Gamer Problems:  Are You A Game Hoarder?

xSHADOWx | April 08 2014

I'm a game hoarder!  I'm one of those people who sees a game trailer or sees a friend playing a game, then I want it and I go out to buy it. I know full well before buying it I won't get chance to have a full session playing on it (I usually have an hour here or there), but that never stops me. I want the game! Intent to play the game is better than nothing right?

My collection of unfinished or even untouched games is getting ridiculously large. Borderlands 2 for example: I've played quite a few hours on it, but have I beat it??? Nope. Forza 4 was a Christmas present 2 years ago and I'm not even a quarter through it. I keep buying them though.

I also find that when I come back to playing a game, I've forgotten the controls and end up spending 20 minutes jumping and crouching my way through a level instead of just running or accidentally throwing grenades at myself. Yes, I am a victim of multiple in-game suicides, walking off edges instead of jumping, or forgetting to reload.  Ask me to switch guns, and I'm stabbing thin air instead.

I'm sure I'm not alone in this obsession; there has to be others out there who do the same.  Are you a game hoarder too?



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Tue 08 Apr
You're definitely not alone! At least you play your games, even if it's just a little -- I have so many that I haven't even touched sadly. :(

Just wanted to add in the states and in game deal circles at least) the term "game hoarder" (aka el hoardo) is a reference to a person who finds a game deal in a store or online and buys them all up for either flipping or resell. These people are seen negatively b/c they keep cheap games out of the hands of people who just want to enjoy them. I admit that I hoard (collect) games, but I'm no hoarder. wink
EnchantedDaisy Tue 08 Apr
I have hundreds of current/next gen games and I think I've completed less than a dozen of them. I'll be really into a game, take a week or so off to get RL stuff done, come back, and completely forget what I was doing, why, or how. It's so frustrating. I have restarted nearly complete games so many times and STILL haven't finished.
akashaheart Tue 08 Apr
o my this is me but most of mine are digital thank goodness because i barely have room for the physical 360 games i have i am almost out of room on 360 hard drive i been converting old hard drives to use and getting cheap 36 gig flash drives Steam acct is on some other level
Yukino Tue 08 Apr
You are far from alone. I think I have at least a dozen that I haven't popped into a system yet, and that's excluding XBL and PS Plus freebies.

My biggest downfall are the niche Japanese games. I buy them because I know they'll be super rare in a few months, but with work and my side projects eating up my daytime hours and nights gaming with my husband taking up the rest, the pile grows even taller.
Yep, me too. I have a few hundred and since I love to complete games I have to admit most of them have never been touched :( I am really bad about wanting a game, thinking I will play it as soon as I finish (insert whatever game I am playing) and then getting side tracked by another. Or even worse finding it on sale really cheap, because then I don't even feel guilty that it is just one more thing for me to dust. Someday I will play them all, or at least most of them smile

But at least you can say you pop them in and play them - I don't even do that!
Twisted Rose
Twisted Rose Thu 10 Apr
I'm just going to say this. I switched over to PC gaming in late November 2013, I already have 92 games on Steam. That is roughly 20 games/month. So far I have completed a whopping FOUR(!) of them. I blame Dayz. wink Because of Steam's awesome sales I haven't spent more than maybe 150 euros, so at least I haven't spent too much money. And maybe 10 or so of the games are games I've already beaten on 360, so I guess I can kind of say I have completed them, lol. raspberry

On 360 I have 140 games on disc and maybe 20 on the hard drive + over 100 Arcade games. I think about maybe 40-50 of those games I've barely even started. And since I don't really play on 360 anymore (only when a new episode of TWD or TWAU gets released, since I have the season pass on 360), I don't think I will ever play them. Unless I buy them again on PC. Which could happen. tongue wink

I can comfort myself with that all these games have at least not been full price when I bought them, majority have been around 5-10 euros.

My problem is that when I see a game that is cheap, I just have to have it! Even if I'm not that interested in playing it. The only games I've been able to resist are sport and racing games. So I guess I have some kind of willpower at least. Hehe.

I kind of promised myself to stop doing this when I moved on to PC, instead it got worse. I've never bought so many games. It's all Steam's fault.. with there stupid awesome sales! I mean, ask yourself, would you NOT buy a game for $5 when it's normally $30? Lol

I have a problem. (^.^)
Fifiville Thu 10 Apr
Hello my name is Fifi and I have a problem. I like to hoard games too. I have over 100 games already, and yes I have finished most of them. But that was when I didn't have a job and could spend 12 hours a day gaming with no worries...ahhh I miss those days! I still buy games now knowing that I will not get a chance to play them...*looks a the unopened Hitman Absolution that I got on release*. now days I play MAYBE 2 hours a month :(

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