Nickelodeon Dance

xSHADOWx | April 17 2013

Nickelodeon Dance was recently on offer on the Xbox marketplace for £19.99 so I couldn’t resist. I have a nearly 3 year old daughter who just loves to dance and loves Dora the Explorer. I Thought this would be a great game for us to play together. It was - until half way through a song when she got bored and started to jump on our bed! Sigh! It didn’t matter that she left the playing area because the game still continues and we still built up stars together.

What’s great about this game is, that even if you don’t do the moves correctly you still earn stars. That's perfect for the age group this game is designed for.

Achievement-wise the rewards are really simple, and all are obtainable in 5-6 hours. The only downfall I’ve found to the game is there are not very many characters. I kind of expect all the Nickelodeon characters to be in it but it's mostly Dora the Explorer characters. It would probably have been better to Name it “Dora Dance”. It's still awesome never the less and I even enjoy playing it when my daughter is in bed (yes I just said that, I’m a child inside).

There are several modes and levels, from beginner to work out. The work out mode actually feels like you're doing a work out. It uses proper work out moves and not dance moves, although both really are giving you a work out.

Over all this is a brilliant game for children and adults alike and so cheap too.



X1up Girl
X1up Girl Wed 17 Apr
Nice review! Sounds like a great game for little kids and I love that. I'm surprised they didn't have more variety in characters. I just saw that Nickelodeon Dance 2 has 20 characters, so hopefully they learned from that design issue in the first game.
Yeah, my kids popped in and out with me too; but that was one of the things I liked most about the game. It was easy for them to join and unjoin. A lot of Kinect games they have to wave and wait and whatnot but this one they can just jump in and out with you. And the game doesn't seem to care that one person is 5'8 and the other 3'8, it still does a good job of tracking you both. At least I'm not the only one that played it by myself (and enjoyed it) raspberry My kids did have a lot of fun with it though but it was a hit or miss depending on their mood. But my kids have a lot of experience with Kinect games (both playing with me and just watching me) so they know how they work.
xSHADOWx Wed 17 Apr
you couldnt even select the characters you wanted to play either, they have like a preset character per song. i forgot to add that
Oh I completely forgot that too! I am looking at the Victorious game, that lets you completely make your own character - but with kids they are all hit or miss games, at least my kids. Right now when I try to get the kids to play a Kinect game with me they just want to play the "Rabbit" game (Rabbids) or Kinect Party - go figure.
xSHADOWx Wed 17 Apr
all katie cares about is "i win" even when her controller is not plugged in.

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Nickelodeon Dance
Publisher:2K Play
Developer:High Voltage Software
Platform/s:Xbox, Wii

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