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CalacaBellaTrix | May 02 2014

sparklefingers's Gamercard

Bella:  So it turns out I do have a couple questions... Let me know when's a good time to pick your brain.
Sparklefingers:  Fire away!  I'll do my best to help.
Bella:  First off, how did you do it? How did you become MAY'S POPCHIX OF THE MONTH!!!! (Again in my best Oprah voice.)
Sparklefingers:  Uh what?
Bella:  You're the PopChix of the Month! grin
Sparklefingers:  Awesomesauce!
Bella:  Indeed!  Any shoutouts or anyone you'd like to thank for the awesomesauceness?
Sparklefingers:  Um everyone! I dunno. All the chix I spend time talking to about rubbish. And my lovely kacey.


Bella:  How did you choose your fabulous gamertag/screen name of Sparklefingers?
Sparklefingers:  It's my nickname from school. Short story is I showed my school mates a finger when they asked if they could spray me with glitter and they sprayed the finger. I became sparklefingers.
Bella:  I want glitter-tastic fingers!  What special powers do these sparklefingers enable you to have, or that you'd like to have?
Sparklefingers:  The ability to make sparkly things that are worth money. Kinda like the Midas touch but not as bad but defiantly not like the skittles advert. Lol. That sounds bad. Lol


Bella:  Lol. OMG I could so see sparkly items bursting out everywhere!  Instead of tasting the rainbow we'd be seeing & basking in the glitter-tastic ambiance!  I need it!  Although, how did sparkles and zombies mash together?  (I greatly enjoy your forum signature.)
Sparklefingers:  My signature has the best kind of zombies in it. smile I love that game. It was the first proper game I got addicted to. Zombies ate my neighbours. Worth a play if you have a snes emulator. Though they could be more sparkly couldn't they?


Bella:  Zombies could be more sparkly!  In the event of a zombie apocalypse, the glitter sparkly zombies would be easier to see.  Maybe they wouldn't be so angry and hungry, as they'd be in awe of themselves and of their zombie friends sparkly-ness.  How do you see sparkly zombies affecting the apocalypse?
Sparklefingers:  Well zombies aren't too smart so maybe they'd get distracted by each other's sparkly-ness and give us a chance to run for our lives.


Bella:  True.  What part of the globe do you call home (aka where would you be running in the world of sparkly zombies.)?
Sparklefingers:  Well I live in the UK so anywhere there would be good shelter here from them.  There isn't anywhere secure near here though that I would trust. Army bases seem to be the first place for it to go wrong so not there.


Bella:  Do you think the craft stores would be a good place, since tons of glitter and other sparkly items can be used as camouflage?
Sparklefingers:  Well we don't have many of them here. But yeah I expect I could get some glitter there and some fake flowers and make a flower bed camo outfit. I'm sure they wouldn't spot me in that! Lol.
Bella:  Lol yes!  Of course those locations would only be needed if your superpowers didn't manifest by then.


Bella: Do you have a special super heroine outfit?
Sparklefingers:  Do jeans, T-shirt and hoodie count?
Bella:  Yep!  What does the T-shirt have on it?  What super gamerchix/ geekery item do you own or have created that you are most proud of?
Sparklefingers:  Well my T-shirt would either be my game T-shirt (from when the shop was shutting down) it has game over and a ghost from PAC man on it or my rag T-shirt I bagged at gamefest from Bethesda. (I quoted my name is earl character patty and was given a T-shirt). My proudest geeky item though is a picture of Darth Vader signed by David Prowse (sp)

[click to view bigger image]


Sparklefingers: I got it for a birthday long ago in a galaxy far far away.
Bella: Sweet!! #Nerdlicious!  PAC-Man & Darth Vader, NICE!  Who could use some more sparkly in their word, PAC-Man or Darth Vader?  Who would need your help in the event of sparkly zombies?
Sparklefingers:  Pacman I think... You know cause he hasn't got arms to hold them back and he ain't going to last long eating zombies really is he? Plus Vader is well you know Vader! He's be and powerful and can use the force to stop them.


