Community Spotlight - TootieTazzy

CalacaBellaTrix | August 15 2014

TootieTazzy's Gamercard

Bella:  By the way... Congratulations!!
TootieTazzy:  What did I do that I forgot about this time?
Bella:  You're the PopChiX of the month!!
TootieTazzy:  Oh! It's not even April Fools lol  I'm surprised tho, being quiet like I am.
Bella:  Any special shout outs or thanks for your awesomeness??
TootieTazzy:  Ummm.. I guess I could use the fact that I'm British for being awesome? As well as the awesome company I have for gaming. My interview skills are pretty non existent, so apologies for the lack of exciting answers lol.

Bella:  Psssshhhhhhhh... Nonsense!  TootieTazzy you are quite the scintillating gaming hostess of Trigger Tuesday!  Please tell us, how did you come up with your Gamertag?
TootieTazzy:  Actually, it was generated by Xbox when I first created my account. I've always been a fan of the Taz cartoon character and have always had Tazzy in my online usernames. I couldn't think of anything to use for the Xbox, so I asked for an Xbox generated one with the word Tazzy in it - TootieTazzy was born!


Bella:  Kudos to the Xbox gamertag generator!  TootieTazzy suits you!  Where do you and your consoles call home?
TootieTazzy:  I'm glad it does, it has followed me around since it was generated!  I currently call the north east of the UK home, a little place down the road from Middlesbrough. Nothing fancy from me, I'm afraid.
Bella:  Fancy?? Umm hello?  You live with Royalty!  Queen Elizabeth II ring any bells?!? J/K If you could game with any member of the Royal family, who would it be?  What game would you be playing?
TootieTazzy:  Can't say I've heard of that Queen person to be honest... If I had to choose, I'd go with Prince William. Mainly because we are close in age - I'm two days older than him (useless fact). Game wise, maybe Uno - I've heard horror stories about people and their cameras in this game. wink Nah, in all honesty I would probably stick with something I know. Black Ops 2 maybe, since it's the games I've put the most hours into, and with Wills having had the whole military thing going on.
Bella: Oh My!!!! Midnight UNO & The Prince... Not the Purple Rain Prince, but THE actual Prince!!  Now that would be royally Hilarious!  I'm saddened that you did not choose to have a dance off with Queen Elizabeth II...  A little DANCE DANCE REVOLUTION perhaps... Oh wait... Oops sorry forget I mentioned a REVOLUTION.  Instead you could challenge her to DANCE CENTRAL, and at the end of your victory, you could tell her "You've been SERVED!"
TootieTazzy:  My dance moves are that bad, I think it would be her highness doing the serving, embarrassingly.
Bella:  Pish posh!  Some of us know what smooth dance moves you have.  May I remind you of the TootieTazzy Twerking video in our PopChiX Facebook group?!?  Even though it was your avatar Twerking, I'd still think you'd win against her majesty.  Speaking of her royal highness, as you may know Akashaheart was our previous PopChiX of the month.  She'd like to ask you some questions before she passes on the e-controller to you.
TootieTazzy:  Oh how did I know the twerking video was gonna pop up somewhere in this conversation?! 

Akashaheart: What is your favorite game in each decade since Atari?
TootieTazzy:  Ok, favourite (correct spelling raspberry) game for the 80s would have to be the original Super Mario Bros game on the NES. Who doesn't love a little Italian bloke who would do anything to save the love of his life??  90s would probably be Earthworm Jim on the Mega Drive. I spent many hours on that game and completed it many times!  00s - Mario Kart Wii without a doubt. As with Earthworm Jim, I spent so many hours zipping around on the SNES version that I just had to buy the Wii version. Safe to say that I spent just as much time playing as I did on the original!  Lastly, from 2010 to now I think I'd have to go with one of my most recent purchases - Plants vs. Zombies: Garden Warfare on the 360. It's just loads of fun to play without tlthe seriousness that comes with most other games. This choice could change between now and 2018, but for the moment, it's safe.
Bella:  Ah yes the legendary Italian bloke who saves the princess!  Mario Kart Wii is so much fun!  I love that all ages can join in for great memories. PvZ Garden Warfare is a great game and fun to play!  I miss my FPS games like COD, but I like that it does offer a more relaxing environment to play in.  Who doesn't like looking at a zombie plumber crack?    That's CRAAAAAZY!

