Simply Straight Review
Review:  As Seen On TV Simply Straight
This is my first time using the Simply Straight straightening brush. Per the product description, it's a ceramic straightening brush with bristles that heat up to 450 degrees F.   It worked as I dreamed it would even though our hair (my ... read more ...
Euro Ladies, Eurogamer is Coming with PS4!
Euro ladies, now is the time to get the last few tickets available and see some of this year's hottest games at Eurogamer Expo! The event is being held at Earls Court in London and will run from Thursday, September 26 through Sunday, September ... read more ...
Lego Games Revisited - Star Wars II: The Original Trilogy
Hello Chix and welcome to the first in an awesome series of Lego Game reviews! With Lego Marvel Super Heroes coming out later this year, I thought it would be nice to review all the Lego Adventure games that have been released so far! Can you believe... read more ...
It’s Fallout Friday! Chris Avellone’s Fallout 4 wishlist, ACNL QR codes and more!
Fallout 4 Wish list from Obsidian Developer Chris Avellone Fallout 4 has not been formally announced, but most fans believe more Fallout is inevitable and love to speculate the details of what that new game will contain.  Chris Avellone (@Chri... read more ...
I Got Sucked In: Animal Crossing: New Leaf.
Truth be told, I am not a Nintendo fan. I have a wii but it sits collecting dust in a corner. I also had a DS that I relied on heavily when I traveled but only played a handful of games. Recently, many of the wonderful ChiX and some ladies that I l... read more ...
Voiding Warranties AKA Taking Apart Your Xbox 360 Controller
Ladies, as some of you know I posted into our wonderful Facebook group about my controller situation. IceTKitty came up with the idea for me to switch out the control sticks. So I’ve decided that while I was taking apart my controllers I would ... read more ...
It’s Fallout Friday!  Nuka Break: Red Star, Fallout: Lanius, and this week’s giveaway winner!
NCR News >  New fan film, Fallout: Nuka Break - Red Star, is out now! Wayside Creations (@WaysideCreation) has released “Fallout: Nuka Break - RED STAR”, a 25 minute stand alone Fallout fan film.  The Nuka Break series has... read more ...
Giving Back Never Looked So Good!
As some of you chix may know, I have an online store called Heart These Tees ( I started this store because 1. I love t-shirts and wanted to design my own and 2. I also wanted a way to give back. So for every item sold we were...
Lemon Twist Oreos – The Best Limited Edition Oreo You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.
Normally, I have use for golden Oreos. I’m a “no chocolate, no point” kinda gal. I keep trying the limited edition varieties in the hope that the next one will change my mind. I’ve tried the the watermelon ones, the chocolate ... read more ...
Orange is the New Black
Following the success of House of Cards, Netflix has taken another stab at an original series - Orange is the New Black. This series is brought to us via the talent that brought Weeds to the small screen. The story revolves around the young, recent... read more ...
The Dead Island Riptide Non-Review and Giveaway
As a software developer, there is no worse feeling than spending long hours on an application, only to have someone take half a glance at your work and tell you the finished product, as a whole, blows. Constructive criticism I can take - but a flat o... read more ...
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