Black Ops 2: Don’t Miss the Zombie Bus Reveal

CalacaBellaTrix | October 15 2012

Oh me oh my!  Bravo Treyarch!  Just as I was itching and getting the shakes from the lack of zombies in my world, you give me an early Halloween Treat!  So juicy and filled with famished zombies!  It makes me want to stick out my hand, fool those bumbling carnivores into thinking I'd let them have a bite... Bite this zombies - the meat splatter shield, which I will use to pound your head in with, until the decaying pink ooze explodes out of your skull, like an erupting volcano.  Taste the force from the shield, as it rattles the decaying gray jello-like flesh, housing the insatiable beast, and shakes your neck around like a tilt-o-world.  The riot shield will push those eerie electric baby blues out of your eye sockets, so you can't stare at me, as you think of where to tear my skin out with your teeth.  Sorry zombies, this Trix is not your treat.

Let's hope Treyarch keeps giving out zombie sweets!



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Call of Duty: Black Ops 2
Release Date:November 13, 2012
Platform/s:Xbox 360, PS3, PC
Price:$59.99 (Standard)
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