T-shirt Tuesday Kicks Off The Week With Kid Selfies!

T-Shirt Maven | July 08 2014

Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts!


This week we're celebrating our future gamers with Kid Selfies!!


In from h3110xxxk1tty:

h3110xxxk1tty:  "Ophelia Grace (sixteen months) is on the left, Kaya Marley (who is turning four next month) is I the right. I forgot to turn on my flash for the first picture so I decided to take a second picture that wasn't so blurry and after fifteen failed attempts over a ten minute period I have learned to not take pictures so close to bedtime. Ophelia is our wild child while Kaya is our mellow hippie flower child.'"



In from MrsNinjaMaster:

MrsNinjaMaster:  "My minions and me in some of our favorite T's. Joseph -13, Matthew -10, Alyssa -7, and John -3."



In from Fifiville:

Fifiville:  "My attempt of a selfie with my beautiful Lily! She's almost 2 weeks old now! Taking a picture with her was not easy as she kept moving around lol."


Next week: Beach themed T-Shirts!


Thanks, ladies!  Be sure to check out our pinterest board to see all previous T-shirt Tuesday submissions and to see/add t-shirts that you might not own, but want to buy!

Want to be the next to showcase your favorite t-shirt?  Email your photo(s) with a one or two sentence profession of  t-shirt love to articles@popchix.com!



MrsNinjaMaster Tue 08 Jul
Yay!!! Super cute kids! love the pics. :D
Zaythar Tue 08 Jul
I have been overwhelmed by the cuteness this week! More PopChix babies!
h3110xxxk1tty Tue 08 Jul
Ahh so many little cuties :D
Purplepooki Tue 08 Jul
LOVE all of them! Lily is so adorable Fifi, and that hair! She will have full curls in no time.
DirtyDiva Tue 08 Jul
They're all so cute!!
Lily is all like, "Sup?"
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Wed 09 Jul
I can't stop laughing at Ophelia/Kaya's before and after pic! They are so cute and sad LOL smile Everyone's minions are so cutie though! MrsNinjaMaster has her hands full - wtg, super mom! Love Joseph's minecraft tee btw! And zomg, Lily does look like she's saying "sup" hahahhahahahaha

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