Community Spotlight - MrsNinjaMaster

CalacaBellaTrix | October 03 2014

MrsNinjaMaster's Gamercard

Bella:  You're our PopChiX of the Month!  Any shout outs to any goblins or ghouls?

MrsNinjaMaster:  Oh snap! I'm speechless....I want to give a holla to my original partner in crime, Jessibaby1986, Halo3 WT FTW! My PopChiX summer challenge PIC, Mistress Sara. And my current PIC, Pataylagi. She may be quiet, but she's a crackshot!  Also, to my fellow Whovians, Ain't no party like a Time Lord party because a Time Lord party is not bound by typical temporal parameters and thus don't stop!

Bella: Haha! That's great!  PopChiX are all about the goblins, ghosts, ghouls, zombies, mummies, trolls, fairies, princesses, unicorns, and all other things magical for Poptoberfest!   Hold on tight & embrace the wickedness and treats this interview brings.... *in my best witch cackle* hahahahahahaha!  Please treat us with how you came up with your gamertag.
MrsNinjaMaster: Well, my hubby is TheNinjaMaster, so it seemed appropriate for me to be the Mrs. We are all about the Ninja's around here. all our kids are ninjas as well.

Bella:   Where in the woods are the ninjas from?  Or is that hush hush with the family being ninjas & all? wink
MrsNinjaMaster: We are in Texas! The greatest place on earth. Hot!  Y'all!

Bella:  Texas heat... Oooooo weeeee!  Demons and goblins surly are the culprit for the heat, but I'm sure the ninja family saves Texas all the time wink.  Do you do family costume themes for Halloween?  If so, what has been your favorite theme so far?
MrsNinjaMaster:  We usually do not dress for Halloween. My kids do have costumes they wear anytime they want to though. But, I will say, one year two of my sisters went as Cat Women and Poison Ivy. Talk about HAWT!

Bella:  See your family is still representing that Heat! What is your favorite treat for Halloween or Fall?
MrsNinjaMaster:  I love all the pumpkin things! My sister makes a pumpkin roll with cream cheese filling. Mmmmmmm! Of course I always have a dish full of candy corn. So good!  Fall is my favorite time of the year.

Bella:  Mmmmm Pumpkin Roll!!  Fall is such a beautiful time of year.  What is the scariest video game you have played?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Oh! My! Gosh! I've played my share of scary games. The FEAR games are pretty dang creepy. Dead Space stresses me to the max. That moment you hear the witch crying in Left for Dead. But, the one that takes the cake? Condemned 2: Bloodshot. There is a sequence that involves a giant bear and lots of running through tight hallways. They always say, you don't have to run faster than a bear, just faster than the guy beside you. But when you are by yourself... Needless to say, scariest game ever!

Bella:  I agree the witch in L4D is quite scary.  Playing that game late a night, while no one else is home, volume is just right in your headset ...... Shiver me timbers - I've got goosebumps now!  What's scarier hearing the witch crying or hearing a random baby laugh, you're home alone & you don't have a baby ??? (Whoa!)

MrsNinjaMaster:  Eeewwww.... That's a tough one. I'm gonna go with the witch. All glowing red eyes and claws :O

Bella: Ahhhhhhhh!  If course I'd open that picture when the lights are out.  What cartoon villain scared you the most as a child?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Hehehe.I had a pretty easy going childhood. My parents kept us away from evil things as best they could. But we saw things at friends houses. I didn't care too much for Gargamel from the Smurfs.

Bella:  Gargamel is so mean... Jerk, leave the little blue Smurfs alone. What has been your favorite Jack-O-Lantern you've created?

My kids and I usually paint our pumpkins. It stays pretty warm through the fall around here. The pumpkins last longer that way.  My mom did a Jack-o-lantern that was literally puking his guts out. lol! She had a empty bottle of booze beside him and everything. He partied way too hard!

Bella:  Those are so awesome!!! Great idea to paint them, to have the pumpkins last longer.  Lol for the boozin pumpkin!
MrsNinjaMaster:  Drunk pumpkins, FTW!!!

