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DirtyDiva | March 11 2013

PopChiX was started to give all girls a place to be heard. We have had several girls send in articles that have been wonderful but we realize that it's a labor of love for you, just as running the site is a labor of love for us.

We've seen girls say that they don't think their writing is good enough or that people won't be interested. That's not true!

To give everyone a little incentive to get their creative juices flowing, we've designed a pretty awesome dogtag that you'll get after you submit 10 articles. Wear it around your neck, hang it on your monitor, wrap it around your wrist - whatever you'd like to do, go for it, it's yours. Write 20 articles and you'll get another! Who knows, we may add new designs down the line. And you know you've gotta get 'em all!

So, what exactly are the requirements of articles?

We have three rules.

1) Articles should be at least a paragraph long. "I ate cheese" will probably not get published. We love that you ate cheese but we need a little more. What kind? Was it good? Was it smelly? Did you like the wrapper? Where did you get it?

2) Articles should be for us. We don't want to steal your blog posts or posts from other sites. First, we could get in trouble and second, nobody wants to read the exact same thing in lots of different places. The world would be a very dull place if that happened.

3) Don't copy other people's work. Be original! Be creative! Plagiarism is bad, mmmk?

That's it.

What's stopping you? Get writing, ChiX! You can send your articles to articles@popchix.com!

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