Beauty Box Unboxing
Walmart Winter 2014 Beauty Box Unboxing
akashaheart | January 01 2015
Walmart Beauty is a seasonal beauty box subscription that includes a variety of sample size and full size beauty products for the low price of $5 (the box is technically free - they only request a flat fee of $5 to cover shipping)!  These only[...] read more ...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: The Walking Dead and Drive Club
10 October  2014 What a dreadful week we've had here in the UK. It's been wet,cold and miserable. Today is a beautiful day and the sun is out. Very windy but good neither the less.[...]
Count Chocula Treats Review
Halloween brings lots of seasonal ‘spooky’ treats, and General Mills is no stranger to this with their monster cereals. While at my local Meijer I spotted General Mills Count Chocula on an[...] read more ...
DIY Poptoberfest Halloween Nail Art!
The spooky colors of Halloween are some of my favorites. So I decided to turn then into funky nail art. This one is a little time consuming but the outcome is great. You will need the following:[...] read more ...
Happy Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Eve, Vault Hunters!
It's been such a long time since the release of Borderlands 2 and we met our favorite villain and his diamond pony, but in a few short hours vault hunters will rejoice with the release of[...] read more ...
Spoiler Free Walker Week Round Up!  Trivia Winners Announced!
This past week of Poptoberfest we celebrated Walker Week, in honor of the season premiere of The Walking Dead!  Here's a recap of our articles for that week: Celebrate Walker Week With Us[...] read more ...
Tears, Tantrums And Broken Controllers: Minecraft Finds And Falling Out Of Love With Destiny
3 October  2014 Happy Friday, its a lovely autumn day here in the UK, I'm loving the colour of the leaves and the beautiful squirrels busy collecting nuts and my garden bulbs for the winter.[...]
Must Have Awesome (Or Insane?) Gifts For Your Walking Dead Fan
Walker Week continues as we continue to count down to the season premiere this Sunday (condolences to our UK chix who have to wait until Monday!!!).  Might as well easy the suffering with a[...] read more ...
Walker Week Continues With Our TWD Trivia Challenge!!
The premiere for AMC's The Walking Dead is even closer now, so it's time to prove how big a fan you really by taking our TWD Trivia Challenge!       Between now and Sunday,[...] read more ...
The Walking Dead Guide for Beginners
Whether you are a beginner to The Walking Dead TV show, the comics or both, it has never been a better time to jump right in. I will detail the basics of what you need to know for jumping into TWD[...] read more ...
Calling All Zombie Hunters:  It’s Time To Take The Zombieland ChiX Challenge!
We're celebrating all things zombies during Walker Week, so time for some fun!!  Starting this week through the end of the month, ChiX can earn the coveted Zombie badge by completing all of[...]
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