Bella:  Who would be on your team to fight the evil world with?  (Alive, fictional, video games, movies, etc.)
MrsNinjaMaster:  I must ponder this...(queue Jeopardy music) You know y'all are humming it now wink  TheNinjaMaster(my hubs) for sure, because he can do everything. Nikola Tesla, for science. Gordon Freeman, defensive crowbar skillz, Fawkes from Fallout3, he can carry all our gear. Not to mention the laser gat. Wyldstyle/Lucy, because she is a Master Builder. Garrus, because....sigh. Last but not least, Bobby Flay, because we all gotta eat!

Oh my glob, I forgot the Doctor!!!  #10 please!

Bella:  Guilty, I was humming the Jeopardy theme! LoL, you mustn't forget THE DOCTOR! wink.  Great team!  Speaking of the doctor reminds me about our previous ChiX of the month TootieTazzy... We were on our way to deliver you the good news of your Royal PopChiX status, and we encountered a herd of....

I mean I got out ok but Tootie... Well she needed a doctor.  TootieTazzy is into BRAAAAINNNNS these days... Don't know how that happened ... *carelessly whispering*

But on the bright side I happened to get the e-controller for you.  It just has some blood, guts, and bits of gore, but here you go anyway. wink
.... What's that you ask?  How I got the controller from her...?? Well... I guess I went full Shane...

What's the first order of business now that you have the shiny... Errr scratch that... You have the gory e-controller?

MrsNinjaMaster:  My first order of business now that I have said gory e-controller is to ask what does one do with a e-controller. Better yet, what the heck is an e-controller?
Bella:  Ms Galaxy passes a crown and/or scepter to the next crowned Ms Galaxy.  Here at PopChiX, we pass down the e-controller from one PopChiX of the Month to the next.  It's normally shiny and decorated to suit each gamer...  Now that you have the almighty e-controller, what super powers do you have/ would like to have?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Oh now my feeble brain is working! Well, I do have eyes in the back of my head! Super ninja Mom of 4! I would love to have Mary Poppins' powers when she animates all the things and cleans the room. I would have my laundry folded and put away while my dishes were washing themselves. Then I could sit and play Destiny all the day long.

Bella:  Shhhhhhh.... Don't mention BRAAAAINNNNS... TootieTazzy is still walking around out there...somewhere...
If you did have MARRY POPPINS powers, you would have a bag that contains everything!!  (Maybe even a delicious BRAAAAINNNN for TootieTazzy??)

Do you game for the achievements or just to have fun? Which game has your "hall of fame moment"?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Oh yeah! One of the first things I do when I get a new game is look at the list of achievements. I like getting them. My "hall of fame moment" is completing the Halo4 campaign on Legendary, solo. That's cray cray right there. I also play games just for the fun of it. I have played Half Life2 at least half a dozen times because I love it so much. Gordon Freeman is the bomb, y'all!  I love a good story. If a game has a great story, I will re-play it. If it has really fun playing style, like Borderlands, you can bet I'll play it even after getting all the acheevos.

Bella:  Playing solo Halo 4 on Legen..... Dary....

MrsNinjaMaster:  Hahaha!!!

Bella:  That is cray cray, but congrats on accomplishing that beyond difficult!  Big ups on that MrsNinjaMaster!  With those spectacular gaming skills, you truly are a ninja master!  What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?
MrsNinjaMaster:  I'm super proud of my geeky t-shirt collection. I owe it to reviews and discussions by ChiX on the site and Facebook. Without them I wouldn't have my love of Doctor Who either.  Right now my collection stands at around 20 tee's. Love all the t-shirts!  I even have a Pinterest board dedicated to my love of geeky tee's.

Bella:  Supershirtness!!! ^_^    You know it's that favorite time... Tell us your faves:

video game - Half Life2
table top game / card game - Ticket to Ride / Texas Hold 'em
movie/book -  Last of The Mohicans / Odd Thomas series by Dean Koontz
scary tv series - The Walking Dead
song - Everything I do I do for you-Bryan Adams
"as seen on TV" item -  My Ninja blender/smoothie machine
anime -  Blood+
tv show - Doctor Who
cell phone/tablet app - Hay Day
saying/phrase-"oh snap" and "your mom"

Bella:  Of course you would have a Ninja blender! ... Who doesn't like HAY DAY?!?  We all need TOM to fetch us precious items.  If you could choose a soundtrack from a game to listen to 24/7, which game would it be from?
MrsNinjaMaster:  It's a toss up between Halo and Fallout 3. My Pandora app is set to shuffle. Only problem is, I want to play instead of doing what I'm doing.