Akashaheart:  As a child what was your favorite past time?
TootieTazzy:  I'll take relaxing gameplay over those pesky snipers and campers any day!  As a kid, I could usually be found tucked away gaming. I wasn't much of an outdoor person so would happily spend hours collecting rings with Sonic or coins with Mario. Once we moved though, I'd be up the woods on my bike, getting into all kinds of trouble - not bad trouble though. It would tend to end up with me battered and bruised, but it was a lot of fun!
Bella:  Revving up Sonic to collect those coins... I can hear it now.  Getting into trouble with your bike brings up find memories of Paperboy or Trials HD.  LoL!  I could imagine you as the Paperboy character, which would be the reason why you'd be bruised up... No one told you to throw a newspaper into the customers' windows nor hit the neighborhood black cat with it.  J/K
TootieTazzy:  It was either hit the cat with the paper or Jessie would get it! I was pretty sensible on my bike, right up until we went to the woods. Then everything changed. 


Akashaheart:  What's your favorite movie genre?
TootieTazzy:  I love comedies when it comes to films. It doesn't matter what mood I'm in, I always enjoy a few laughs. Saying that though, I have a soft spot for all genres, I just think it depends what I'm in the mood for at the time. I'm easily pleased.

Bella:  Thank you Akashaheart! Let's give a big WedgeDance farewell to the great Akashaheart! 
TootieTazzy:  Farewell & cheers for the questions! *waves*


Bella:  Aside from being a great Brit, what snazzy superpowers do you have or like to have?
TootieTazzy:  You know what? I'd love to be able to either fly or teleport. No more long drives, and I'd also be able to make trips to places I'd never usually get to. As much as I like to drive, I'd be happy with getting places faster.
Bella: Yesssssssssss!!! Teleporting would be smart!  Does your teleporting also include time travel?  Where would be the first place you'd teleport to?
TootieTazzy:  Sure, we can stick a bit of time travel in there too. Might as well go the full hog! There are so many places I'd like to visit. I think I'd be most likely to go and visit my sister and her kids. I'm sad like that. After that though, I'd be off all over the world visiting people I've got to know on the interwebz!

Bella:  I'm sure there are many in-game moments where you wished the character could time travel/teleport, so you could complete a challenge/achievement.  Which in-game moment would you use it on?
TootieTazzy: There was this one achievement in Sonic and Sega All-Stars Racing where you had to AAA ech mission. The last one I needed was a time trial one on a tricky course and I was always around 1 second out. It took a few days and a lot of hand cramps but i did it! If I had to do it again, time travel would be so handy

Bella: Lol!  Bloody hand cramps all in the name of gaming!  What are your top 5 go-to games, including tablet/smart phone games?
TootieTazzy:  I think it's safe to say Hay Day is way up there. I also like a bit of Bingo Blitz, What's The Phrase (when i remember to play), Candy Crush, and I also like a bit of Angry Birds every now and again.
Bella:  Yay for HayDay!  It's Amooozing!  What's your fave & pet peeve with HayDay?
TootieTazzy: Favourite thing is probably levelling up and getting to see the new stuff you get to make. Pet peeve is the amount of chili popcorn and sweaters for sale in the paper. I mean, why?! Lol

Bella:  Chili popcorn & sweaters are there to keep neighbors warm.  Please tell us your faves:
TootieTazzy:OK, as listed..
Video Game - At the moment, PvZ: GW
Table Top/ Card games - I don't play table top/card games, unless Snap counts?
Movie/book- I love the film 'The Client'. I don't read much so not sure on book.
Song - Song choice is a close call between 'I'm Moving On' by Rascal Flatts and 'Runaway Train' by Soul Asylum.
TV show -  At the moment is True Blood.
Cell phone/ Tablet application- It's another close call for phone app between Facebook and Twitter because I like to keep up with stuff.
Geekery clothing - I actually really like the Joki tee that was in the July Loot Crate! A clever crossover between The Joker and Loki.
Phrase - I don't really have a saying or phrase. I do say 'bargain', 'sorted', and 'cheers' a lot though...

