I would always go with the bright pink armor whenever playing Halo with my husband and brothers-in-law, just to go along with the super girly name!


Bella:  Haha!  Yes the Halo BK's would feel the annihilation from a dangerous uber pink h3110xxk1tty!

What is your favorite game mode in Halo?
h3110xxxk1tty:  I don't even know if they still have this mode (I haven't played online much with Halo 4),  but I loved griff ball, king of the hill and  the zombie mode (one person is infected and they try to turn everyone else)!


Bella:  I'm not great at Halo, but Zombie mode was my favorite too.

Speaking of zombies... Glittertastic ones to be exact, our May ChiX of the Month was Sparklefingers, and she has some questions for you as she hands over the e-controller.

Sparklefingers: If you won the lottery what geeky item would you invest your money in?
h3110xxxk1tty: Oh myyyy.  I don't even know where to start!  It would be a toss up between the entire Walking Dead comic series and basically all the Sailor Moon merchandise out there (and I really want the entire series of manga as well as the full animated series, including the movies), those are the first things to come to mind!

Bella:  *wipes drool* Those are 2 great choices!  To own those would be LEGENDARY!!


Sparklefingers: Which male computer game character would you give the Potion of Transmogrification to? (Sex change potion from fable)

h3110xxxk1tty: Haha!  Hmm that's a hilarious question!  I have to think about this for a second!
I think a female Duke Nukem would be quite awesome to see!

Bella:  What do you think a female Duke Nukem outfit would consist of?
h3110xxxk1tty: I picture it similar to older style Lara Croft.  Camo green tank top, khaki shorts, gun holsters and to make it even cooler some purple Converse sneakers!

Bella:  Snazzy!! Now if someone would CosPlay play it = Epicness!


Sparklefingers: Cake or death? (Sorry it's an Eddie Izzard joke)
h3110xxxk1tty:  Cake the band or the food? Doesn't matter- cake for sure!! Even though I do run the risk of the cake being a lie. Worth it though!!
Bella:  Mmmmm cake!
Let's give a big THANK YOU to SPARKLEFINGERS!  *throws glitter everywhere*

What's your superhero power?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Mind control!!! I can be pretty convincing hehe too bad my daughters seem to be immune to it!

Bella:  So they must then contain a superpower themselves. wink  What part of the globe do you and your superhero family call home?

h3110xxxk1tty:  The absolutely beautiful and interesting upstate New York!


Bella:  Woot woot!  What system do you game on the most?  What's your current game?

h3110xxxk1tty:  For the most part the Xbox 360. I've been playing The Walking Dead season 2 (Telltale Games) and Minecraft. I also enjoy causal games on my phone or on Facebook!


Bella:  If only they made Hay Day for the Xbox... Or even Hay Day skin for Minecraft... Imagine the possibilities ��.

Do you game  for the achievements or just to have fun? Which game has your "hall of fame moment"?

h3110xxxk1tty: Mostly for fun! Although some games I like trying for the achievements as well. The proudest moment I have would be in Left 4 Dead 2. I think it's between "'Til It Goes Click" (kill 25 infected using the M60 without letting go of the trigger), "Tank Burger" (kill a tank using only melee weapons) and "Head Honcho" (decapitate 200 infected using melee weapons). I'm not the greatest at FPS so I tend to love using melee weapons whenever possible (katana and electric guitar FTW!!), otherwise I'm just spraying bullets everywhere!

Bella:  Mmmm tank burger.... Plus cake...

As a gamer, gamer mom, & gamer wife, what Geek Food have you or your family created/eaten?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Hmmm. None come to mind right at the moment (would dessert sushi count? It's a rice krispie treat wrapped in fruit by the foot with Swedish fish hehe), but I really want to try Zaythar's meatballs!


Bella:  .... That's what she said! ��
LoL!!! But yes, dessert sushi does count!

