T-Shirt Tuesday: Let Me Take A Pet Selfie

T-Shirt Maven | May 27 2014

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! 


This week's t-shirt theme is PET SELFIES!  And we got a ton of pics in! 


From Zaythar:

Zaythar:  "This is Sindaen. He wants you to know he does not do t-shirts (He'd prefer Tie Tuesday) but he did put on a new bow tie and grabbed his new ball. Then he flopped down on the floor like this when I told him we needed to take a selfie.'"


From iCeTKiTtY:

iCeTKiTtY: "Coz boobiez are comfy too..."


From Jessibaby1986:

Jessibaby1986: "Me and Jupiter with my zelda shirt from loot crate kitty approves."



INCANTATI0N: "My puppy Padme and me in my Doberman resident evil shirt. smile"


From Fifiville:

Fifiville: "Since I don't have my pets with me then I'm showing you this awesome Nerd Cat shirt that I got from 6dollarshirts and also a collage of my dear pets...well some of them! Those I had all at the same time: 5 cats, 3 dogs and my awesome Tomato Hornworm! I love animals, can't you tell! hahaha!  Starting from left to right:

Line 1: Yuyo (he's 16 years old, that is my sweet baby), Miruco and Fabio (yes, her name is Fabio...lol)

Line 2: Isa (Fabio's baby girl), Poofy (Fabio's baby boy) and Pepe the majestic Tomato Hornworm

Line 3: Spanky, Joey and Tyson (Don't mess with Tyson...he hates everything except my mom and me)."


From x1upGirl:

x1upGirl:  "This is my son's betta striking a pose.  His name is campfire, I guess because he's a Fire Nation fish?"


From AlletS:

AlletS: "These are from two Halloweens ago. My husband was waldo, I was wenda and Sadie (the dog) was Woof. The dog likes to dress up. She gets all the attentions!"


From h3110xxxk1tty:

h3110xxxk1tty: "This is a rare side of CowCow that most people don't get to see, her true form. Her face looks sweet and innocent enough but next thing you know she's starting riots and getting sent to doggie jail after proving that you don't need the senses of sight or sounds to be Houdini. I would also like to add a public service announcement that love does not automatically make you immune to their dander if you are allergic, (having a monstrous allergy attack and my eye is swollen shut, hence the sunglasses at night)."


From OhMyFluffyGoat:

OhMyFluffyGoat:  "After a long pleasant day of BBQ & sunshine, my inner Robert Plant/Crazy Cat Lady emerges.

Here I am with my pal of 9 or maybe more years, Zoey."



Thanks, ladies!  Be sure to check out our pinterest board to see all previous T-shirt Tuesday submissions and to see/add t-shirts that you might not own, but want to buy!

Want to be the next to showcase your favorite t-shirt?  Email your photo(s) with a one or two sentence profession of  t-shirt love to articles@popchix.com!



Zaythar Tue 27 May
I love this so much!! All the cute puppies and kitties, fish, and hornwrm is the perfect way to start the day. MOAR PETS! smile
I keep thinking of joining one of these but since Padme is my constant companion and buddy (except for my weekly grocery shopping trip) this one I couldn't resist. And when I mentioned it to hubby he pointed out I could use my Resident Evil shirt (so geek shirt) and her as a matching theme, that sealed the deal lol.
Fifiville Tue 27 May
I love this!!! All the pets are so cute!! But, is it me or x1upGirl's betta looks like he wants to fight me in the parking? LOLOL betta fish are the grumpy cats of the ocean fo'sho!
DirtyDiva Tue 27 May
DOGGEHS! I'm so lame. I didn't get mine in on time.
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Tue 27 May
That fish carries a switchblade like a Tunnelsnake LOL

And we're going to be doing another pet day in a few weeks for those that missed out!
DirtyDiva Tue 27 May
Here's my REALLY HAPPY baby boy in a beautiful sash.

MrsNinjaMaster Tue 27 May
Love all the puppies, kitties, fishes, and worms! Oh, and the t-shirts.

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