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CalacaBellaTrix | April 15 2013

jessibaby1986's Gamercard
Now that March has passed, and we've finished spring cleaning, the special spotlight has returned with Jessibaby1986!

Bella:  Congrats girl!  You are April's ChiX of the Month!! Any special shout outs?  If not, then tell me.... What's the story behind your gamertag?

Jessibaby:   Hmm...I can't think of any shout outs...but the story behind my tag is quite simple. My name is Jessi, I'm the baby of the family, and I was born in 1986.
Bella:   Twinsies.... I'm the youngest too!   What part of the globe do you call home?
Jessibaby:   Madison Wisconsin, about an hour north of Miss Cookie, who didn't sugar coat the winters up here like everyone else has tried to.  Also Yay! twinsies!
Bella:   How about we do the Wedge Dance for twinsies.... Woot woot there I go!  As I busy myself with the dance, Eith, who was Feb. ChiX of the month, will as the next question, as she passes on the e-controller to you: What would be your ideal way to spend a day?
Jessibaby:   Hmm.. for me that would be spending all day baking and cooking for the people I love in my life. As well as getting in gaming while stuff is in the oven wink
Bella:   Yummy!  Maybe some delicious mouthwatering Pokemon desserts for Ms. Eith are needed.  (I don't mean to cook Pokemon... I mean in the shape of)  ;)
April is known for April fools day.... What awesome prank have you pulled off?
Jessibaby:   I don't think I've ever been much of a prankster... I would love to do the candy onion prank to some people I know though wink
Bella:   What's the candy onion prank?
Jessibaby:   You cover an onion like a candy apple but when they take a bite its an onion.
Bella:   OMG!  That's so bad wink  now I know to never bob for apples with you LoL!
So aside from one day wanting to be a prankster, what super power does Miss Jessibaby have/ would like to have?
Jessibaby:   Haha I'd never pull that on you wink 
Hmm...and for superpowers does being able to cook almost anything perfectly the first time count? If not then I would love to have Kitty Pride's powers from X-Men being able to pass through anything would be amazing!
Bella:   Sweet X-Men power!  Would you have a futuristic super hero costume like theirs, or what would yours look like??  (Example, mine would be a cross somewhere between a ninja and Storm from X-Men, but minus the cape.)
Jessibaby:   I think mine would have some kimono or yukata look to it. I love the way the silk moves. But maybe with some leather added to give a bit of a badass feel. Your idea sounds awesome I just don't think I could pull off the latex or spandex or what that is lol.
Bella:   As a superhero, you can pull of any look!
What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?
Jessibaby:   That would be a geekery item my friend Thomasine bought me a wind rider cub plush one Christmas, I also have a huge wall hanging of Link *shifty eyes* its perfectly innocent I swear just satisfying a character crush lol.
Bella:   Awesome!!!! Love the Link poster, but probably not in the same way you do wink
Aside from your crushes in games, does the game for you mean achievements or just to have fun? Which game has your "hall of fame moment"? (If it includes Link, please keep it PG.) wink JK
Jessibaby:     Haha. I can tell you that now the game has become more for the fun, I used to try for achievements but not so much as I've gotten older.  My "Hall of Fame" moment would be getting a top 25 score in a song on Lips, I even took a picture for proof that I did it. I was so happy that day I was freaking out jumping up and down all day long.
Bella:   Hmmmm Lips & Link..... Coincidence??!? wink
What kind of music do you prefer listening too? And, what song is your go-to song to get pumped up?
Jessibaby:   I'll listen to almost everything. Lately Zombie Girl is at the top of my list. Jesus was a Zombie is one of my go to songs from her.
Bella:   Wow!  What a change from Onions, Link, to Lips, to Zombie Girl.... I think that calls for some kind of geek short poem or if you can freestyle... Goooo!  (Make x1upGirl proud!) 
Jessibaby:   Oh my...I haven't had to think of something like this since Valentine's day...
Chilln on the fouton, watching Adventure Time,
My boyfriend's game collection, is much smaller than mine.
We met back when Major Nelson still had a chat room,