It's that time again, please tell us your favorites:

Video game- Kingdom Hearts
Table top/card game- Bohnanza (bean farming card hadn't)
My most recent favorite movie is Fright Night from 2011 (David Tennant in eyeliner FTW), but probably all time favorite is Moulin Rouge.
Favorite book- World War Z
Favorite Song- Wish You Were Here by Pink Floyd
As seen on TV item - the Titan Peeler (seriously that thing is amazing and lives up to the hype, I peel my fruits and veggies so fast!!)
Anime- Sailor Moon
TV Show- The Walking Dead
Favorite App- Stitcher (plays podcasts for free, I love the ones they have in the paranormal section)
Favorite Geeky accessory- Hello Kitty head phones!
Favorite Phrase- "In your face!" (I shouted this at my husband once when I didn't get last place in an FPS game we were playing with my brother-in-law and his friend)

I think that pretty much covers it!


Bella:Lol "IN YOUR FACE" is seriously a That's what she said moment!  .... No really,  that's what she (h3110xxxk1tty) said!

Titan Peeler?  That's such a neat product.  Are the veggies & fruits from your own personal garden?  (I'm not talking about Hay Day here ��.)

h3110xxxk1tty:  Haha this is my first year having my own garden, but I try to buy from the local farmer's market as much as possible during the spring and summer! We also like to pick fresh fruits and veggies from a local farm!

Bella:  Those are some kitty-Riffic earphones!  What kind if music are you bumpin' in those?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Primus, Pink Floyd, Gogol Bordello, Mumford and Sons, Jimi Hendrix, Johnny Cash, some folk, bluegrass and sometimes classical! I have a pretty wide and very random taste in music!


Bella:  Very random you say... Will I find some Milli Vanilli, Rick Astley, Los Del Rio, or Right Said Fred?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Maybe some Right Said Fred... My older sister choreographed a hilarious dance for me to their one hit "I'm Too Sexy" and who doesn't enjoy a good Rick roll now and again?

h3110xxxk1tty:  Is it too late to add another favorite category?
Bella:  Go ahead grin
h3110xxxk1tty:  Favorite meme- Doge (such awesome much hilarious wow)

Bella:  Awesome mashup of Doge & The Walking Dead! �� Would Doge survive?  If not, what would be his ending?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Hahaha!  I think Doge would survive.  But if he didn't I'm sure he'd go out saying "Such bite, much zombie. wow"


Bella:  Lol!!! Lol!  I'm sure Doge would have been able to sniff out all those annoying zombies and cannibals!
Who would Doge's love interest be on the show?

h3110xxxk1tty:  I think doge would secretly be in love with Andrea. He'd be all "such blonde, much pretty, wow" (he only liked her for her hair color)
Or the one eyed dog that was a trap four Darryl and Beth.


Bella:  Hahaha!  I'm sure Daryl would have given Doge an appropriate response for that love connection. wink

You recently ran though a zombie forest too.  What was your inspiration for signing up for the Turtle Run?
h3110xxxk1tty:  Brittany Nguyen brought it up to me initially and it was for a great cause (a local garden/park for kids that we frequent, that also offers all sorts of fun activities and summer camps to kids of all ages)
So I figured why the heck not?

Bella:  Who would win a zombie run race?
A) Professor Farnsworth
B) Doge
C) Master Chief
D) Halo grunt
E) Ellis from L4D2

h3110xxxk1tty: Hmmm Master Chief has an unfair advantage with his armor, so he probably would win, with Ellis close on his heels telling him stories about his buddy Keith.


Bella:  Ellis stories about Keith are hilarious!
Tell me what would Ellis make with the following items:
Loaf of bread, celery, car tire, a shirt with Doge in it, 2 golf cart batteries, a Skip-it, sunglasses, a watch, umbrella, a unicorn tear, a hello kitty purse, and Captain America's shield??

