Don’t Get Mad at Your Xbox Friends, Get Even - In La La Land, Anyway! Avatar Onslaught 2

CalacaBellaTrix | August 29 2012

It’s just one of those days – someone cut you off at the intersection, your friend has been annoying you all day, your supervisor was a nightmare, and the worst part, the pigeon made your hair and favorite shirt its target practice. You get home and want to relax, but you feel the need to shoot something or someone. You pick up the controller, and who pops online? The friend that annoyed you all day, and now you want to take out all your anger and revenge in a discrete way. If only they knew your little Indie game secret of Avatar Onslaught 2…

For the low price of 80 MSP, Avatar Onslaught 2 is just the thing you need. Your avatar starts by enjoying the serene farm field in the menu screen, but once you select “Single Player” mode, it’s all down hill from there. Your avatar has one mission – defend the line. You need to defend the fence from your friends, who are rushing to destroy it. The only item you use to defend the line - a super sized Nerf machine gun. Your avatar moves horizontally along the fence, while blasting away at your random friends’ avatars. Throughout the waves, you are given an opportunity to increase your ammo, fire rate, and speed for bullets, to repair the fence, and your own speed. Sounds easy enough? Think again! On top of avatars rushing, other enemies are given different weapons to defend themselves from your mighty Super-Sized Nerf gun.

If you’re over run by the enemy avatars, tag team them with a buddy or a random teammate in online 2-player co-op! The only difference between single player and 2-player online co-op, are the enemy avatars. In online co-op, your friends’ avatars aren’t used. Instead, random avatars are generated for both of you to shoot at. Both of you have to survive, and if you’re hit, you can pick each other up. The only catch, you have no extra lives.

Who doesn’t like fun cheap shooter games? I definitely recommend Avatar Onslaught 2 to anyone who likes avatar games, and for only 80 MSP you definitely get your money's worth. The only drawback? Since it's an Indie Game, there are no achievements. Shooting at your friends’ avatars or random avatars, in a fun Nerf friendly way, definitely makes up for the lack of achievements. So load up that Nerf gun and defend the line, because your life depends on it!



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Avatar Onslaught 2
Developer:Lighthouse Games Studio
Platform/s:Xbox 360
Price:80 MP
Official Website »
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