Bella:  When you game, do you tend to talk a lot during the gameplay? Or do you like to focus on the task at hand?
TootieTazzy: I don't talk much at all smile .. In all seriousness, it depends on the game being played. If it's something casual, I'll chat away. If it's something that requires concentration, I usually sit quietly in my own little world and play.

Bella:  How did you find out about PopChiX?
TootieTazzy:   Wow, that was a little while ago now. I think it was when I spotted a random tweet that someone I follow retweeted. I had to go and have a nose to see what it was all about.  I will admit though, I was surprised that I hadn't stumbled across it before.

Bella:  We're glad that you took the time to find out! What was your first funny/happy PopChiX moment - either in game or in the forums?
TootieTazzy:  Ummm.. you know what? my memory sucks lol.. I think the first funny moment would be when someone I was playing Borderlands 2 with decided that my short and stumpy character was made to be stood on. It'd be that or some random gaming moment in one of the Call of Duty playdates I started joining in with. Nothing too amusing I'm afraid

Bella:  Borderlands 2!! Good times... Who is your favorite character?
TootieTazzy:  I have to be faithful to my stumpy bloke and say Salvador. He's just weird - there's nothing else I can say about him.

Bella:  Stepping stool Salvador wink. J/k Borderlands 2 is such a great game.  All those Tiny Tina moments, the car rolling over, the bones piles, & the Robot in Ore Chasm.  So much fun! How were you introduced to gaming?
TootieTazzy:  Ha - SSS!  I do enjoy a bit of BL2 when it gets played.  I was bought a console one year for Christmas when I was a nipper and haven't looked back since. I think I've managed to own every console released at some point, luckily, and I've always found an excuse to play games. Who needs excuses a though, right?!

Bella:  Ahhh to see TootieTazzy as a young nipper.  During childhood what favorite cartoon/show would you have liked to see turn into a game?
TootieTazzy:  You wouldn't wanna see me as a nipper lol... I'm not sure if you had the cartoon/show over there - Grotbags. She was originally a witch on a TV show called Emu's World and then eventually got her own TV show. I don't know what they could have done with her game wise, but I still think it would've been kinda cool.

Bella:  I've never seen Grotbags but when I saw her picture on the internet, it reminded me of the witch in Banjo-Kazooie.  What's your sock style? Matched, mismatched, hole-y, low-cut, etc?
TootieTazzy: Socks? How random! I don't like plain socks - mine are all colourful, stripey, character-y. My newest ones are Deadpool socks that came in last month's Nerd Block package (with the previously mentioned Joki tee).

Bella: I know random questions are the best!  How else are you going to find out what Snozzberries really taste like?!  What character would you have been in Charlie & the Chocolate Factory?
TootieTazzy:  This is true!  I think I would have been an oompa-loompa. Small, orange, and snazzy green hair? Yes please!  In all fairness, they're weird little buggers who enjoy what they do. I wouldn't mind a bit of that.
Bella:  Lmao!!! Of course I should have expected Salvador to be an Oompa Loompa!  What would your name have been?  What was your Oompa Loompa work conditions like?
TootieTazzy:  Exactly - Salvador and the Oompa-Loompas are like distant cousins or something!  Name wise, I think 'Short Leg Shuffle Bum' would be quite fitting? Work conditions - I'd expect there to be a lot of horsing around. There wouldn't be much work getting done as there would be too many practical jokes and stuff going on. Totes amazeballs!

Bella:  Oh my!  I'm laughing so hard tears are coming out of my eyes!  So Short Leg Shuffle Bum, how did you actually get the blueberry juice out of Violet?

Well.. you know those roller things that were used to get the water out of freshly washed clothes? Well I wouldn't use one of those... It was easier and slightly cleaner to just stick her on the treadmill and let her sweat it out. Practical and healthy!

Bella:  I'm so relieved you let her sweat it out!  For a minute I thought you put her in some weird contraption... I am going to or cautious around washing machines now...  How do you find the time to tend to the entire factory, deal with misbehaved tour guests, and still come up with catchy songs, all of which have choreography?
TootieTazzy:  I don't do weird (at least not in public).. It's easy really. Multitasking at its best!  As I'm busy tending to the factory, that's where the songs and eye catching dance moves get created. Kinda like whistle while you work. Dealing with the misbehaved ones - I don't know. It's just a natural talent I guess - it's a British thing..

