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xSHADOWx | January 15 2011

The Sims 3 is back on consoles and about time too. After playing the original Sims on the PC back in 2000 I was hooked immediately, the whole freedom and imagination aspect to the game is a sheer delight, and one that has seen me sit in front of my console for hours on end, leaving the house a mess and chores to do.

For those of you who have never played The Sims before, it's is a game based on a mini virtual-fantasy world in which your created character has a personality, goes to work, builds a house, starts a family and is occasionally burnt to death by a player looking to get revenge on someone they don't particularly like. No?!!!..... That just me then?

You are in control of what happens to your Sim during its lifetime. You chose whether they lead a full happy life with loads of children or maybe a workaholic who is desperate to reach the top of their career path. You have the power to control your Sim's direction in life. I have never met a Sims player who hasn't created themselves, I can't tell you why we do it, we just do.

As for the game itself, the loading times are annoyingly long even when the game is installed to your hard drive, as recommended. You still control a maximum of six Sims per household, get life wishes and goals to complete. Once completed you get challenge points to spend in the challenge shop on new clothing, furniture and karma power.

Now, karma power is new to the game, this consists of good karma such as lucky karma that makes your Sims lucky for a few hours, or a bad karma such as firestorm karma that sets your house alight with fire balls flying out of the sky. This is very funny and fun do to by choice but when it comes down unexpectedly at 12 midnight when you receive your karma points it can be very annoying. And as with karma it has a habit of creeping up on you, so if you deliberately use bad karma on a neighbourhood Sim it will eventually catch up to you.

The Sims is a neverending game. You can beat the game by completing all the challenges and unlocking all the achievements but the game is never truly over, you can always build a bigger better house. You can adopt loads of babies and children and turn your house into a pretend orphanage. Or, my personal favourite you can turn your house into an insane asylum by simply creating several Sims with the insane trait, it works best with the evil and kleptomaniac trait so you can terrorise your sim neighbours too.

Whichever route you chose to take with your Sims, you can guarantee you will be sitting in front of the screen for hours wondering where the time went. As I come to complete the last few achievements I know the game isn't over, not by a long shot. What comes next in my sim neighbourhood, who knows, but I know I can't wait to jump in and take control.



Lady Eh
Lady Eh Sun 16 Jan
This was easily the best console adaptation for me. It was almost identical to playing The Sims 3 on PC, minus all the great user-created content of course.

Using the 360 controller was kind of annoying. I know it said in one of the loading screens you could plug a USB keyboard in to your 360 to more easily type up bios, but I'm not sure if it would allow you to use PC controls. That would be pretty awesome.

Great review!
xSHADOWx Sun 16 Jan
the controls getting easier the more you play it. soon youll be pushing the right buttons at the right time.
X1up Girl
X1up Girl Thu 27 Jan
So your Sims can interact with other players Sims then? Not sure I understand how that part works. I enjoyed the original sims alot, but I've been on the fence about getting this one (really hadn't played that version in years). Also, a friend of mine plays Sims 2 (into the ground, seriously), and she complains that in Sims 3 all the characters have the same looking faces. Just wondered how true that is. Thanks for the review!
TobyLinn81 Mon 04 Apr
I really like The Sims 3 for the Xbox, the only thing I don't like about the game is that you can only create one household per save file. One of the things I love about The Sims (the original game) is that you could create multiple households and have them meet each other and fall in love and all that sort of stuff. Here you can't do that. Sure you can create multiple saves, but your Sims never get to meet each other which sucks, lol.

Other than that, I really enjoyed the game, and so far have put hours and hours of time into it, completing challenges and getting achievements.

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