Bella:  Whose force is stronger:  Vader vs. Sparklefingers?
Sparklefingers:  Vader's though I am his padawan grin .
Bella:  Awww, shucks! I had my money on you.  After all, you are the MIGHTY POPCHIX OF THE MONTH SPARKLEFINGERS!  He can't compete with the sparkle.  #HesNotReadyForYourJellyGlitter


Bella: Speaking of PopChiX of the Month, EnchantedDaisy is here to hand off the e-controller to you (so you can add sparkle to it).  In tradition, she's going to ask some questions.  Everyone please shower EnchantedDaisy with good vibes, flowers, and rainbows of awesomeness!


EnchantedDaisy: How did you get into martial arts and why do you practice it?
Sparklefingers:  When I was younger I was bullied at school and I had no confidence so I started judo and then later kickboxing. It gave me the confidence I needed to not need to use it. smile
Bella:  Wow!  Sparkle powers and martial arts... You would totally rock Vader. wink
Sparklefingers:  Lol not yet but one day maybe.


EnchantedDaisy:  What cartoon character or franchise would you like to see featured in a video game that hasn’t already?
Sparklefingers:  Oh tough one... Maybe like to see a dungeons and dragons (TV show) game.
Bella:  Thank you EnchantedDaisy!  Everyone give it up again for the wonderful gypsy EnchantedDaisy!


Bella: Now that the e-controller is in your hands, do you game  for the achievements or just to have fun? Which is your current game at the moment?
Sparklefingers:  I game for fun but achievements are a bonus! My game of the moment is still borderlands 2! I have an Xbox one that doesn't go on much. Borderlands always ends up in the console. smile


Bella:  What's your most epic achievement, in game & in the real world?
Sparklefingers:  Uh. I dunno... I spend the longest on an achievement in fable 2. 1986 score was needed to get the last bear or something... I can't remember now.  I just reached 800 caches on my geocaching account... Does that count?


Bella:  Yes it does!  grin.  Yay for geocaching, the treasure hunt of the digital age.
Sparklefingers:  Okay, I'm aiming to be at 1000 before the end of the summer. Mind you so far this year over found 401 caches raspberry


Bella:  How long ago did you start geocaching?  What's been your favorite location you discovered while geocaching?
Sparklefingers:  About 18 months and I'd have to say the mines in box. (Close to bath)  You go into the old mines there and work your way round them until you reach the cache. There's caches in many great places but most don't have physical containers. There's caches in places like tulum in Mexico (which was another favourite for me) to the stones at Avebury.


Bella:  I like how in our digital age there's plenty of ways to be outside and explore the world, all while staying connected with technology, like with geocaching.  Congratulations on reaching 800 caches in only 18 months!
(     )
Ouch... Sorry x1upgirl is elbowing me to let me know it's her turn to interrogate, I mean ask you questions.


x1upgirl:  You are sucked into your TV mysteriously and can only help one of the following hero's on their current quest:  Link from LoZ, or Booker DeWitt from Bioshock Infinite. Who do you choose to help and why?
Sparklefingers:  Hmmm hard question... I'm a link kinda girl but I did looooove booker.... Links got himself out of trouble many times (though I'm sure booker has too) so I'm going booker. He needs to sort out all the mess. He just seems like he'd need it more.


x1upgirl:  The people of Earth have nominated you to be our official ambassador to a visiting race of friendly aliens that we have just made first contact with.  We are totally not trying to set you up on the first intergalactic date *cough*, but here's £100 to take them to lunch and a movie. Where do you eat, and what movie do you see?
Sparklefingers:  Hmmm I think I'd take them to an all you can eat Chinese bar and then something like Mars attacks. Then point out if this goes badly, Just take note that you may try and destroy us but look...We always win. raspberry
Bella:  Very good point!  Fill them up with food, while nicely saying we will destroy you.


