Community Spotlight - TheMutantPanda

CalacaBellaTrix | January 16 2013

TheMutantPanda's Gamercard

Bella: Hi There! Ouch.. sorry just threw out my back from doin the wedge dance, because you're this MONTH's Chix of the Month!! .... any special shout outs?

Panda: Oh what?!! Lol. You did well with the sneakiness!!

Bella: LoL I try!! So Congratulations! Any special shoutouts (before the mayhem starts... muahahahaha!)

Panda: Hmm shout outs. I'm grateful to everyone I've met online, in person, and also my best friend/bf for just being great smile

Bella: Awwww... everyone hold hands and feel the big panda hug from TheMutantPanda! ... Wait, that's a contradiction isn't it?! What's the story behind your terrifiying gamertag "TheMutantPanda," and why does it make you "the deadliest panda alive?"

Panda: The gamertag was created back when I was in FL around 2007-2008. Ill have to get the specific date on my xbl history lol.

It wasn't going to be TheMutantPanda either. I needed a new GT. So my co-workers and I were trying to think of a new name. We had asked a few people as they came into GameStop. We noticed people had animal names. So we thought "ok, we gotta think of a cute animal but fearsome somehow!" We brought it down to two names. One was ".....Koala", I can't remember the exact name but it ended up being taken and was also some music band out there. The second was "TheMutantPanda". And I swear ever since I changed my GT, more Panda names kept showing up!!

Why the deadliest panda? I tend to play lots of shooters. So a Panda with a grin would naturally be deadly. wink

Bella: What a bunch of posers grin We need to start a "No more Panda GTs" movement - JK. My what sharp teeth you have (I'm scared of your witty deadly grin... Here have some bamboo.)

So you were in Florida, but now where does TheMutantPanda call her bamboo field aka home?

Panda: Ahhh the beaches of FL. How I miss thee....

The bamboo fields of New England.

Bella:Ahh the lovely New England bamboo fields! Ive always wanted to visit, but I'll wait until one day when you're sound asleep from eating bamboo... see no reason to wake the Deadliest Panda alive. wink

As you know, x1upGirl was Dec. ChiX of the month, and as she passes on the controller to you (kind of like Miss Universe crowning the new one, but geekier…), she’s asking the next questions…

x1upGirl: Name your current PC or NPC fan girl crush (we want dirt!) - b/c we ALL played AC2 into the ground for some Ezio eye candy. (PC = playable character, NPC = non playable character )

Panda: What?? o.O

I'm sure I already answered this on that crush thread on the forums.

x1upGirl: Favorite female super hero?

Who would win in a fight: Princess Leia or Senator Amidala? Kara Thrace or Ellen Ripley or Sarah Connor?

Panda:Oh that's a tough Star Wars question. I'll go with Amidala. She'd have to be more badass to deal with Vader. Haha

And definitely Ripley! She is insanely badass! Can't wait for Colonial Marines!

x1upGirl: You're trapped in a white room with a portal gun, a turret, and Dirty Diva. What type of cake are you not having?

Panda: What kind of trickery is this? :O

I haven't really played Portal, but I know what the gun does. Ima take that and get the hell out before Diva decides to make Panda cake with that turret!!! *runs*

Bella: With x1upGirl now officially passing the controller to you, as you may know she is trying to start her rapping career & is apparently looking for a partner. She‘d now like you to.... Rap about your badonkadonk!! Go, Go, go mutant panda… (psst, doing the wedge dance may help the rhymes flow.)

Panda: The wedge dance will have to do. Pandas can't rap :/

Bella: A wedge dancing panda..... She's got the moves like jagger! I could so see you break dancing like a secret super power you posses. As awesome as a breakdancing MutantPanda would be, what super powers do you have, or would like to have. (Those of us running scared from The deadliest panda alive need to be prepared wink )

Panda: I'd have to go with the power to have any power. smile

Bella: The power to have any power... Definitely scared even more now!

