T-Shirt Tuesday: The Doctor Who Edition

T-Shirt Maven | April 15 2014

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts!

This T-shirt Tuesday is dedicated to the Doctor Who fan who has this problem:

Awwwwwww, if you can relate then you're not alone. But these three lovely chicas can point you in the right direction:


 This week's sonic screwdriver wielding t-shirt mavens are MsNinjaMaster, theHeFiNaToR, and OhMyFluffyGoat!!


First up is one of our favorite Mojave courier and super gaming mamacita, MsNinjaMaster!!

MsNinjaMaster"Doctor? Doctor Who! Snagged this one from Pop Up Tee."


Next is our top fave PopChiX reviewer of Lego games, and one of the absolute nicest and upbeat gamers you'll ever meet,  theHeFiNaToR!

theHeFiNaToR:  "The first shirt is the Classic Tardis. I got this shirt from 6dollarshirts.com and it was actually the first Doctor Who shirt I ever owned! After I got it, I made the Caveman take a pic of me with my Tardis carry case!

The second shirt is my Knock Knock shirt! So many people I know that don't watch Doctor Who just stare at the shirt and don't get it. But a true Whovian will get it right away! "Doctor Who?" I got this shirt from SnorgTees.com and its super comfy!

I have another Who shirt, a PowerPuff Girl/Who mashup, but sadly it was in the wash and unavailable for photo - perhaps another week!"

YES! We must see the Powerfpuff t-shirt! smiley  Post a comment if you can't wait to see that one either!


Last, but not least, is our very own T-shirt Tuesday poster child, gaming mamacita and Duchess of Cool, OhMyFluffyGoats!

OhMyFluffyGoat: "The TARDIS exploding in a Van Gogh painting is my favorite Doctor Who t shirt because that episode always makes my eyes leak salty fluid. And how mega cool is it to have a shirt that screams your fandom and also matches the decor in your boudoir?!"


Thanks, ladies!  Be sure to check out our pinterest board to see all previous T-shirt Tuesday submissions and to see/add t-shirts that you might not own, but want to buy!

Next week's theme is UNICORNS! Want to be the next to showcase your favorite t-shirt? Email your photo(s) with a one or two sentence profession of  t-shirt love to articles@popchix.com!



MrsNinjaMaster Tue 15 Apr
Yay! I love them all! Can't wait to see all the unicorns, it will be epic.
xSHADOWx Wed 16 Apr
theHeFiNaToR Wed 16 Apr
When all else fails for finding Doctor Who shirts - go to BlueBoxTees.com - they are dedicated to all things Whovian for shirts! smile
How did I miss this one? I need to pay more attention - I have a closet full!

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