Farming Simulator Review

xSHADOWx | January 14 2014

My husband first introduced me to this game on the PS Vita, I spent days calling him a saddo for playing a farming game.  Little did I know it would be coming out on console and I'd be addicted to ploughing fields! Alas, I have to admit I too am a saddo and I'm not ashamed to admit it. My husband asked for it on PS3 for Christmas and he'd been a good boy (most of the time) so he got his game. He spent the whole Christmas break playing it, with me sitting on the sofa watching him. Slowly,  I was getting hooked having never actually played it.

Fast forward a fortnight and GAME had it on sale for £20 - BARGAIN! I have to admit it wasn't as easy as it looked, as there is so much more to it than meets the eye.  Before I knew it, I'd spent 90 minutes and pretty much achieved nothing!  It's so easy to lose a few hours playing this game.

The object of the game is to plough, sow and grow wheat, corn, and potatos in addition to producing other farm items such as eggs from chickens. The only animals you can own are chickens and cows, however its not as simple as that. You have to visit town daily to sell the chicken eggs. You also have to cut and dry grass in order to turn it into hay to feed the cows.

The game contains farming equipment you'd find on a real farm, but you have to learn what does what and how it works.  There's also upkeep to pay on the farming equipment as well as costs to refuel when the fuel gets low.  You can alter the game's speed so you can harvest your crop quicker than real time, but just be careful you don't forget to change the speed back or your crops will ruin. While you wait for your crops to grow, there are side mission that pop up.  These vary from cutting grass at the golf course to helping deliver a crate of wool.

Farming simulator is quite a skillful game. But once you have the basics mastered, it's pretty straight forward and you'll be a farming pro in no time.  There are 16 achievements available for the Xbox 360 version, and although it will be time consuming - they are all easy to get. It's single player only, no multiplayer or co-op which is a shame because you could hire your friends to harvest your fields. No worry's though as you can hire AI workers to do this for you even though,  like most AI in games, they are dumb and stupid.

This is a game that's easily overlooked in favour of more popular games, but seriously give it a go.  It's fun, I promise you!

Score: 4/5



EnchantedDaisy Wed 15 Jan
Ok, I'll bite. I added it to my wishlist and hopefully will catch a killer sale. Can you customize anything? Like the farm layout or a house or something?
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 16 Jan
I'd be interested in trying out a demo of this. Thanks for the review! smile
Zaythar Fri 24 Jan
It is available on Steam as well.

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Farming Simulator
Developer:Giants Software
Release Date:July 2, 2013
Platform/s:PC, Playstation 3, Xbox 360, 3DS, Mobile
Price:£20, $29.99
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