A Casual Interview with Angela from the Doubleclicks

Jessibaby1986 | August 13 2013

Mostly me asking her a bunch of random questions….

She was very nice about it all…

After watching the video for the song “Nothing to Prove” I decided look up The Doubleclicks, so I went to their blog site. I found the contact link, and emailed them about doing an interview. Her response to the email was a few words that started with “Sure thing!”

I asked for approval to record the interview, however these transcripts will not be released. I just did so to make it easier to type this out. I can tell you Audacity works great to record Skype calls. I’m not just listening to the recordings but I’m also listening to their songs, all of which are geeky, snarky, and wonderful.

Jessi: How did you come up with the name of the band?

Angela: There is not a very interesting story there. We had been making music for a couple years, and then realized we had accidentally started a band. We were just using our names for a while, and went ‘We should have a band name’, I think our cousin suggested The Doubleclicks. We were like, "that sounds about right." It is nerdy and there are two of us, and that’s the story.

Jessi: It’s a short story but it’s a good one.  Are you interested in any console or PC games?

Angela: That’s not our main geekery, let’s see, I play MineCraft and I’ve been playing Don’t Starve, but we don’t have a console or anything that I’ve mainly focused on, not really my thing. We actually wrote the theme song for Cards Against Humanity, that was very, very fun. We do mostly table top, Lords of Waterdeep, Revolution, Ascension is something Aubry is addicted to right now.

Jessi: Have you played Munchkin at all?

Angela: Yes. John Kovalic (the artist for Munchkin) is actually in our video for ”Nothing to Prove”. He’s a good guy, we had our own Munchkin book mark for one of our tours. It’s a fun game, it’s not my first choice of games, but it is definitely an overwhelmingly popular card game.

Jessi: I did notice there was a Mythbusters cameo in the video.

Angela: Yes, that was Adam Savage, he is a nice guy. We are fortunate to know him through are friend Josh Kagen, and through W00Tstock shows, so he was very, very nice to be willing to be in the video, and had a good message. (If someone has to pass a test to hang out with you, YOU’RE the problem is Savage’s message in the video)

Jessi: A few of the girls from the forums know you from Paul & Storm.

Angela: We have opened for them a few times and they Tweet us, and that is very nice of them. They are good guys.

Jessi: How long have you been making music together?

Angela: We have been making music together most of our lives, because we are siblings, the band has been together since 2011 as The Doubleclicks, and for about 5 years (since 08-09) as just us. It wasn’t something we really intended to do, start a nerd music band, but it’s what we happened to do when I picked up my guitar and Aubry joined me with her cello, and it worked out.

Jessi: What type of guitar do you play?

Angela: Oh I don’t know…I am not actually a music nerd, my ukulele is a Lanikai, my guitar is just some sort of nice old guitar, it’s not like a Taylor or anything. Guitar is fun, I mean ukulele is great because it’s like an easy guitar. I recommend that.

Jessi: Have you ever seen anyone cosplay one of your “Worst Super Power Ever” powers?

Angela: No, though that would be awesome. Though they are all really bad so, I don’t really know how you would do it. No cosplay yet…maybe someday.

Jessi: I’ve noticed your personal podcast hasn’t had an update since 2012?

Angela: We actually host a different podcast now called Going Last (goinglast.net), which is a table top news and reviews podcast, where we talk about table top gaming and board games and interview people. We still do podcasts, just not our own, we don’t just talk about ourselves anymore. Although, we do occasionally talk about ourselves.  It’s us and our friend Justin, who tours with us, and drives for us, he has hosted this podcast for a while and we recently came in as the co-hosts.

Jessi: I’ve been listening to your CDs for a while now, and I really wish there was a band like you when I was still in high school.

Angela: Thank you, we feel very lucky we played at geek girl con (everyone so far), and to be playing for young geek girls is one of our favorite things because, they’re awesome. I love geek girls, and it’s a very weird situation to have them think that we’re famous, and interesting, because there are a lot of great nerd bands, but especially when we were growing up a lot of them are dudes, but Amanda Palmer is an amazing musician and has a lot of good messages, we listened to a lot of her growing up, and she is actually from Boston which is where we lived, but thank you that is nice of you to say.

