Community Spotlight - Eith

CalacaBellaTrix | February 20 2013

Eithreal's Gamercard

Bella:   Knock, Knock

Eith:   Who's there? wink

Bella:   Apparently you...... As PopChiX of the Month!!   #WorkIt
Any special shoutouts?? (After all you are one AWESOME PopChix!)

Eith:   Aww, why thank you Bella! Hmm, I'd like to give everyone a shoutout since everyone on here is equally awesome to me!

Bella:   So what's the story behind your GT?

Eith:   I've had the handle for a *long* time elsewhere, so when it was time to pick a GT- I just used that! Not very interesting I'm sorry to say!

Bella:   Oh it's very interesting!!! It's unicorn interesting wink  What part of the globe does Eith call home?

Eith:   Like TheMutantPanda, New England! Although, over the weekend I did think I was living on Hoth. I'll be happy with no more snow for the winter, that's for sure!

Bella:   Although I love Cali, I would love some nearby snow, but not a blizzard.  It's great that you and TheMutantPanda are in the same area.  As you know, TheMutantPanda was Jan. ChiX of the month, and as she passes on the e-controller to you, she’s asking the next questions…  Now be nice to her since she is the Deadliest Panda alive.... (shaking in fear...)

Hhhhheeere she is... TheMutantPanda!!! Woooooo! Everyone give the Panda applause (for the safety of everyone, please applause)  wink

TheMutantPanda:  Do you know how to Wedge Dance?  If so, have you done the dance public or in the privacy of your own home?

Eith:   It's like the Arab Dairy panda brand commercials.. Never not clap for Panda!  ::Claps for Panda!::

I don't think I dance well at all, so I generally avoid dancing in front of others unless it's to play Dance Central 3. So I shall never Wedge Dance unless in the privacy of my own home!

Bella:  Yes, please clap! I bet when you heard the wedge dance, you did it around the house wink

TheMutantPanda:  Are you Epic?  If so, we'll see you at the next Epic Saturday!  What other PopChiX event would you like to see in the near future?

Eith:   I've done one Epic Saturday playdate with some awesome ladies! It was very fun, and I'd highly recommend giving it a try for anyone on the fence!

Hmm, some PopChiX events I'd like to see... I'd like to see maybe having a chat room night and give the chat function some love! I don't think many 'Chix know too much about it, and how fun it can be! Reminds me of my youth typing away in AOL chat rooms! As for playdate events, maybe a night that is for non-shooter multiplayer games? Sadly, I don't own/play many shooters, so I can't partake in many of the weekly playdates. BUT- I do believe I'm going to be hosting another Trivia night soon! You all should join if you have You Don't Know Jack! :D

Bella:  You Don't Know Jack is so much fun with you ladies!! Such silly questions with phenomenal answers!  I used to love the "chat rooms" way back when... Or the good ol' AOL away message!  How else would people know where we were before everyone had a cell phone!

TheMutantPanda:  Out of all the video games you've played... what is your favorite weapon that you'd love to have IRL?

Eith:   Oh that's a good question! Let me think...Do Pokemon count as weapons? Because I would have an ARMY of Eevee evolutions in a heartbeat. If they don't, then it's a toss up between a Lightsaber or Metal Gear Ray.  But I promise I'd only use my weapon of choice for good! :D

Bella:   OMG Pokemon would be awesome!!! Give me some Charmanders & just call me the fire starter wink.
Everyone wave at the awesome Panda as she exits the building.

So aside from Pokemon, what superpowers would you like to have/already have?

Eith:   ::waves at Panda!:: I wish I had the ability to fly, I think that would be pretty amazing! And maybe to make money appear out of thin air. I would be totally fine with that!!

Bella:   You know if you did the Wedge Dance in public, money could appear out of thin air wink  I'm sure you could throw in some moves from Dance Central 3 too!

Have you noticed that when you hear a sone from a dance game on the radio, that you want to do those dance moves too?

Eith:   HAH! I'll take your word for it! wink
Dancing games are fun like that! Also good for hearing songs you might have otherwise never listened to.

Bella:   One day if I'm ever frolicking in New England, I'll be prepared & carry a bunch of ones... Just in case I see ya on the street to make it rain while you do The Wedge Dance. wink

As you may know, PopChix colors are purple & orange (see logo).  What's your favorite purple, orange or even pink item you own?  (Aside from your custom light saber your hiding from us)

Eith:   I do like pinks and purples! Gaming-wise I have a pink 3DS, I enjoy that very much! I'm really looking forward to PAX East so I can get a bunch of 3DS streetpasses from random people. I'm such a geek, but I'm cool with that!

Bella:   Awesome - a pink 3DS!  Which console is the most used in your house & which is your most favorite?

