Voiding Warranties AKA Taking Apart Your Xbox 360 Controller

Jessibaby1986 | July 22 2013

Ladies, as some of you know I posted into our wonderful Facebook group about my controller situation. IceTKitty came up with the idea for me to switch out the control sticks. So I’ve decided that while I was taking apart my controllers I would take some photos. Now I like to be very detailed when I take these photos, so there are a lot of them.




To start I would like to show you tools that are necessary, and one that is not necessary but comes in handy if you have it.

The first thing that is very important to state is you will need a “security” torx bit. The security torx has a hole in the center to accommodate the post in the center of the head of the screws used to hold the case together



You will need two sizes on hand as over time the wear can change the size of the head. A T-8 and a T-10

For most newer screws the T-8 is the size needed, however, my controller needed the T-10 to remove some of the screws so the T-8 would not strip the head.


This here is not necessary but helps out a great deal. This beauty is a sperator, it gets into the tiny grove on the controller and helps separate the case.

The first step is to remove the 6 visible screws in the outer case. That is the easy part, the next step is to remove the screw underneath the serial code. Here you can see the screw and the full label.

Now you will need to separate the top and bottom half of the case. When you take the case apart the bottom comes off the easiest and you will see this.


Next step is to remove the circuit board from the top part of the case. You will then be left with this. Please note the damaged control stick in the photo.

You can also see the massive amount of hand filth. I can’t think of a better term for this

I decided at this point that I would not only take apart the controllers but clean this one as well. I took apart the other controller and swapped out the control sticks first.

Notice how smooth they are…so conformed to my thumbs, and notice what happed when packed improperly.

The next thing I had to do was remove the screws to take the d-pad off of the case. You will need a PH-1 (phillips head) if you would like to accomplish this. There are also two locking tabs that you need to depress.

Next step is to remove the buttons - they just slide right out with no issues. You should end up with a pile like this*.

*I was cleaning the start and back buttons sorry for their absence.

To clean the buttons I used a cotton ball soaked with a bleach disinfectant, and a cotton swab with the same solution to clean out the holes. You would not believe how disgusting these can get, even if you don’t eat snacks while gaming. Hand sweat, skin particles, snack residue….blech!

The next step is to put everything back together! Yay!

First started with putting the d-pad back into the case.

It is super easy to line everything back up! Don’t forget the screws!!

Buttons, so many buttons, but so easy to reassemble! Each button has tabs that correspond to holes in the base.

Make sure you don’t forget the rubber bumpers! These make the connection to the circuit!

I did install the silver base plate back as well.

The bumper for the d-pad has a little connection point. Make sure you attach it! The next step is to reinstall the circuitry. Part of this is to install the rumble motors. Make sure the wire goes in the right spot!

Now that the circuitry and the motors are back, the buttons in place you can now place the back piece back on. There are two ways which this can be done. The first is the method I prefer with loading the triggers through the holes designated for them and using my fingers to put the contact springs back into place.

The next way you can do this is a bit more difficult and involves lining up the contact springs first. I don’t like this method only because the last one is actually easier than trying to get the triggers to behave.

Now that you have the back of the case on, everything is nice and clean/repaired. You can now put the screws back into their homes! (That is totally a Happy Gilmore reference btw)

Time to tighten them up. Last step plug your battery in and test that it still works wink

The controller looks so small in my big hands…but it works!



Sway Mon 22 Jul
Awesome guide! We've always just gotten annoyed and bought new controllers! My twins have a huge stack of broken controllers I may just have to try to revive now!! Good work and so detailed!
Jessibaby1986 Tue 23 Jul
Once you actually get started it is super easy smile (plus the bf gave me an idea to try customizing the case for the one that doesn't work now to swap it out eventually ) he has good ideas sometimes raspberry

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