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CalacaBellaTrix | December 05 2012

x1up Girl
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x1up Girl 

This month, CalacaBellaTrix gets it on with x1up Girl for our year ending and amazingly wonderful Chix of the Month spot! Gets it on... huh huh

Bella: Congratulations!!!!
x1up Girl: :D Thanks! (Bella: I like how she said “thanks” but didn’t know for what yet!)

Bella: You are December's PopChiX of the month!!
x1up Girl: NO WAY!!!!! Oh wow - I have to change my avatar's outfit to something spiffy :D
Bella: Yessssss way!!
x1up Girl: WOWOWOWOWOWOW - I can't believe it! So cool - thanks to everyone who nominated me! And I just bought a santa hat for my avatar too - double W00t
Bella: Awww, but way we like it the way it is!
x1up Girl: Hehehe - that's cool. I'm glad I wasn't dressed like a hotdog or something LOLOL
Bella: Anyone else in your “thank you” speech?? Any special shutouts wink ….. A hot dog ?? Hmmm so many dirty innuendos... LoL where's FIFI?
x1up Girl: bwahahahhahahahaha - yes! You, Fifi, PurplePooki, PopChap Jesse, Holly, Jess, Brittany, and my Sim's social GF Odessa! :D (Ok, I think I'm done) --- I can see Fifi's avatar dressed like a hotdog doing the Wedge Dance #justsaying

Bella: Lol! So what's the story behind your Gamertag/PopChiX screen name?
x1up Girl: My gamertag: X is for Gamerchix/PopChix, 1up as in those health mushrooms that give you a health boost like in Super Mario Brothers. I mainly game with my kids and spend so much time reviving them (that or shooting them for their insolence LOL). Plus I just thought it sounded cool. I wish I had spelled "girl" as "gurl", but wasn't going to waste the points to change it. Also, I thought 1up was a cool name (the video game news site)...which I never went to (slacker). Every once in a while, people will ask if I am associated with (I'm not).

Bella: What part of the globe do you call home? .... Don't worry we won't stalk you.... For now.
x1up Girl: Ha! As a professional stalker, I know that is a lie. wink I live in Southeast, USA.

Bella: What phrase do you overuse? What languages do you speak?
x1up Girl: I over use 'bwahahhaha' and 'lololololol' and 'bitches be trippin'.' I speak English and LOLcat. I do know a few programming languages, but I don't think those count. Oh yeah, I beat the phrases "aight" and "I'm outtie" like a dead horse.
Bella: Poor Mr. Ed!

Bella: Do you own anything pink, and if so what is it? And the inside of your eyelids don't count! wink If you don't own anything pink, that's ok. We will just smash pie in your face later. grin
x1up Girl: Hahahaha! I have a pink Xbox controller. :D It's the official microsoft one that I got on clearance from Target for around $10 a few years ago - it's my fav. :D (*whispers* I have pink underwear too, shhhhhh)
Bella: Now my face is pink... From excitement wink
x1up Girl: bwahahahhaha!

Bella: If you could be remembered for 1 thing, what would it be?...aside from the pink undies :-D
x1up Girl: I have this dream to hit the lottery, create my own game company, and write an awesome game. I would love to be remembered for that. But seeing as I haven't done it, I guess I would love to have my FB posts and tweets archived and put next to Shakespeare in the way distant future by people who don't know any better. Actually, I just want to be remembered as a huge Fallout fan who was buried with her bottle cap collection (when your old world money is worthless, this will be the most important message you ever see on your pipboy. Thank me later.)

Bella: What super power would you like to have or already have wink ?
x1up Girl: ZOMG this is the best question EVAH!!! I would have the powers of Tiny Tina - badonkadonk! I hate oatmeal raisin cookies and love explosions.
Bella: So you're saying you'd like to be the finest lady & then eventually explode as your last task? Or you want to be Tiny Tina & have her knowledge of explosives & eat alllll the babies & have shocking tea parties?
x1up Girl: BOTH!
Bella: Ummm please never have me as the guest of honor wink

Bella: So, what was your favorite toy when you were a kid?
x1up Girl: But...we'll have cake. :D No? Ok. My favorite toy was a Texas Instruments Speak & Math. *love* I also had a Speak & Spell. Those were the best.

Bella: Favorite type of music... Preferably the kind not to be played at your explosive tea parties wink
x1up Girl: ZOMG, I am such an Amazon cloud player whore! :D I love epic orchestral movie music. Listening to Two Steps from Hell everything right now (Invincible, Archangel, Skyworld). Unfortunately, once you start listening you'll notice their music everywhere - movies, commercials, etc.
Bella: And here I thought you'd be a rap fan since Tiny Tina is all bad ass like that & rhymes wink
x1up Girl: Oh noes - I lost bad ass points LOL. I do like rap. I listen to almost anything. smile

Bella: Let's see if you can earn those points back wink ... 3 random facts about you?
x1up Girl: Oh wow - 3 facts? Uh...hmmmm.
Bella: 3 facts... Just blurt them - no editing! Do it nowwww (booming echo voice)
x1up Girl: bwahahahhahahaha - ok, let's see. I don't wear nail polish, I'm a foodie...
I can't think! LOLOL brain stopped working. I love Hello Kitty.

