Blast from the Past: Psychonauts

Jessibaby1986 | September 24 2012

This is a blast from the past that I remember fondly and dearly, and still own. Psychonauts, where you get to play Raz (short for Razputin) the fledgling psychic who ran away from the circus. He is attending Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp, where he meets all sorts of fellow psychic children, psychic instructors, and a very very peculiar groundskeeper, along with a myriad of other strangely interesting characters. Raz learns new skills at every turn, always improving, and in the way of badges (kinda like in girl scouts). You can unlock different skills and items in the camp store.

My favorite memory is of Lindaaaa the mudfish. She/he is one of my favorite characters in the game and is somewhat vital to get to different areas in the game. There is of course the groovy psycadellic psychic instructor Milla Vodello, the former agent Sasha Nein, and Coach Morceau Oleander (whom I really didn’t like). Dogen Boole is possibly the closest “friend” Raz has at the beginning of the game…he is a strange boy who wears foil hats and blows up squirrels with his brain, though Raz does get along with almost every kid at the camp.

A bit more back story to Raz as well: Raz was born into a poor circus family. The acrobatic act consisted of him, his parents, his four brothers and sisters, and their one-room gypsy caravan. Raz was trained by his father to be an acrobat. He was a Master Tumbler, Tightrope Walker, Trapeze Artist, and Bar Swinger-Onner. But deep down, Raz knew he had other gifts that were strange and powerful. The Aquato family was cursed by a psychic family (the Galochios) to die in water related incidents. Ever since, Raz’s father has harbored a hatred for psychics and forced Raz to perform increasingly difficult acrobatics in hopes of distracting him, or killing him. Raz was never sure.

Despite his father’s opposing to all things psychic, Raz has somehow managed to read all the True Psychic Tales magazines. So basically, all his knowledge of the Psychonauts stems from comic books.

One night after a performance, a shadowy, trench-coat wearing, mustachioed man handed him a pamphlet for Whispering Rock Psychic Summer Camp. Raz was so amazed about it that he literally memorized every single word on it, which turned out to be quite useful as his father tore the pamphlet to shreds. Later that night, Raz ran away from the circus riding the World’s Smallest Pony, took a ride on a lumberjack’s truck and ended up in Whispering Rock just in time to hear Coach Oleander‘s overly fervent welcome speech.

Unfortunately for Raz, he won’t be allowed to take part in any psychic activity and his parents will be notified in order to take him back home.

You can purchase Psychonauts gear from the double fine site, which you can also link to from

Psychonauts screen shot



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Publisher:Majesco Entertainment / THQ
Developer:Double Fine Productions
Platform/s:Xbox 360, PC, Mac
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