Jessi: So when did you make the decision to move from Boston to Portland?

Angela: I went to college out here, and Aubry moved out after she went to college, and then we just decided to stay.

Jessi: Are you glad you don’t have the Boston winters anymore?

Angela: Yeah it is very lovely, Portland is mild and friendly and we like it a lot.

Jessi: I loved when listening to your personal podcast how Aubry joked that she chose the cello because she could sit.

Angela: Aubry is good at a lot of instruments and its one people love.

Jessi: So I know you have played MineCraft, have you played any other mmo’s or other games along those lines?

Angela: Not really, I played WoW for a while after it was sort of my rebound relationship after a really bad breakup, but I get very addicted to things and also need to go outside so it was for the best that I did not stick with it. It’s a really fun games and I like mmo’s but since I work for myself and manage my own time, I can’t really get addicted to that stuff, so I play games that I will be addicted to for a couple weeks, and be able to move on.

Jessi: So what do you and Aubry do when you aren’t writing songs or touring?

Angela: I watch a lot of Buffy, I mean I work on The Doubleclicks all of the time, because I am a person who likes to work all of the time, but I am lucky to have a lot of great game groups in Portland to play with, which is my primary form of recreation. We go to cons and stuff but all that is Doubleclicks, we have fun jobs so we do them a lot.

Jessi: Do you have any tips for anyone looking to start playing table top games, like what to start with?

Angela: Ticket to ride is a really fun really easy game to pick up, zombie dice is a really fun game. I think some people think that board games are not fun because they grew up playing Monopoly and Clue and chess and think that they are boring, or just about numbers. These days table top games are amazing and there are so many different ones, and there are so many that are good to be doing with your friends when you are also talking about other stuff, and hanging out. So I think people should give it a chance and go to their local game store, and talk to someone there about what games would work for their interests, maybe try them out. Cause its Awesome!

Jessi: So in fantasy world, is that about a real relationship that spawned from a game of D&D?

Angela: It is based on a true story.

Jessi: How many of your songs are based on true stories, or experiences?

Angela: They are all based on something that happened, some with more literal details than others. Our first album, our demo CD Beta Testing 123, was a lot of break up songs and things that we were very much going through at the time. And everything we write has to come from somewhere real, or we wouldn’t have the interest to persist through to write the entire song, but I mean any song writer would say that even If the song is about a dinosaur, a spaceship or whatever, it’s really about me in one way or another.

Jessi: What inspired you to write “Imposter” about the curiosity rover? (After this interview was conducted the song was played as the rover wake up song)

Angela: That was actually a part of a project called Song Fu 2012, and we were given a prompt from a celebrity every month. We were told to write a song about a robot all alone in a place far, far away, I think we may have already started writing this song, because we had watched the Mars rover land, and we had actually visited JPL on tour, before that night had happened, and it seemed like there were a lot of expectations for it, and at the same time a lot of concerns, especially with the landing, the way they were talking about it like it just might not happen. If you start to personify the rover you start to feel bad for it, because it could be like “this could be the biggest scientific discovery in the world” or it could smother and die before it lands. The title is a reference to imposter syndrome, which is a thing a lot of people have, so it was something we felt strongly enough to write a song about.

Jessi: What prompted you to write “Nothing to Prove”?

Angela: That is a song that I’ve wanted to figure out a way to write for a while, since this fake geek girl thing is happening. It hits me very closely because it upsets me that young geek girls who are made fun of for their hobbies and interests then go all into these hobbies and interests and are subsequently made fun of by the people who should be accepting them, because there are more people interested in what they like, because it’s hard being a young person regardless you want to care what other people think of you and the internet is a terrible place to be in that position these days. We do ourselves get challenged because we are girls and we are geeks, but I wanted to put together my entire story, and present it in a song, and we finally figured out how to do that with “Nothing to Prove”

Jessi: What is the worst thing you’ve experienced, in terms of fake geek girl stuff?

Angela: We honestly don’t have it that bad, I don’t want to complain because we don’t have it that bad, I’m just more upset with reading about what other people have to deal with.