Bella:  I totally understand!  But when I can't play I have my handy Twitch app to help ease the craving.  What kind of games are missing from the motion sensor arena , i.e. Kinnect, Wii, etc.?
MrsNinjaMaster:  I think the games out now are great. Dancing and sports, ect. I hope they never do FPS with motion sensor. I never used the kinect with Mass Effect, I didn't care for that. Also, for the record, I don't dance. Except to make my kids laugh.

Bella:  Anything for the minions!  What achievement/trophy was the most frustrating or funniest to get?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Halo4 on legendary was super frustrating at times. The worst ever was Gears2 on insane and Baird, npc at the moment, kept running ahead and dying over and over. Blarg!!!  I can think of funny gaming moments that weren't achievements.  But then there's this: OH HO HO HO!!! OH HO HO!!! PERFECT DOUBLE RAINBOW ALL THE WAYYY!! WHAT DOES THIS MEAN?! OH HO HO HO!!!

Bella:  lol awesome!!  For The Walking Dead, which 2 characters do you see being the last survivors?

MrsNinjaMaster:  I hope it's Daryl and Michonne.  Never run out of ammo with a katana.

Bella:  Why because of this??? wink. Jk

MrsNinjaMaster:  Lol! That never crossed my mind!

Bella:  Sorry my mind went there.  How did you find out about PopChiX?
MrsNinjaMaster:  I was a part of the GamerchiX Treehouse. I joined the PopChiX site pretty soon after it was launched.  I found the GamerchiX while in the xbox forums.

Bella:  Gotta represent the XgX!  Do you have any advice to potential gamers & future PopChiX?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Just be yourself. Treat others the way you want to be treated. Above all, have fun!

Bella:  What would be your ultimate costume for Halloween or for CosPlay?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Oooo, I think a really wicked Big Sister from Bioshock2.

Bella:  Trick or Treat?

MrsNinjaMaster:  Creepy ��

Bella:  ....... Treat you say....

Ok here it goes...…..........…..........…

Phew, sorry outta breath... I have to say, that was my best pelvic thrust/wedge dance yet wink

MrsNinjaMaster:  Hahaha.  Nice moves!

Bella:  My treat to you is 5 AXES in HAY DAY! wink
MrsNinjaMaster:  Wahooooo!!

Bella:  Aside from being a parent & wife, what is the bravest/most life rewarding moment you've had this far?
MrsNinjaMaster:  Wow! Those are the things that define me. But if I put those aside, the thing that comes to mind is a mission trip from 17 years ago. My husband and I went with our church youth group to Mexico to have a Vacation Bible School for the kids in a neighborhood. It was a pretty cool experience. To help those kids. Wow!

Bella:  Oh my word! Sharing a piece of who you are, spending quality time, and volunteering is quite the amazing gift!!  Thank you for sharing that strong, selfless, brave memory with us!  What's one thing you wish you knew about when you were a noob/newbie gamer?
MrsNinjaMaster:  I wish I had known sooner how awesomely fun it is to play with fellow PopChiX!

Bella:  Thank you so much for taking the time and rewarding us with your presence!  Now as PopChiX of the Month, it's your chance to ask our Community of Princesses, Queens, Kings, Shewolves, Unicorns, Ghosts, Gremlins and all other Hocus Pocusness a question....
MrsNinjaMaster:  In the spirit of Poptoberfest, if you could be a Vampire or Werewolf, which would you be and why?

Thanks so much, Bella, this was a ton of fun!

Bella:  Ghosts & ghouls... YOU decide who the next ChiX of the Month is, so we need YOUR INPUT!!!  Send your nominations to ! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have an interview question, send it for review, and you may be a special co-host!
Love, peace, fright tales, and game on!

Haunt responsibly! wink



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Fri 03 Oct
great interview! Congrats!!!!
CalacaBellaTrix Fri 03 Oct
Congratulations MrsNinjaMaster!
TootieTazzy Fri 03 Oct
Another great read - congrats!*
Mistress Sara
Mistress Sara Sat 04 Oct
MrsNinjaMaster Mon 06 Oct
Thanks all!!!
Littles813 Wed 08 Oct
Woot Mrs... your fun to game with!

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