T-Shirt Tuesday: Cool Animals Edition!

T-Shirt Maven | April 29 2014

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! 


Holy smokes! We got a ton of submissions in this week from Fifiville, h3110xxxk1tty, MrsNinjaMaster, OhMyFluffyGoat, Jessibaby1986, and Zaythar!


First up is Fifiville with her awesome new do!

Fifiville: "I got this sweater in Pac Sun a few months ago for $5...cheap clothes FTW!!! I love it! That dog is too cute and filled with attitude hahaha. Plus he wears big sunglasses like I do raspberry"



Next is h3110xxxk1tty, who's rocking a Hello Kitty watch with this awesome Minecraft tee:

Hello Kitty and Minecraft *ALWAYS* owns!



This awesome geeky tee came in from MrsNinjaMaster:

MrsNinjaMaster"Meet Schrodinger's Kitty, he's a paradox of quantum mechanics, which makes him super cool! Bought from 6dollarshirts.com!"



And OhMyFluffyGoat swiped this puntastic shirt to share:

OhMyFluffyGoat"This week's submission was discovered on my husband's side of the closet. This is his favorite shirt. He actually has a duplicate for when this one fades and becomes no longer wearable.

Hare Trigger ya'll! wink"



In from our very own Iron Chef, Jessibaby1986:

Jessibaby1986: "My t-shirt tuesday submission is not epic games but rather the epic medical software company (where Theo works) and I think Judy (lady that runs the place) likes dragons as they are throughout EVERYTHING!"



And last but not least, this super sweet tee from Zaythar:

Zaythar "My cupcakosaur shirt from shirt.woot.com!  For those that know me, I LOVE cupcakes. When this shirt came up on Woot's shirt of the day, I knew I was buying it. After all, she is my perfect idea of an animal!"


Thanks, ladies!  Be sure to check out our pinterest board to see all previous T-shirt Tuesday submissions and to see/add t-shirts that you might not own, but want to buy!

Want to be the next to showcase your favorite t-shirt? Next week's theme is Favorite Black T-Shirts!  Email your photo(s) with a one or two sentence profession of  t-shirt love to articles@popchix.com!



ohmyfluffygoat Tue 29 Apr
AWESOME shirts ladies!!!!
Zaythar Tue 29 Apr
Ohhh I love this weeks' shirts and the accompanying "tie-in" photo. I can't stop laughing
Fifiville Wed 30 Apr
Zomg that cupcakosaur shirt is the cutest ever!!! Love the article and the shirts! :D

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