Jessi: Have you been to Jenny Haniver’s blog “Not in the Kitchen Anymore”?

Angela: No, I’m not familiar with that.

Jessi: She plays Call of Duty online and she’ll record audio clips of the sexist and derogatory things that are said to her because she is a female playing a mostly male dominated game.

Angela: It sounds very similar to Fat Ugly or Slutty.

It all is just upsetting,  and it’s a problem with how everyone is educated, and how the media portrays women, and doesn’t really do justice with teaching boys how to treat women, and that is one of the weird things with this video ("Nothing to Prove") is that we are getting offensive comments, but a lot of ones where boys are like “geek girls are hot” which is also not exactly what I want, but fetishizing women isn’t the right answer, I’d rather just be accepted, I don’t want you to hate me, but I also don’t want you to only think of women as sex objects if that makes sense.

Jessi: I understand where you are coming from with that, I have had guys tell me “oh you play games you must be 300lbs,” like I do have a life outside the virtual world.

(Here we are hitting the half hour point of chatting and questions)

I’ve noticed in the YouTube videos that when you are recording Aubry makes some pretty interesting facial expressions that fit really well with the songs. Are these planned or just something that happens?

Angela: It’s just her face I think, we started making videos before we were officially The Doubleclicks, and we have been performing our whole lives, and realized that people are watching you on stage so you might as well, be worth looking at. There are a lot of Hipster bands in Portland that will just look at their feet, or close their eyes when they are playing music, we just feel like we’d rather connect with the audience, so I think that is what is going on.

Jessi: So how did you decide to include the cat piano into your songs?

Angela: Our three year old cousin had a cat piano, and Aubry just fell in love with it, so we had to get her one of her own, we actually picked one up on our way to PAX on year, because we knew we were doing a sort of ninja gig around the convention and didn’t want to have to carry the cello with us, so I played the ukulele and she played the cat keyboard. Which didn’t work out super well, we kinda need the cello for our songs, but then we added the cat keyboard to a few of the things we do on stage. For April fools this year we released an album where we replaced the lyrics in our songs with the cat keyboard sounds, which is one of the favorite things I’ve ever done. It’s really fun, we have a good dose of fun in our shows, and we like to keep that going. The keyboard has actually been named by fans, and he’s very popular, he’s another member of our band at this point.

Jessi: Will you be performing at this year’s PAX?

Angela: We have a main stage show at PAX this year. We are thrilled, we did not expect that to be a thing that happened to us, but we got the offer, and said absolutely. Since we’ve started the band we have gone every year and played offsite or a house concert or something, and it was very exciting to get the offer for the main stage show, because that is one of my favorite things about PAX, is that you go and see Johnathan Coulton, Paul and Storm, and MC Frontalot, and they do awesome stuff. I’ve very nervous about it but excited.

Jessi: Have you ever performed at PAX East?

Angela: We went this year and did a ninja gig with Molly Lewis, PAX East is fun. It’s a very different set up than PAX, and it was very enjoyable.

Jessi: When you were in Wisconsin for your 2012 tour did you get to try fried cheese curds (my new Wisconsinite needed to know because they are fracking delicious!)?

Angela: I don’t know if we had fried cheese curds, we were last there two months ago. When we get there John Kovalic provides us with a lot of local cheeses to try, we definitely had cheese curds last time, but they were not fried. It sounds delicious.

Jessi: Thank you for your time.

She was really awesome to speak to, very easy to converse with and ask questions to. I recommend downloading their music, it’s amazing. For more information, visit http://www.thedoubleclicks.com.



Captain Awwsum
Captain Awwsum Tue 13 Aug
Cool interview!

I'm going to check out some of their music since I need to update my music catalog lol
Jessibaby1986 Tue 13 Aug
http://www.thedoubleclicks.com/bio/ adding a link to their website smile You can get the albums from Bandcamp through their site
akashaheart Wed 14 Aug
Loved the Interview
xX F1 Hannah Xx
xX F1 Hannah Xx Sat 17 Aug
Loved this interview jessi thanx for bringing the DoubleClicks to my attention

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