Paper Toss Friends - Hit Your Boss Without Getting Fired? Verrry Interesting!

CalacaBellaTrix | October 12 2012

Even though a ripe juicy tomato launched into his peaceful sleep induced face, the boss did not wake up. He muttered a couple of words, shifted back into his comfy leather chair, and proceeded to visit Mr. Sandman. Amazingly, the fish survived a grenade landing in the fish tank. Those slippery fish swam around the grenade like it was nothing more than another piece of tacky decorations. When the Frisbee hit a co-worker, he didn’t come after me. All he said in a whiny tone was, “hey that hurt!” I hit him again with a super bouncy ball, and he casually leaned back out of his chair, and shook his head at me. I may have hit the boss, the co-worker, and the bosses’ fish by accident, but that’s between me and my tablet. Who would’ve thought a friendly paper toss competition could have these types of scenarios play out?

In the new Paper Toss Friends game application, you can challenge random opponents, Game Center or Facebook friends, to a few rounds of paper toss. The original game is fun, but it is a lonely solo game. Paper Toss Friends has new interactive backgrounds, and new objects to launch into the trash can. A juicy tomato, a crushed soda can, a large watermelon, and a grenade are a few of the new objects. Your target, the trash can, is now placed in a warehouse where pests scurry around, on top of the boss’ desk, or in the middle of the cubicle area, near the whiny co-workers. Don’t worry, the favorite red haired intern is still part of the backgrounds, along with the classic stationary easy-to-reach trash can, in the middle of the screen.

With all of the new backgrounds and objects to throw, how is someone supposed to choose? Challengers are given three options for both the backgrounds and the objects to select from. It’s up to the roulette wheel to provide you with those 3 choices of each. After the challenger makes his/her selection, the scene is on its way to an epic Paper Toss competition.

To entice your savage paper toss beast mode, the game provides you with your competitor’s highlight reel. You can choose whether to skip the highlights, or you can watch your competition’s amazing paper tosses. After watching their epic almost-didn’t-make-it tosses, you’re ready for competition as your nostrils flare, and your upper lip snarls up. You now know what must be done - you must beat the competition. A couple deep breaths in to help center your chi, and you channel your quick ninja reflexes to demolish your competitor’s score.

Paper Toss Friends lets you know when the next shot could win the round. In a Matrix like motion, the game slows down your toss, electrifies the paper ball with blue radiance, so that the toss is worthy of being called the winning shot. If your quick nimble finger is talented enough, and you catch up to the competitor score, Paper Toss lets you rub the competitors score in his/her face, by allowing you to continue tossing items into the trash can until you have earned three strikes. Missing the target, and sometimes hitting the boss or co-worker, gives you a strike. The first to win three rounds gets you VIP entrance to the gun show, as you’ll be flexing those muscles and showing off as you’re crowned the victor.

Paper Toss Friends still has the various wind direction and speed from the office fan. Combine the weight of the object with the wind direction and speed, landing the object into the various targets is not always easy. Sure you may be King/Queen of the paper ball wads, but you’ll have to rethink your strategy when there’s a 4.67 wind speed, and tossing a watermelon into the trash can on top of the intern’s scrawny lap. You need to hit your target, while the intern is moving from one side of the office to the other, in hopes of avoiding a Gallagher watermelon smash to the face.

All of the amusing Paper Toss Friends gaming could be yours to enjoy, on your mobile phone and tablet, for the low-low price of FREE!

*This post was updated to show the TRUE author Calacabellatrix. Many apologies!



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Paper Toss Friends
Developer:Backflip Studios
Release Date:October 5, 2012
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