Memory Foam For Your Feet? CalacaBellaTrix Thinks So!

CalacaBellaTrix | September 12 2012

As a Californian, even more so as a San Diegan, I need to have the ultimate and best flip flops. My feet need to be caressed by a loving shoe, and ready at a moments notice to go from the beach to zoo, to a grove, to a park, or to dinner. My feet yearn for flip flops after being stuffed in a work shoe all day, or a sneaker after a long work out or hike. My toes just want to be free and breathe in the ocean breeze.

San Diegans are notorious for flip flops, and I’m no exception. I own all sorts of flip flops - casual, house shoes, sparkled, rugged, wet shoes, thick, thin, you name it! But just like a little black dress, I need a go-to pair of flip flops that can be worn with jeans, or be used for a semi-casual night out on the town. Most importantly, they need to be comfortable enough to last all day into the night! (…that’s what she said… I had to! It’s our motto) wink

About 4 years ago, during a long and gruesome black Friday, I stumbled upon a shoe sale at Macy’s. After 4 hours of waiting for the doors to open, then another 5 hours of hiking through the mall, my feet were killing me. I tried on the first comfortable looking shoes I could find, which ended up being a black sequined pair of flip flops. The Electra Fit Flop™ intoxicated my foot from the first second my toes hugged the Fit Flop™. My feet, most importantly my heels, have been infatuated with the flip flops since then.

Walking with Fit Flops™ is like stepping on a memory foam pillow filled with clouds of squishy light goodness. Fit Flop™ has a patent-pending Microwobbleboard™ , which is supposed to help improve balance, help tones legs with every step, and absorbs shock from the lower legs to the heels. Whatever the technology is called, my feet love it! I have flat feet, and these Fit Flops™ are comfortable enough to last all day and night! (…that’s what she said, again… no one, anyone? *sigh* I tried…)

They come in different colors and different styles, but my favorite, hands-down, is still the first pair I tried on – the black sequined Electra. Fit Flops™ has expanded into sneakers, clogs, wedge/ballerinas, and boots. They also have a men’s line. Originally based out of the UK, Fit Flops™ now has a corporate office in New York. They may be a little thick for some people to wear, but that just gives them more room to caress my foot with. The flip flops price range is $50-100, sneakers & wedge/ballerinas are about $125, and the boots can go up to $225. With prices like those, try to stock up during a sale (especially during black Friday).

Now, every combative black Friday, I use a helmet, a riot shield, and Fit Flops™ for my arsenal gear. (Those dear, sweet, fragile, elderly women can pack a mean punch, when you grab something first off the shelf!) After 4 years and many miles comfortably walked, my first pair is still going strong. The sparkly Fit Flops™ still look great, and all sequins have stayed put. The great craftsmanship of my black Electra has made them my go-to black little dress flip flops.



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Price:$45 - $225
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