Eith:   I tend to spend a chunk of time playing one console heavily, then I'll switch to another one. So, I don't really use one console more than any other or have a favorite, I just switch it up depending on what game I'm heavily interested in! All about the games for me, not the consoles!

Bella:   So then does the game for you mean achievements or just to have fun? Or both?  Which game has your "hall of fame moment"?

Eith:   I don't really care about the achievements, it's all about the quality of the game. If I can snag an achievement or two, that's awesome- but not my priority. If I really love a game, I'm probably going to try to do as much as possible in the game, getting most of the achievements anyway!

A "Hall of Fame moment" for me was when my friends and I played Silent Hill 3 on the hardest difficulty, and after exhausting all the ammo, my friend gave me the controller and all I had to fight evil heather on the merry-go-round was a katana. It was a knife fight for the ages! It was so funny/crazy that we all still make reference to it from time to time. Most of the most epic gaming moments are always when I play in a group setting with friends.

Bella:   I agree that it's always fun to beat up friends - whoops I mean play with friends!
I would have definitely liked to have seen that merry-go-round fight!
Its that time --- tell us your faves:

Eith:   Video game: Toss up between Castlevania: Symphony of the Night or Final Fantasy 7
table top game / card game: I really love Munchkin
movie: Clue
song: Slide by the GooGoo Dolls
"as seen on TV item": Pajama Jeans- makes me laugh everytime..
Anime: Sailor Moon or Slayers but the other 90's animes are all pretty nice too!
Book/Story: Good Omens by Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman
Comedian: Right now? Louie C.K.
February memory: Drawing a blank....
Ice Cream/ Dessert Topping: Saffron ice cream! hard to find, but delicious!

Bella:   OMG Pajama Jeans are freaking awesome!  Not that I have any, but those would definitely de a reason to do the Wedge dance in Public (hint hint)  wink

Well since you're Drawing a blank for your fave Feb memory, how about we have a little fun.
How about you create a short geeky Valentine's day worthy Hallmark Card.  For example,
A Button is green
X button is blue,
I don't split screen
Cuz you're Such a noob!

Eith:   Aw geeze Bella- I'm thinking yours was so good I couldn't ever hope to top that!! smile But I've seen some cute poems up on the forums!! Those are really good!

Bella:   No worries, we still <3 you!  If you could be remembered for one thing what would it be?

Eith:   I volunteer a lot outside of games, and I would want to be remembered for trying to make things better and being a good person. Mushy, I know!

Bella:   Definitely memorable & very honorable of you!  Thank you for taking the time to give back!

For some reason when you said mushy I thought of gummy bears.  What gummy bear flavor would you be & would it me a seasonal /holiday item? (i.e. Shamrock Shakes, Gingerbread lates, etc.)

Eith:   They make seasonal gummy bear flavors? Man I gotta eat more candy! I really like tea.. so maybe a chai tea gummy bear? Or an apple cider gummy bear? Mmm... so good!

Bella:   I'd definitely get the apple cider gummy bear. Mmmmmm!  Too bad Willy Wonka doesn't make them! .... Speaking of which... if I gave you a can of Slurm (Futurama) a pack of Bazooka Joe gum, Zack Morris' cell phone (Saved by the Bell), a huge can of Aqua Net hairspray, 1 whole peanut, and 1 eye of Newt, what would it create & what would you call it?

Eith:   ......After careful consideration those items could come together to help create the greatest live action Jem episode to ever hit YouTube.

Bella:   OMG yes!  Jem, because she IS truly truly outrageous!!!  I'd definitely subscribe to that channel!

What outrageous thing would you do for a Klondike bar???

Eith:   Maaaaaaybe do the wedge dance in public. But no promises.. Hah!

Bella:   If you could bring back an item from a certain time & make it popular again, what would it be?

80s: Movies (that weren't remakes or sequels!)
90s: AOL (For the chat rooms, and the BBS'!)
Early 2000s: Hmm....  Livejournal? Yes, let the tons of teenage angst entries wash over us all.. bwahaha!

Bella:   If you were to to buy an ULTIMATE UNIVERSAL remote from Bed Bath & BEYYYYYYOND, what would happens when you press up down up down,left right left right, select a, b, start??

Eith:   Reps from Konami come at me with a cease and desist as amazing stuff starts happening everywhere!!

Bella:   Like you doin the wedge dance in public???!?! 
Final question:  Which gaming industry person would you like to meet & why?  Also, what would your #1 questions be for him/her?

Eith:   You know, I'm not really sure... What a dud of a final answer!


Fifiville Tue 26 Mar
We can comment!!!! *squeeeee*...ehem...Awesome interview Eith! smile
ohmyfluffygoat Wed 27 Mar
This is a fun read too! Hehehehee!

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