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xSHADOWx | November 15 2012

I rented the first YSFE ( Your Shape Fitness Evolved) and got quite addicted to it. I was saddened when i had to return the rental. I had great fun with it but never got round to buying it. This time around with YSFE2012 i bought my copy for £19.99 from Tesco. Upon starting up the game, a series of achievements popped up and all my calories burned from the previous YSFE were added onto this one, which to be honest kind felt like cheating. Yes, i earned them but not for this game and now my calorie counting for this edition is off. *the achievement wh**e in me was kinda loving it though*

So let's get started - The set up is incredibly easy, especally if you've played any fittness game on KINECT before, all your details are remembered. If you haven't played a fitness game before, you will have to enter your age, sex, height and weight into the correct fields (don't worry no one can see them but you.)

The Pros

Activities: Wow there are loads, from running, to skipping, to yoga, boxing and even African rhythm. The list really is endless, I have noticed quite a bit of the work i've done has involved floor work, sit ups and push ups etc.

Your planner (goals): There is a section to fill out to help YSFE 2012 determine your current level of fitness and your goals in terms of weight loss or to stayed toned. I chose “Lose the muffin top”, Which is the moderate option that involves working out 3 times a week for 30 minutes each time for 4 weeks. Im too scared to try any other option as I'm struggling to do 30 minutes at a time on their "flagged up" modes. The flagged up modes are slightly flawed, which i will get to later.

If you chose to do your own workout planner either in your head or by random, some modes are especially designed for certain ares of the body - abs, back, legs and arms. Also, you have the usual cardio. There is a number in the top left corner which tells you how long the work out will take, and once in the activity there is a counter on the left which counts backwards to zero to let you know how long is left. On the right is a display showing the calories that you have burned. if you have some hand weights, there is a section for that too. *i actually have some, shocking i know*

It's cheaper than the Gym: I say that but I've never been to a Gym in my life. I have seen some flyers, though, with the price on and i know where id rather put my money. Plus it's less embarassing looking like a "dipstick" at home than in fornt of a bunch of other "skinny" people.

Any fitness level can play: This is not just for advanced hardcore athletes, but beginners too.

The Cons

The calorie counting can be a bit here or there: Sometimes I've done a workout and been left completely sweaty and exhausted but been told I've only burned less than 50 calories after a 20 minute workout - seriously not possible im not THAT unfit. I'd have burned more calories sitting on my bed doing nothing

Lack of tutorial: the game relys on you being able to copy your virtual trainer, im pretty good at this although some especally African rhythm are just about impossible for me to do. I JUST DONT BEND THAT WAY!

Now most of their flagged up modes in your planner (goals) are the harder difficulties either medium or hard, which have to be unlocked by working out in the easier levels. Of course, these have to be mastered before it unlocks so you are basically working out for nothing as these wont be counted towards your goals ( although the calories will be counted overall) i dont like having to do things that I'm not going to get credited for straight away, its prolonging the "agony" of the work out, just to reach my goal.

The vocal coach: Wow she really annoys me... "Keep your legs straight", "Don't lock your arms", "Face the same way as your trainer" AHHHHH just shut up woman - stop interfering. You're doing my nut in. Yes, sometimes she says positive things and can encourage you, but god she gets on my nerves.

To wrap it up, it s a great little game and despite its flaws I think it can help towards you losing weight if that is your goal. it is addictive so make sure you don't over do it.



def scarlett
def scarlett Sun 18 Nov
I just bought this game last week as I've been looking for a decent fitness game and I thought the kinect would be a much better outlet than the Wii for what I was looking for. I love it! I agree about the calorie counting being off though, there's been times that I'm completely sweaty and done for and it gives a pretty low number and then there's other times when I feel like I haven't done much of anything and it gives me a higher number.

I'm also looking for xbox live friends that have this game, hit me up my gamertag is "def scarlett"
xSHADOWx Mon 19 Nov
i should also mention there is no cooldown section with the game, you have to buy it as a add on. which in my opinion is pretty lame, if not dangerous. you have to cool down to avoid injury, you shouldnt have to pay extra for it. i tend to do a yoga work out at the end, its as close to a cool down i can find.
Interesting that it counts you calories from the first Your Shape. I may have to give this game a go after I do some game clean-up from Christmas break.

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