DiRT Showdown

xSHADOWx | July 18 2012

I was super excited to heard about the release of DiRT Showdown, I’m a huge fan of the series and when I heard this installment was mostly going to be demolition derby I couldn’t have been happier. So, let's gets started.

The Dirt Tour:
This is made up of 4 stages of 15 events each. With each stage the events get longer, so 1 race before in the first event becomes 2 in the stage event, 2 becomes 3 and so on. The majority of the race events are demolition derby style, where your aim is to crash, bash and smash into each other to gain points - the highest points win. They do have a couple of Gymkhana event like last time, which does provide a nice break from the usual metal bending fun. A few race events like Domination where you have to set the fastest time for the that sector brings in the racing side of the game. The Tour is just the right size to keep you occupied - not too big so you get bored and not too short so its over too quickly.

The joyride section is back just as before. You have the Battersea Compound and Yokohama docks, each with hidden packages to find. There’s 100 between both arenas. The stunts you need to perform to complete the missions is now prompted, it shows you where to do them, instead of having to keep pausing and checking the list then trying to find that location. This part is time consuming especially looking for the hidden packages. I ended up using a guide on YouTube for this as I simply couldn’t find them all unaided.

Online for me is the most fun. I mostly play in the team events as you have more chance of winning since your scores are added together with you team. The more chance of winning you have the more FANS you're likely to get, FANS work as XP so the more FANS you have the higher in rank you are. In a Team match with a full room, a win will give you 800 FANS and a loss with give you 200 FANS. There are 30 ranks in total. To begin with you will fly up the ranks pretty quickly, but once you reach level 20 it slows down a lot. To be rank 30 you need a total of 250 000 FANS - this is very time consuming.

As a whole:
So, as a whole I rate this game 4 out of 5 simply because the online ranking systems seams to take forever, I cant fault the tour or the joy ride section, I had no issues with glitches or game crashing. DiRT Showdown was simply a pleasure to play I really enjoyed it. Once I get to level 30 ( currently 26) I will be so much happier. Go buy it, it's great!



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DiRT Showdown
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