Bella: Ok, everyone say bye to x1upgirl.  ... Hey we said bye... Don't make me do it... It's been done!  I took x1upgirl's chocolate cake for us to enjoy, while she sits outside to think about what she did.  (She made bunny ears on Sparklefingers and I during the interview.  So not cool.)


Bella:  As I'm enjoying cake and sipping some milk, let us know what your favorites are:  (I ... omnomnomnomnom... Talk.. Right now... #MustEatCake!)
Video game - zombies ate my neighbours
Game console - hmmm tough one again... I'll go for the n64
Super hero - gah. Um tough again. I'm going to go for rouge from xmen
Tabletop game - MUNCHIN!!!!
Saying - er best not repeat it here. Children present....
Cartoon series - dungeons and dragons
Movie - dark crystal
Book - the godfather by Mario Puzo
Song - Friday I'm in love by the cure
Tv show - house
App - probably whatsapp I don't play games on my phone though minecraft is on the iPad
Hobby - gaming/ geocaching
Internet meme - moon moon
Random fact - my favourite animal is a frog. I love them and have a pond full of tadpoles ATM :D


Bella:  Frogs?! I heart frogs too!  What kind of tadpoles?
Sparklefingers:  Oh just the basic every day kind from around here.


Bella:  They need some sparkly added to them.  wink  How did you learn about PopChiX?
Sparklefingers:  I was a gamerchix over at xbox. I came over when the treehouse fell :(
Bella:  GAMERCHIX/PopChiX love!! Me too.


Bella:  Now let's play a speed round of word association...  Name the first thing that comes to your mind when I give you the word... Ready... Set... Go!

Bella:     Texting...
Sparklefingers:  Friends

Bella:  Cake...
Sparklefingers:  CAKE!!!!!

Bella:  (OMG GENIUS!!!)
Sparklefingers:  Sticks

Bella:  Spring...
Sparklefingers:  Board ??

Bella:  Food...
Sparklefingers:  CAKE!!!!

Bella:  (LOL!!!)
Sparklefingers: Xbox!

Bella:  Geocaching...
Sparklefingers:  Puzzles...  (Grrr puzzles)

Bella:  Controller...
Sparklefingers:  Blue! (Chrome blue to be exact)

Bella:  Gamer...
Sparklefingers:  Chix

Bella:  (Oh ya!!!!)
Sparklefingers:  Awesomesauce

Bella:  Ninja...
Sparklefingers:  Turtle

Bella:  Outdoors...
Sparklefingers:  Space smile

Bella:  Zombies...
Sparklefingers:  DIIIIIEEEEEEE!!!!!!

Bella:  Sparklefingers...
Sparklefingers:  Rocks

Bella:  (Oh ya she does!!!)
Sparklefingers:  Stumped...

Bella:  Link...
Sparklefingers:  Zelda

Bella:  And finally, community...
Sparklefingers:  Great


Bella:  Thanks for playing, and for letting me interview you! Now it's your chance to ask the community.... What would you like to ask our PopChiX community?

Sparklefingers:  When I'm feeling a bit down I have a go to film to cheer me up. It never fails to put a smile on my face. So the question is when you're feeling down and just need time to yourself. What do you do to cheer yourself up?


Alright ChiX & Chaps, Sparklefingers would like to hear from YOU!  Please visit the following link to our forums to continue the conversation with our ChiX of the Month, the awesomesauce Sparklefingers, and the rest of our PopChiX community!

Go voice your opinion here!

A round of applause & glitter showers for SPARKLEFINGERS!!

Remember PopChiX & PopChaps, we need YOUR INPUT for ChiX of the month.  Send your recommendations to ! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have a question, send it for review, and who knows, you may be a special co-host!  Love, peace, and game on!


X1up Girl
X1up Girl Sat 03 May
jessageek Sun 04 May
Congratulations and GREAT interview! Loved it. smile
arkangel318 Fri 09 May
Congratulations! :D

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