Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser
Handsome Jack IS The Danger In This Must See Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser Trailer!
jessageek | April 17 2014
What do we love more than Borderlands and Breaking Bad?  How about a teaser trailer for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel where Handsome Jack reads Ozymandias like Walter White in Breaking Bad?  Tread lightly and check out this awesome footage[...] read more ...
Gamer Problems:  Are You A Game Hoarder?
I'm a game hoarder!  I'm one of those people who sees a game trailer or sees a friend playing a game, then I want it and I go out to buy it. I know full well before buying it I[...] read more ...
Are You A Busy-saurus? Plan Your Meals The Easy Way with Emeals!
Dinner plans between my husband (Caveman) and I generally start like this: Caveman (picking me up from bus after work): What do you want for dinner? Me: I dunno – pick something[...] read more ...
Get Your Nerdy Nail Fix With These Geektastic Indie Polishes By Incidental Twin!
Several months back, while searching Etsy, I found the shop called Incidental Twin run by a lovely lady named Samantha. It was filled with the most awesome nerdy nail polishes I had ever found,[...] read more ...
Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part Two: A Look At Mass Effect 2
*Spoiler alert* This article contains a few slight spoilers if you haven’t played ME1 and the start of ME2.   Mass Effect 2 (ME2)  has a different feel to it the first game.[...] read more ...
Goat Simulator - It’s Goat A Lot Of Promise!
Goat Simulator is a fast paced third person experience!  Your goat begins performing tricks much as one would do in a similar game with a skateboard or bicycle. There is the added fun optional[...] read more ...
Amazon Prime: Worth a $20 Price Hike? has been one of my dearest friends for a few years now. At first I paid for shipping almost every time I placed an order. Once I started to increase my Amazon shipping and they added[...] read more ...
April Fool’s! But The Fun Doesn’t Have To End With April’s New Writer’s Badge!
Our Crunchy Chick badge might have been an April Fool's Day prank, but this fun badge isn't!  (Psst - everyone posting a comment on the site today will get the Crunchy Chick badge )[...]
T-Shirt Tuesday: Our Nerdy Nightmare Before Christmas Edition
Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! ::DRUMROLL PLEASE!:: This week's submissions are from xSHADOWx and Jessibaby1986![...] read more ...
Easy Meal Planning With The Fresh 20
Cooking can get difficult for my husband and I. We have weird schedules and often find excuses to not cook dinner. However we found a great solution that I think everyone should know about, an[...] read more ...
Holy Nail Polish Fumes, Batman! Write Club Investigates The China Glaze Sea Goddess Collection
The only thing I love more than nail polish is nail polish deals! For the month of March, Sally Beauty Supply has China Glaze polishes buy one get one free.  This deal (and the opportunity to[...] read more ...
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