Simply Straight Review
Review:  As Seen On TV Simply Straight
This is my first time using the Simply Straight straightening brush. Per the product description, it's a ceramic straightening brush with bristles that heat up to 450 degrees F.   It worked as I dreamed it would even though our hair (my ... read more ...
And The 2014 PCX Game Awards Winners Are…
It's that time again!!! The nominations were made, the ballots were cast, and all votes are in!  You made your voices heard for the best and brightest that the game industry had to offer for this year, now come see how your favs faired! ... read more ...
Community Spotlight - theHeFiNaTor
Bella:  Good morning! How are you? theHeFiNaTor:  Good Morning! I'm doing well! Bella:  Good I'm glad you're doing well! Especially since you're December's PopChiX of the Month! Woot woot!! theHeFiNaTor:  no wa... read more ...
D.I.Y. Cosmetics with Akasha Heart: Lip Butter recipe
I'm into making gifts for friends and family, and decided to share my recipe for lip butter! Tools needed: popsicle sticks or equivalent to stir while melting contents a spoon an old medicine syringe to suck up hot lip butter if using a inc... read more ...
Time To Cast Your Vote For The 2014 PCX Video Game Awards!
Calling all PopChiX!  It's that time of year again, where we ask you to put down your controllers and step away from your gaming pcs just long enough to exercise your gamer civic duties and participate in our 2014 PCX Video Game Awards! &nbs... read more ...
A Review Of Telltale Game’s Game Of Thrones Episode One:  Iron From Ice
For a while now, I've been the proud owner of a few graphic adventure games by Telltale Games that I've never gotten around to playing (I'm looking at you, The Walking Dead).  I know the games are amazing and I'm not anti-graphic... read more ...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: The MCM Birmingham Comic Con
Last weekend myself and my friend Michelle packed our bags and left our husbands and kids behind and headed for Birmingham, England for the MCM Birmingham Comic Con. This was my first comic con and it most definitely won't be my last. It was poss...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers:  Free Xbox Live Games For Window Phones Reviewed
This week I've mostly been playing Xbox games on my window's phone. These are great little games to play whilst out and about, some of them are free and if that's not good enough for you, you also get achievements that go on your gamer ca...
Community Spotlight - Eagle Warhawk
Bella:  How do you like being November's ChiX of the Month? Eagle Warhawk:  Wait, what? For real? Bella:  Awww yeah!!! Congratulations ChiX! Any special shout outs/thank yous? Eagle Warhawk: I want to thank Purplepooki f... read more ...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: Review of Meow Meow Star Acres
This is a child friendly game which can be downloaded on PC, iPads and tablets for free. My mum recommended this game to me as she and my daughter play it together. The game is very easily played and perfect for children. The idea of the game is t... read more ...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: How Parenthood Affected My Gaming And Bonfire Night
2 November  2014 Hello everyone! This week I thought I'd try something different for my blog. I thought I would tell you about how my life has changed... well more to the point, how my gaming life has changed since my daughter was born. Si...
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