Akasha's Salsa Verde wth Avocado
Akasha’s Salsa Verde with Avocado
akashaheart | November 16 2015
I was inspired to make this because of my love for this sauce when I go to Regios or Mr. Pollo for a roasted chicken. I always have to ask for extra green sauce (as I call it) when ordering (they probably think I don’t even know the name of[...] read more ...
It’s Fallout Friday!  Nuka Break: Red Star, Fallout: Lanius, and this week’s giveaway winner!
NCR News >  New fan film, Fallout: Nuka Break - Red Star, is out now! Wayside Creations (@WaysideCreation) has released “Fallout: Nuka Break - RED STAR”, a 25 minute stand[...] read more ...
Giving Back Never Looked So Good!
As some of you chix may know, I have an online store called Heart These Tees (www.heartthesetees.com). I started this store because 1. I love t-shirts and wanted to design my own and 2. I also[...]
Lemon Twist Oreos – The Best Limited Edition Oreo You’ve Probably Never Heard Of.
Normally, I have use for golden Oreos. I’m a “no chocolate, no point” kinda gal. I keep trying the limited edition varieties in the hope that the next one will change my mind.[...] read more ...
Orange is the New Black
Following the success of House of Cards, Netflix has taken another stab at an original series - Orange is the New Black. This series is brought to us via the talent that brought Weeds to the small[...] read more ...
The Dead Island Riptide Non-Review and Giveaway
As a software developer, there is no worse feeling than spending long hours on an application, only to have someone take half a glance at your work and tell you the finished product, as a whole,[...] read more ...
Metro: Last Light Is Getting Its First DLC!
On Tuesday, 16th of July, Deep Silver will be releasing the first DLC for Metro: Last Light. The package is called "Faction Pack" and includes three original single player missions. The player will[...] read more ...
Zaythar’s Guide To Shopping for Everything You Could Possibly Need
I love buying gifts that are personalized for my friends and family. By this I mean, not a gift card, money or some generic plates; I try to find them things that they enjoy, a favorite past time or[...] read more ...
In Case You Missed It: GTA V & Saint’s Row IV
In case you missed the festivities last week and yesterday, here's a little recap. Deep Silver released a new Independence Day trailer for Saint's Row IV while Rockstar filled our heads[...] read more ...
Flirt Nail Stamping Kit
Ever see some of the different nail art kits they’re selling at Wal-Mart or drugstores these days? There’s quite a variety out there now. I happened to come across the Flirt Nail[...] read more ...
What Xbox 360 Means to Me
The first time I can clearly remember playing video games was Christmas day 2011. After a great day at our parents' house me, my sister Emma, her three adorable children Simon, Shannon and[...]
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