Black Ops 2: Zombies Trailer!

CalacaBellaTrix | September 26 2012

The new Black Ops 2 Zombies Reveal Trailer has just been released.  It’s just enough to have us biting our nails, and drooling over the next installment of epicness we have been craving and waiting for.  The new map shows us locations the survivors must get to, while slaughtering zombies, and possibly running them over with a bus.  Players seem to start at a bus depot, then off to the diner, and into a mechanic repair shop area - where you can smash “riot shield” the brain-thirsty zombies with a car door.  But to get to the other locations, you must bravely maneuver and drive/ride a banged up city bus.  As you're driving from location to location, zombies are still attacking and trying to catch a ride on the bus.  Apparently, the zombies have confused it with a “Roach Coach” since you’re what’s on the menu!

We can also expect at least one foxy lady fighting along side 2 other survivors - a hunter or fisherman with a green vest, and another survivor man with a white shirt and glasses.  But those black glasses won’t pierce your eyes as much as the new zombie blue glowing eyes.  Previous zombies glared into us with bright orange and yellow orbs of light.  Do the new blue, cold, electric eyes mean new zombie powers, or are they just evolved?  These new zombies are as hungry as ever, as most seem to have come from the asylum and the hospital.  Where else would these starved savages pick up their straight jackets and bed gowns… unless the local Halloween store had a clearance sale?!   November 13th can’t come soon enough!  Road trip and zombies… need I say more?



RiotGrrl77 Fri 28 Sep
Looks fun can't wait I love zombies smile

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