Fruit Ninja Fans - Graduate to Dismembering the Zombie Horde

CalacaBellaTrix | November 01 2012

Help Joey survive in Zombie SwipeOut HD Free! The game is similar to Fruit Ninja, but instead of attacking defenseless fruit, you need to be quick and proficient with a machete, while slicing up zombies. Unlike Fruit Ninja, there’s only one game mode, where you need to successfully complete the level in a minute and fifteen seconds (1:15). The object of the game is to have the highest weekly score against other online players or your Facebook friends. Should you choose to link your Facebook account, you will awarded 3 free med-packs.

Throughout the level, zombies are being catapulted in the air as if they are bouncing an a trampoline. It’s your job to end their trampoline fun, and put the un-dead in their final resting place. Joey is the sole survivor, and you need to save him from the wrath of your machete. Don’t be like Andrea, from The Walking Dead, and hit the survivor. If you do pull an Andrea, you have the option to use a med-pack to make his boo-boo all better, and continue the level right before you sliced up poor Joey. Use the med-packs wisely, because once you run out, you need to purchase more from the store using diamonds. Coins are also thrown into the mix, and if you slice them up, you keep them to use for perks later, as you level up.

Like any other free game, there are advertisements, and you have the option of using your bank account to buy coins and diamonds. If you survive all 75 seconds of the level, a colossal amount of coins, which spell out SwipeOut, fly across the screen for your slashing enjoyment. To help keep the game fresh, Zombie Swipeout provides the option of no blood, red blood, or my favorite, green blood for the zombies. As you level up, you unlock different weapons, like a chainsaw, different zombies that require more than one slash, and different objects, like a grenade. Swipe across the screen with caution, because Joey cannot survive a grenade detonation.

You get seven tries to rank up your score before your machete’s power goes away. It needs to recharge for a bit, and then you can continue to save Joey. Each time you start the level, the combinations and speed of the zombies flinging into the air vary. You earn a multiplier bonus each time two zombies are sliced in the same swipe. You have to show your epic “multi-zombie” killer moves 3 times in a row, or your multiplier chain resets back to zero. If you can’t get the multiplier bonus, you can still earn extra points when you decapitate the zombies with a head slice. Regardless if you can survive the full 75 seconds or not, the game takes a screen shot of your best combo. Use the picture and challenge your friends to score higher than you, and share the picture via Twitter, save it in your picture roll, or e-mail it to a friend.



xSHADOWx Fri 02 Nov
oh booo its on facebook, which is was on xbox

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Zombie Swipeout HD
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