Bella: No nail polish?? Whatttt? Why?
You're a foodie?? Is that something I can see at a circus? Or via Emeril?
x1up Girl: Bwahahhaha - I don't have anything against nail polish. I just don't wear it. It looks good for a day, then chips off and I'm too lazy to take it off. Really hate nail polish remover - makes my nails feel stripped.
See - I knew I should have gone with "I have a badonkadonk" instead of "I'm a foodie"
Bella: Hmmm like your pink panties stripped or tiny Tina stripping your flesh off with explosives stripped? Yes I went there!! Gives a whole new meaning to eat me LoL
x1up Girl: Bwahahahahhaa! I need some Felicia Sexopants TNT now.

Bella: Top 3 items you use on a daily basis. Aside from your badass badonkadonk wink
x1up Girl: BWAHAHA! You are the best interviewer evah! :D Water bottle, kindle fire...uh, a fork? (I am sooooo not good at this kind of thing LOLOL)
My top 3 items used on a daily basis in Fallout New Vegas would be my pipboy, an antimaterial rifle, and a knapsack full of potato crisps. (I know you didn't ask that, but it's the question I know everyone really wanted to hear the answer too....not really.)

Bella: Awesome!! Choose your favorite thing... H20 bottle, kindle fire, or fork?
x1up Girl: Kindle fire - I can't live without twitter.
Bella: Now..... Let's see if you can earn your badass points back....... *evilly rubbing hands together * MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA
x1up Girl: bwahahhahahahahhaa!

Bella: ::In my best Tiny Tina voice:: look at dat fine asssss badonkadonk ... And her Kindle fire!! I wanna hear you spit some rhymes about it before I make it kaboom in here & you expire!!!!
In other words... Give me a short little rap about the kindle fire....
Go go..go.. Unh unh I'm laying those funky beats for ya... Check it check it..... Goooo Unce Unce , wikkie wikkie wikkie
I don't need forks - that's for dorks.
A water bottle? Bitch please....I need internet speed.
Give me my fire... before I make you expire
<<<< loses all the BA points

(During this time, Bella had to step away from chat for a bit & when she returned, the following message was from x1up Girl: )

x1up Girl: See I knew it was bad, but not "never come back to chat" bad LOL
Bella: Sorry! I was out throwing your demo around to see if any producers or labels wanna sign ya
x1up Girl: bwahhahahahahahaha
Bella: PopChiX Unlimited picked you up & will sign ya for a free silver account on Xbox. wink
x1up Girl: bwahahhahahahaha!! I feel the love

Bella: I’m changing subject to avoid dealing with diva client rapper… What's your favorite movie?
x1up Girl: bwahahahahhaa!! My favorite movie is Moulin Rouge. ♪♫Rooooxxxannne ♫♪ Love the emotional rollercoaster of that one.
I am sure I will remember a more favorite movie later - but this is what pops in my head right now.

Bella: SMH ..this Chix wants to be a singer too??! Jk Favorite bargain store?
x1up Girl: My favorite bargain store is Target. I freakin' love that place. Most people think it's tres expensive to shop there, but there are a lot of amazing deals especially if you watch clearances. I've gotten so many $10 games there, I've lost count. Plus they do product substitutions ("hey, this is on sale - wait, your store doesn't sell that? Well - we're substituting this item instead"). Not sure how long they have been doing that, but I recently got a $40 Kitchen-aid mini food processor for $23. w00t!

Bella: Favorite beauty item? Like face cream, mascara, lip balm, nail polish wink
x1up Girl: My favorite beauty item is Covergirl All day lip color. Paint on lipstick FTW. I can look like a ho ho all day, every day. It ain't coming off, sistah.

Bella: Speaking of ho ho ho... Favorite holiday time event/ memory??
Oh and I mean Chris Cringle ho ho ho - not the NSFW ho wink
x1up Girl: My favorite holiday is Thanksgiving - we stay at home and cook a big dinner every year. This year the bottom element in my oven went out the night before so there was NO way to get it fixed in time. We ended up cooking the turkey on our gas grill. Thanksgiving was saved and I got to complain and moan on FB and twitter all about it. I even shook my hand angrily at the sky. Good times.

Bella: Shaking at the sky like a mad woman? Hmm, I guess you do have some Tiny Tina in ya wink
What games consoles do you own & which one gets used most?
x1up Girl: I really do - she's screaming to get out 90% of the time. I currently own a wii, 2 PS3 and 3 Xbox 360s. I use the Xbox 360 the most. If I can get a PS3 controller modded into an Xbox controller, I would probably use my PS3 more and get PS+ for the free games.