Bella:  Too funny!  Oompa Loompas and Gunzerker family reunions must be a blast! By any chance are you also related to the Lollipop Guild?

TootieTazzy:  I think there may be some bloodline thing going on. Maybe just a height related one though?
Bella:I guess singing and dancing run in the family!  Let's play a speed round of word association...  Name the first thing that comes to your mind when I give you the word... Ready... Set... Go!

Bella:  crayon
TootieTazzy:  walls
Bella:  bonus
TootieTazzy:  ball
Bella:  basket
TootieTazzy:  case
Bella:  oil
TootieTazzy:  crisps
Bella:  chips
TootieTazzy:  fries
Bella:  French
TootieTazzy:  toast
Bella:  boat
TootieTazzy:  sink
Bella:  Zombie
TootieTazzy:  apocalypse
Bella:  pudding
TootieTazzy:  food
Bella:  medic
TootieTazzy:  nurse
Bella: Crazy
TootieTazzy:  zombies
Bella:  chili
TootieTazzy:  nasty
Bella:  delicious
TootieTazzy:  cake
Bella:  Badonkadonk
TootieTazzy:  Borderlands
Bella:  Twerk
TootieTazzy:  clapping
Bella:  Pink
TootieTazzy:  nails
Bella:  Gamer
TootieTazzy:  girl
Bella:  console
TootieTazzy:  entertainment
Bella:  Avatar
TootieTazzy:  Twerk
Bella:  Ambassador
TootieTazzy:  Xbox
Bella:  volunteer
TootieTazzy:  helpful
Bella:  stream
TootieTazzy:  trickle
Bella:  Totes
TootieTazzy:  Amazeballs!

Bella:  Thank you for playing!!
TootieTazzy:  Thank you for the random words!

Bella:  I noticed on your Xbox profile you are an Xbox Ambassador.  What is the easiest question you've answered?  What's the most rewarding part of being an Ambassador?
TootieTazzy:  Easiest question? It'd have to be "how do I turn my sons Xbox on? He's away for the weekend and I want to watch a dvd"..Most rewarding part is when someone says thank you. I think knowing that you've helped make someone's experience that little bit easier/better, makes everything else worth it.

Bella:  I agree!  "Thank you" goes a long way!   Why is social media important to our gaming community?
TootieTazzy:  It does go a long way and can also make a difference to people, too.  Social media plays a huge part in connecting gamers. I mean, there are people like me who wouldn't have known about places like PopChiX if it wasn't for Twitter, and I'm sure there are other people like that as well. It also helps spread the word about upcoming games,l and events, as well as keeping keeping people who are unable to get to said events, updated.  The whole gaming community would be different without social media, in my opinion anyway.

Bella:  Yes, I agree.  Twitter and FB keep me informed about games, gamer communities, and all things geekery!  Any advice for new gamers, especially to our awesome ChiX or ChiXs in training?
TootieTazzy:  I'm not too good with advice. I would say though that if you're the quiet and shy type but are really looking for someone to play games with, accept an offer that is given as it could end up being one of the best things you do gaming wise. Also, treat other gamers like you would like to be treated. There are some right muppets out there who don't like it when peoole bite back. Apart from that, I'm all out of ideas.

Bella: Thank you for your time and for letting me interview you!  Now as PopChiX of the Month, it's your chance to fire a question off to our community....
TootieTazzy:  Thank you for taking the time to ask the questions and sit through my answers! If you could ANY old school game to be remastered on a console of your choice, what would it be and which console would you like it on?
Bella:  Again, thank you TootieTazzy for your time!  Big round of applause for TootieTazzy & a round of Twerking! (Please Twerk responsibly ChiXs & Chaps!)

Don't forget, PopChiX & PopChaps! We need YOUR INPUT for ChiX of the Month!!!  Send your nominations to! (You can also send me a PM in the forums.) Or if you have a question, send it for review, and you may be a special co-host! 

Love, peace, and game on!



jessageek Fri 15 Aug
Congratulations!! :D
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Fri 15 Aug
WTG, Tootie!!!
TootieTazzy Fri 15 Aug
Thanks smile
MrsNinjaMaster Fri 15 Aug
Another great interview! Congrats Tootie smile
akashaheart Fri 15 Aug
TootieTazzy Fri 15 Aug
Cheers :D

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