Squid Grip - Controller Comfort in the Grip of Your Hand

CalacaBellaTrix | September 28 2012

Shhh… keep your voice down… I’m sneaking up on the enemy. Oh, I hear him coming on the left side, I need to focus … steady, aim, BOOM - headshot! (Muahahahaha – manic evil laughter echoes in the room.) Armed with my surround sound headset, and my new controller accessory, shooting down the enemy has never been so enjoyable. If only the enemy knew about my new little friend. It’s almost too good to share. However, the holidays are peeking around the corner, and I’m no Scrooge. Every gamer should definitely own and gift a pair to teammates and friends. Gamers, say “hello to my new little friend” - the Squid Grip.

Most gamers will agree, after a half hour or more of gaming, your palms tend to get sweaty. You have to stop in the middle of the match, to wipe off your hands and the controller. Seconds later, you’re yelling at the screen, because the enemy found you standing still, and now you’re dead. Stopping for just those few seconds, to wipe off your hands, cost you your killstreak. Or if you were playing that awesome RPG game, it cost you the battle with the Boss, and now you have to start over at the checkpoint.

For only $14.99 plus shipping, Squid Grip is the solution you can use on either an official Xbox360 & PS3 wired/ wireless controller. (Some non-OEM controllers have enough space for the Squid Grip, but you’ll have to double- check with the manufacturer.) Don’t let the little packaging fool you, because the inexpensive controller accessory packs a BIG punch! It’s a lightly padded foam sticker, which is applied to each side of the controller. Made from latex-free anti-microbial material, Squid Grip wicks away sweat, which gives you an advantage while gaming. The soft black foam stickers wrap around the controller, and provide a comfortable grip. With newly colored badges, gamers can style the grips for an extra $2.99, or they can enjoy the free standard black logo badges. Squid Grip ships internationally, and comes with a 30-day guarantee. The instruction booklet includes large pictures for easy application, true to their motto – peel, stick, play!

After applying the Squid Grip to each side of the controller, you can still plug in a head set, both a puck style and a regular chat cord. While using a Squid Grip, a chat pad cannot be plugged into the controller, due to the extra padding. It was the only small draw back for Squid Grip I encountered. Besides, most of the time I use the “My Xbox Live” app to send messages on Xbox. Or I can always use another controller to type messages with the chat pad.

Removing the product is as easy as the application. Slowly peel the Squid Grip away from the controller, so it does not tear. If there is any residue or a piece of foam sticker left on the controller, you can use the sticky side of the Squid Grip to remove it. The residue comes off with as little as a twist, and you have your normal controller back.

When I ordered the product, I also ordered one as a gift. At this time, Squid Grip does not ship multiple orders to multiple addresses. You will need to complete an order for every address you will be shipping to. They do offer the convenience of paying through PayPal. I was worried a receipt would show up in my friend’s gift. However, both she and I received packing slips, which did not show the price. The two minuscule drawbacks, with the chat pad and the multiple shipping orders, are not enough to discourage me from buying and using the product.

If you celebrate the holidays, check that list twice and continue being nice! You never know what Santa may bring you to get your game on! If you don’t celebrate holidays, no matter what, Squid Grip should be part of every gamer’s setup. Whether you’re a recreational or hardcore competitive gamer, the controller accessory provides great non-bulky comfort, at a low price. Go ahead, pamper yourself and treat your controller to a pair!

Squid Grip package contents:

  • 2 Squid Grip foam stickers (one left & one right) 
  • Total of 4 Badges (2 go on each side of the Squid Grip)
  • 1 Squid Grip company sticker
  • 1 Instruction Manual


(The pink badges were for me, and the orange badges were for my friend.)


Squid Grip photo

Squid Grip photo



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Squid Grip
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