Bella: Favorite game & which game has taken up the most time?
...I don't mean check the Raptr account, I mean overall time... You've planned for it, you scheduled playtime for it, you've gotten so mad you shook your fist at the sky for it!
x1up Girl: ZOMG this is like a dream question for me. :D I love RPGs but my absolute favorite game of all time is Fallout New Vegas. I love the writing and the complexity of the game and the factions. Plus you can actually get to know your followers. I'm the idiot who loved hardcore mode - where you had to keep up with eating and sleeping and drinking water on top of raids. I remember cursing at my television one time because I couldn't find a mattress anywhere and I was about to die from sleep deprivation.
I don't play as much because the minions want to share game time with me, so we've been playing tons of Black Ops 2 (yay for 4 player split screen) and Minecraft lately.
Also playing alot of Borderlands 2, which is probably my third favorite game ever (after Fallout 3). Handsome Jack is such an ass!
Bella: Easy Tiny Tina! You'll get your revenge after eating alllllll the babies with your fine badonkadonk wink
x1up Girl: bwhahahahahahhaa!

Bella: Which game achievement/trophy are you most proud of?
Is it about the gamerscore or the story??
x1up Girl: Splinter Cell Conviction, King of the Crypt achievement. That one took me forever because I kept getting detected. Pretty proud I got 100% for that game. smile
I will play for achievements, but I'm definitely more into story and having fun. Plus I hate to get a game request and find out after joining that they only wanted me to play because they are trying to get an achievement. :( Makes you feel like getting picked last in dodge ball or something. (No problems with people who put that info up front though.) A larger number doesn't make you more of a gamer and some people act like that. Your number is bigger than my number? Yay for you.

Bella: Hmmm so now I understand where your deep Tiny Tina rage comes from - Dodge ball issues. Are you able to watch the movie, Dodgeball, without such harsh flash backs? Are you able to dodge, duck, dip, dive, and dodge properly?
x1up Girl: Dodgeball the movie was awesome!
And, yeah, I have flashbacks :/ j/k :D

Bella: What makes you nerd rage in a game?
x1up Girl: Trying to listen to a cut scene and someone in the room decides to hold a conversation at the same time. :/ Sure, you can pause but once you miss some dialog, it's not like you can rewind what you just saw. I rage quit all the time because of that.

Bella: I loved the Dodgeball movie too - you get to root for the underdog!
So which underdog do you root for more: Tom (Tom &Jerry) or Wile E. Coyote (Roadrunner's enemy)?
x1up Girl: Definitely Wile E. Coyote - he never caught the roadrunner. Tom occasionally caught Jerry and had his victory dance, even though Jerry would get away. Wile E. I think caught him once maybe? I felt so bad for that dude. I always wanted him to order a Roadrunner from Acme or something.

Bella: Awww!! So charitable! What's your Favorite charity ?
x1up Girl: Does funding an indiegogo Fan Film or a Kickstarter game count? Eh, probably not... I guess my favorite charity would have to be the Red Cross because they have helped so many people all the damn time. Also, I need to start donating to Wikipedia so they can stay online. Bella: is awesome indeed! Such a great cause!
Wow can you believe we're down to the last 5 questions?!
x1up Girl: woot!

Bella: If you could eat any food all the time & it was zero calories, what would it be? Can you make it?
x1up Girl: Any and all donuts from Glazed Gourmet ( - and no. No way in hell I could make a donut that divine. My version would taste like an oily gym sock with powdered sugar on top.

Bella: Yummmmm! Well since that's making my mouth water (insert bad joke from avatar hot dog costume) ... How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Tootsie Roll Pop?
x1up Girl: That questions makes me want to play GTA. :( I would guess 300, now just give me the Spartans to test the theory. wink
Bella: The 300 Spartans???!?
x1up Girl: Yeah, we need em....for SCIENCE
King Leonidas - lick my lolly.

Bella: Since its for science..... If I gave you a match, a rubber band, a peacock feather, foil, a straw, and a desk stapler, what kind of MacGyver item would it create?
x1up Girl: The NSFW kind
Bella: Please name it!
x1up Girl: The badonkadonkalator.
Bella: Wow a rapper with your own line of badonkadonkalators! Now that's something to be proud about!
x1up Girl: Yay! :D

Bella: How much wood can a woodchuck chuck?
x1up Girl: Oh I know this one. Purple. I can do math.
Bella: Prince purple or Barney purple?
x1up Girl: I actually had a Robot Chicken flashback when Boba Fett mixed the beams of the two light sabers and started singing Purple Rain -- so I'd go with Prince.

Bella: And my final question...... If you were on The Maury Pauvich show, who would end up being your baby-daddy?
A) Mr. Wizard
B) Mister Rogers
C) Mr. T
D) Mr. Bean?
x1up Girl: *hangs head in shame* The baby's daddy would be Maury.
Bella: Oh dang! Now that's a Jerry Springer episode!!
x1up Girl: hahahahhaa!

Bella: So out of respect for Jerry Springer, please leave your final thought of what a gamer is.....
x1up Girl: A gamer is anyone who plays and enjoys games. Don't be hatin' on someone just because they play 20 hours of Farmville versus your daily 10 hours of Call of Duty. You're not better because you can do virtual headshots - can you raise a metric ton of virtual produce in a week? We'll be better off as a community once we stop judging and categorizing each other. Guy gamer vs girl gamers, PS3 owners versus Xbox owners, pc gamers versus console gamers - we don't got time for this. Just play and be happy.



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