How would that item be incorporated into a Keith story?

h3110xxxk1tty: Ellis's story: This one time me and my buddy Keith was playin' truth or dare and I was wearing my awesome doge shirt and I dared him to eat a celery sandwich but using a whole loaf of bread (see he said he was allergic to celery and I thought he was lyin' because he always does), anyway he wouldn't do it so I dared him to hook up jumper cables to two golf cart batteries and touch them to his tongue.  Maaaaaaan the look on his face!  So then he dared me to use my baby sister's skip-it while carrying her Hello Kitty purse, an umbrella and wearing her pink sunglasses in front of McDonald's in front of all our friends.  He bet me that I wouldn't do it so I said that if I did it he'd have to get a tattoo of a rainbow unicorn tear on his butt and if I didn't do it I had to give him my special edition Captain America shield that I had had since I was a kid.  Man was he so mad that I actually did it. Hahaha I made him get a huge unicorn tear tattoo along with the unicorn.  Thankfully our other buddy did it for free.  Man Keith was one crazy mofo."


Bella:  *bowing*   I'm not worthy!
SPEECHLESS!!!!!! #GeniusStoryTelling

I was soooo able to read that in Ellis' voice!!  Epicness has been achieved!

Are you sure you're not buddies with Ellis'??!?

If you could be an executive producer or part of a development team, which show, movie, or game would it be?
What would be the 1st item of business?

h3110xxxk1tty: We played A LOT of Left 4 Dead 2 when I was pregnant with my oldest daughter. I'd always get reeled into Ellis's stories only to have him get cut off.

I would like to executive produce a better version of World War Z, instead if it being an action movie having it more like a documentary style movie of interviews from the book interspersed with "footage" of some of the bigger battles.
I had heard the audio book version recently and Henry Rollins was the security guard for a celebrity and he nailed it. I would love to see him actually play the role.
Perhaps cast David Tennant just so I could meet him!
There's a British character hehe.


Bella: Lol!!! A documentary World War Z would be such a phenomenal movie!  I want to see it now!!  Pelvic thrusts for you & your brilliant responses!  #wedgedance

Thanks for letting me interview you & for being such a great participant!
Now it's your chance to ask the community.... What would you like to ask our Awesome PopChiX community?
h3110xxxk1tty:  (Eek awesome!!! Sounds cool!) If you could turn your favorite children's book into a movie what would it be and who would you cast?

Thank you for interviewing me, I've had a blast sharing your questions!!! I'm so glad I get to be a part of this super fabulous awesome community!!

Bella: Let's here it for the fabulous h3110xxxk1tty!!! #Gamerfabulous #PopChiX


Don't forget PopChiX & PopChaps, we need YOUR INPUT for ChiX of the month.  Send your recommendations to ! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Fri 13 Jun
Congrats, Brittany!!!
jessageek Fri 13 Jun
YAY Brittany!! Congrats. :D
h3110xxxk1tty Fri 13 Jun
Thanks!!!!!!! I'm so excited!!!!
arkangel318 Fri 13 Jun
Congratulations! :D
theHeFiNaToR Fri 13 Jun
Woot! Yay Brittany! Congrats! smile love the Ellis story!
MrsNinjaMaster Fri 13 Jun
Yay Brittany!! Congrats.
Fifiville Fri 13 Jun
Aweeeesome interview! and rocking headphones! You look so epic in that pic! :D
MrsNinjaMaster Tue 17 Jun
I'm reading this again, and I'm still laughing. wink
Zaythar Sun 29 Jun
David Tennant is in Fright Night?! Need to rewatch this. Also please give me a report on the meatball recipe or if you have any questions, h3110xxxk1tty. Oh and dessert sushi totally counts. I've made it with sponge cake (to roll) and into strawberry shortcake sushi and another s'mores version. smile

ohmyfluffygoat Tue 01 Jul
Hehehe awesome interview! Congrats!
akashaheart Wed 02 Jul
luv the headphones

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