When you’re not raging and flipping tables, what do you do to “stop & smell the roses?” (to relax/unwind)

Panda: Game or movie. Gearz and Beers. Design or find an activity to do. I have snowboarding passes I need to use.. hmmmm

Bella: Snowboarding, how awesome! I could just see that as one of your next uploads to your YouTube channel. It'd be more awesome than the Trials video w/you and Maribel21. Out of all your videos you've upload, which one would you like to share here?

Panda: That would be cool. I plan on putting more videos up on YouTube soon.

Hmm, out of all my videos? I don't know. But I do have a playlist called "Did that happen?" ( that I would love for everyone to check out. The Gears of War 3 videos weren't recorded by me, but they are the first time my gameplay was ever recorded by someone. smile

Bella: Sweet! Now everyone go click & watch in awe of TheMutantPanda!

I snooped around in your Twitter bio, and noticed you’re a martial artist & health consultant, which is fabulous! Any helpful quick tip(s) or motivational thought for those who’s New Year’s resolution is to get healthier?

Panda: Yeah grew up in the arts. My father has been a master for many many years, so it was only natural for him to teach his daughters.

To get closer to that "healthy" state that you're planning... it takes time. You can't think it will happen in an instant. Eat more greens and for the normal foods you eat, it's a lot about portions. Take small steps so that you can be on a steady course. Make sure you set a goal, a very specific goal that you want to reach. If you don't set a goal, you will not keep progressing to that "healthy" resolution you want so much.

Bella: Growing up in the special arts, being healthy, + TheMutantPanda = The deadliest Panda ALIVE indeed!!!! For any that doubt, you MUST watch her "Did That happen" playlist & The VTOL video says it all!!! *bowing* All hail the mighty PopChiX & her mad skillz. Looks to me you already have the power to have any power wink

With all your skillz, what has been your proudest achievement/trophy in gaming?

Panda: I'm not really hooked onto achievements. But sometimes I'll try and unlock certain things. For example, I have my Diamond SMGs now and just got the Executioner pistol gold on Black Ops 2... woot! smile

Bella: *drooling over your guns* (that's what she said)

Do you own any pink items? If so, whats your favorite?

Panda: I not really a fan of that color. If anything I can do like trims of pink or something. I don't think I own anything pink. Does red count? Hahaha

Bella: Red counts!

Ok now for the faves, then a final question... grin

- Favorite videogame, table top game / card game, movie, song, & "as seen on TV item."


Favorite Video Game

Guess that would have to be the Gears of War series. Lots of hours on that. Made some cool friends from it and also is where/how I met my bf. smile

Favorite Table Top/Card Game

Hmm, not sure I have a favorite. Ones I played a lot of though were Monopoly, Boggle, Pictionary. Haven't played those in a long time though. Hopefully, I'll be able to meet up with Eith at one of her Munchkin gatherings!

Favorite Movie

The Matrix, Gladiator, Avatar, Kill Bill Vol 1&2, Inception

Favorite Song

I definitely don't have a favorite song. There's just too many good songs out there O.o

Favorite "As Seen on TV"

Eh... Don't have a favorite of these either since I don't watch TV much. I usually just catch up on series online.

Bella: You were the first host to volunteer and hold a great tournament for PopChix. You are also co-host of EPIC SATURDAYS. As a host, you get to see both POVs of a players experience, as well as organize and meet new members. So with all of your awesome experience you bring to any site/ group, what makes and keeps together a great gaming community?

Panda: The PopChix community is great. I've had the chance to meet some really cool people from it. Also, I see that there is more that we can all do. I'd like to see a more tight-knit community. We still need more participation from our friendly community here. All admins, mods, and a few regulars can only do so much. Those on the side lines unsure and waiting to jump into a get together should not be afraid to contact you, me, the mods, etc.. to get a game going. The newcomers need something to keep that interest going and continue to come back.

I know a lot of regulars are able to contact each other off the forums now and have become friends outside of the forum which is great. But we definitely need this community to stay alive with more participation. Just about the whole week we have different events set up, let's come together and keep this great place going! smile



ohmyfluffygoat Wed 27 Mar
Heheh this was a fun read!

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