In the words of Miss Li "My heart goes Boom, boom boom."
from How its Made, to cartoon time, to game of Thrones,
My gaming love never leaves me feeling alone. 
That is the best I can think of, not the greatest I've ever written...but I was able to tie in a few things I enjoy. Rockabilly, gaming, some shows, and best of all Theo, the man who keeps my live going.  Oh and he doesn't just keep my live going raspberry He's also the guy I love...yes more than Link wink
Bella:   Hey x1upGirl, I think we just found a new addition to the Posse!!  Throw it up PopChiX style!  Definitely mad skillz gurl!  Now we can finally buy our grillz at a discount since its more than one wink  Snaps for Jessibaby.   
It's that time, now that you're a rapping sensation, people are just dying to know your favorites-
Video game - of course Legend if Zelda OoT 
table top game / card game-  I love playing poker for cards
movie/book-  Memoirs of a Geisha is my favorite movie and book lol
song-   Ballroom Blitz by Sweet
"as seen on TV item"-   Oh that cushion thing where the trucker says my back feels good and my bottom feels good
Anime-  Excel Saga anime hands down
TV show-    it's a tie between New girl and Game of Thrones
Food to make-  Home-made pizza is my fave to make
Mythical Creature-   Pegesi (plural of pegasus) I mean it's a horse that can fly!
Cell Phone/Tablet application-  I'm hooked on blendoku at the moment and its free for android. 
Geekery clothing accessory or even costume-  I own a tutu from mtcoffinz on etsy is pink purple and black.  It goes great with the corset I bought at the ren faire raspberry
Cooking show -   Cooking show us definitely Good Eats love how Alton blends foid and science
Bella:   Lemons and onions would be the choice of weapons from a future Master Chef!
You were just voted off the Survivor Island, and the last 4 contestants are Bozo the Clown, Pennywise (Stephen King's IT) , Ronald McDonald, & Krusty the Clown (Simpons).  
A) Who are the final 2 contestants?
B) who wins the title of Survivor?  
C) What's the final mission they had to complete to take home the glory?
Jessibaby:   Oh why does it have to be clowns! (Glad I got off that damn island)...hmm...
Final 2..Krusty and Pennywise
Winner... Krusty
Final Mission..See who can make a child cry first. 
Bella:   OMG, how is it that Krusty made the child cry before Pennywise??
Jessibaby:   He showed up in stained underwear drinking whiskey
Bella:   Lol! What a perfect way to get sponsorship from Depends!!!!
What would your car look like if you were given unlimited money, but it had to have elements/influence from video games?
Jessibaby:   Ok so this one took a bit of thinking, I think I would do something along the lines of bringing some of the art of Zelda into the paint like the scene where Ganon blasts young Link while on that black horse. But I would totally need to have an xbox installed inside wink
Bella:   Watch out Xzibit..... She just pimped yo ride!!!
Final question:
What video game makes you feel part of a gaming community when you play it & why?
Jessibaby:   I think I would have to say League of Legends, mostly because noone asks if I'm a girl or not, and even with playing against bots you are still on a team of 3-5 people. I've gotten quite a few "props" from other players, and I bought my first Summoner this week.
Bella:   Thank you for your time Jessibaby!  Remember PopChiX & PopChaps, we need your input for ChiX of the month.  Send your recommendations to ! Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Mon 15 Apr
Congrats, Jessibaby!!!! And welcome to the posse with your mad rhymin' skillz!!! Brought a tear to my eye :D Another great interview, Bellatrix! This is awesome!
jessageek Mon 15 Apr
Grats Jessibaby and I LOVED the poem!!
Zaythar Mon 15 Apr
Congratulations Jessibaby! You absolutely rocked that poem! Love your superpower choice, Kitty Pryde was always one of my favs.
theHeFiNaToR Mon 15 Apr
Congrats!!! That poem was pure GOLD!!
xSHADOWx Mon 15 Apr
woot woot
MrsNinjaMaster Mon 15 Apr
Woot woot Jessi!
xX F1 Hannah Xx
xX F1 Hannah Xx Mon 15 Apr
Congratulations jessie love the rap
Jessibaby1986 Tue 16 Apr
You ladies are making me blush.
Fifiville Wed 17 Apr
Let's all do The Wedge dance in celebration of Jessi's awesomeness! smile
Melanopterus Fri 19 Apr
That was awesome!

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