The Sims FreePlay - Being a Puppetmaster Never Gets Old

CalacaBellaTrix | October 05 2012

Do you have the urge to command and control someone? Would you like to help raise a family, get a career, and take care of someone’s daily needs, in real time? If you have the extra time, and space on your mobile phone / tablet, then try Sims FreePlay. The game application is exactly like it says, free to play. All you need is an internet connection to play, and you’re set.

If you’ve never played a Sims game, then this would be a great start - after all, it’s free. It takes the basics of Sims’ games into one fun application. You start out with a Sim, you can add a spouse, a baby, and a pet to each household. The Sims’ child can age from an infant, to a toddler, and most recently, to a teenager. There are a few different career options for your Sims. Just to name a few, your Sim could be a brave strong firefighter, a creative artist, an Olympic athlete, or a witty politician.

Sims fans will notice a few slight differences in game play. These Sims actions are done in real time, and they are truly puppets. Since the autonomy is turned off, the Sims will not complete actions, unless you command them to do so. Some Sims fans may enjoy having autonomy off. You can take a break, without worrying the Sims have caused havoc and messed up your storyline. In other Sims’ game modes, I have put the controller down, and come back to the game to find the husband flirting and *ahem* WooHoo-ing with his sister-in-law (in the room next to where the wife is sleeping.) I’ve also had another Sim break into the neighbor’s house, swipe some items, and then try to start a relationship with said neighbor. (Reminds me of Jerry Springer episodes…) There are pros and cons to having the autonomy turned off.

If a Sim is in the athletic career track, you will need to send them to work at 8:00 a.m. in your time zone in real time. If you’re not an early riser, and you want your Sim to be at work every day, you may need to consider another career path. In this application, Sims are not penalized for missing work. You don’t earn experience points for the time the Sim would have worked. However, you are able to command the Sims to other activities throughout the day. If your overloaded and don’t think you can come back to the game play within a few seconds (for normal actions), there are other actions that can range from one hour (reading a novel), to hibernating (sleeping,) which can take a full 24 hours. If your Sim has completed a task, and you came back to the game much longer than you had put for the last command, their mood bars will be lower than before. You will need to spend a little more time bringing those mood bars back up to full green status. There are a wide variety of options to increase the Sims’ mood. You can also take in game pictures to share with your friends, or show your friends the Sim you created in their likeness. Your Sims don’t have to get along, as you can start arguments with other Sims and eventually become their enemy. If you feel your married Sim needs a new spouse, this game actually gives you the option of a divorce. (Sorry Jerry Springer, you won’t have a final thought here, and blame autonomy on the divorce.)

Sims FreePlay has different areas that Sims can enjoy their activities, such as a park and a night club. Building these areas takes time and money, but all of your Sims career simoleons (money) are put into one large community bank. There are multiple ways to can earn simoleons such as from your career, selling back items, baking items, gardening items, driving around the town, etc. Your pet can also dig up simoleons and even LifeStyle Points (LS). These LS points can be used on fancy, high-tech or special items, or you can use them to speed up/complete an action. There are free ways to earn LS points, through the PartyBoat (a leaderboard area with your GameCenter friends), completing certain tasks, or through EA promoted links. If you don’t want to wait for the LS points to show up, and your wallet is burning with real life extra cash, you can buy as many LS points from EA as you desire.

With each update, EA adds more house items, town places, and seasonal items, such as Easter wallpaper. There’s even a Katy Perry clothing pack, but you have to pay for it from your real life money (simoleans are not allowed.) Whether its spending your hard earned cash for extra Sim simoleans or LP points, your time on building up the city, seeing in-game ads, or making sure you have an internet connection to play (game will not load offline), every free game comes with a price. EA has not offered the option to purchase the game to disable ads, but the ads shown are for other EA mobile games. EA has been updating the apps with some of the fan feedback, which can be found on Facebook. Recent updates include:

  • A salon, where you can deck out your Sims hair, piercings, and tattoos.
  • A pet store for pet toys, or to purchase dogs, cats, bunnies, and even robo-pets.
  • Allowing toddlers to age into teenagers.
  • A school to meet the needs of your teenage Sim.
  • The PartyBoat is now connected with GameCenter instead of Facebook. The PartyBoat rewards you with different prizes depending on how many GameCenter friends also play the game.

As a Sims fan, I like the game as much as I could expect from a free game. Sure I may not be able to do as much in other Sims games, but you get what you pay for. I would recommend the free game to anyone who has the time and internet connection. Get your fingers ready, because the Sims are eagerly awaiting for you to be their puppet master.

Pre-Teen Update Trailer:



RedDeadDudette Fri 05 Oct
Just downloaded it for my Kindle Fire and I like it so far! Ive been a Sims fan for a very long time!! Thanks for showing me this!! smile

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