Blincing Without Running

CalacaBellaTrix | August 08 2012

Step aside permanent marker, there's a better alternative to liquid eyeliners!  (I know, I know... I don't use permanent marker, but all those humorous pictures we still see online, remind us that some little sheep are still lost.)  

I found Blinc Eyeliner through a window display at my local salon.  I checked out their website & was intrigued by this little magical wonder.  How else could you explain an eyeliner that has staying power, rich color, safe for contact users, a non-sponge applicator brush, and yet in the same magical time, can be removed with a little swipe & good 'ol H2o?!?  Best of all - no testing on animals & a VEGAN product!  I HAD to order this magic wand for my bag of cosmetic tricks... but ... gasp!!  $26.00 for eyeliner is definitely out of my range limit!  So I did the next best thing... verified power-sellers on EBAY.  I can normally find it on EBAY (from verified power sellers with phenomenal reviews) for $18.00 including shipping!  But when I first tried it, I opted for a tester for $5.00 & used it for about 2 weeks.  (Make sure you buy Blinc Eyeliner and not the KISS ME eyeliner.  KISS ME is their old formula, and you may not get a fresher/better product!)

Normally, my oily eyelids smear any type of eyeliner after an hour or 2, but this trick had staying power!  No raccoon eyes!  I was & still impressed it does not run into my sensitive eyes, end up on the creases of my eyelids, and it does not gunk up onto my contacts.  (Contact wearers remember: apply make-up first, then insert contacts.) I also love the thin applicator brush.  As I glide the color on, there are no snag "hairs" sticking out making weird lines.  For liquid eyeliners, I'm not a fan of sponge tips, as the color seems more rich & bold when applied with brushes.  Urban Decay pencil eyeliners are still used for an eye shadow effect & for the lower waterline of my eyes, (for my complete cat-eye "ta-da!" night look I do sometimes, but that's another review for another time.)

I'm still amazed how this eyeliner stays on throughout the day & into the night!  If I ever need a small touch up & I want to save the Blinc Eyeliner, there's always my Urban Decay pencil standing by to reappear into the act.  For this ChiX, the only cons, are the price and the time it takes to set.  (When using any liquid eyeliner, it needs to dry before blinking - especially for those with hooded and/or oily eyelids.) With this eyeliner, you definitely get what you pay for.  I used to go through so many eyeliners before, and purchase them on a monthly/bi-weekly basis.  Re-applying eyeliner is not worth my time, nor my money.  Now, when I pass by the store eyeliner section, mi dinero/ my moolah / my cheedar isn't involved in a quick disappearing act from my wallet.  Blinc Eyeliners stay up my sleeve for a couple months!  After 2 weeks & 4 years later from the $5.00 trial, I continue to be a loyal magician with the wand - errr- I mean a loyal fan!  Blinc Eyeliner definitely deserves a standing ovation from me!



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