Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser
Handsome Jack IS The Danger In This Must See Borderlands Pre-Sequel Teaser Trailer!
jessageek | April 17 2014
What do we love more than Borderlands and Breaking Bad?  How about a teaser trailer for Borderlands the Pre-Sequel where Handsome Jack reads Ozymandias like Walter White in Breaking Bad?  Tread lightly and check out this awesome footage[...] read more ...
Mass Effect Trilogy Review Part One: A Look At Mass Effect
To sum up the Mass Effect trilogy in one word: Epic!  It is a series that is somehow greater than the sum of its parts, taking the gamer on an epic journey through every emotion from heartache[...] read more ...
Titanfall For Xbox One Review: Is It Worth The Hype?
Titanfall is a multiplayer based only game and has released on the Xbox One and the PC. It releases April 8th for the Xbox 360. This review is for the Xbox One version. ; Titanfall, once you get[...] read more ...
T-Shirt Tuesday: Boldly Going After Colonel Mustard In The Study With a Candlestick
Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! ::DRUMROLL PLEASE!:: This week's submissions are from Zaythar and OhMyFluffyGoat! Zaythar: [...] read more ...
How Google Calendar Answers “What’s for Dinner?”
It’s Menu Plan Monday! At least that’s what we call the first day of a work/school week here at my house. I used to meal plan a year or so ago, but then life got busy and I fell out of[...] read more ...
Pink-Loving Do-It-Yourselfers, Rejoice! Store Those Tools In Your Very Own Pink Box! Wait, What??
Where do you keep your makeup?  Ever look at your current makeup area and think (or say to your cat, like I do) there has to be something better! If you answered yes to yourself or your cat,[...] read more ...
OPI Sheer Tints Review
These definitely piqued my curiosity. As someone that dabbles in nail art, I’m always up to try any product that might offer up something new. These are clear tinted colors that come in[...] read more ...
A Review Of Maggi So Tender Seasoned Cooking Papers
Ever heard of the brand Maggi?  They specialise in cooking food in a bag. You simply fill the bag with raw ingredients, sprinkle on the seasoning provided, seal the bag,  put it on a tray[...] read more ...
T-Shirt Tuesday: Meet The Smiler And The Vault Boys!
Welcome to T-Shirt Tuesday, where gamers share their awesome geek/gamer themed t-shirts! ::DRUMROLL PLEASE!:: This week's submissions are from xSHADOWx and x1upGirl! xSHADOWx: "I call[...] read more ...
St. Patrick’s Day Dining
St. Patrick’s Day is traditionally a religious day of feasting that celebrates the Christianization of Ireland by St. Patrick who was not born in Ireland, but was kidnapped as a child and[...] read more ...
Community Spotlight - EnchantedDaisy
EnchantedDaisy:  So what's up? Bella: **** DRUM ROLL PLEASE! *** EnchantedDaisy: Lol dramatic Bella: YOU'RE THE CHIX OF THE MONTH!!! EnchantedDaisy:  What?! Haha ok [...] read more ...
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