Water Marbling Remix
PopChiX Summer Challenge 2014:  Water Marbling Manicure REMIX
MrsNinjaMaster | July 22 2014
This is my first time trying water marbling for my nails (inspired by this article). Here goes! You need: 2 nail polishes Polish remover Chapstick/or tape Q-tips toothpicks a small cup filled with room temp water Start by covering your[...] read more ...
Treasure Hunting Geocache Style!
What is Geocaching? Well it's a world wide treasure hunt that anyone can do. When I was dragged along for yet another walk around our local park I wasn't best pleased. My boyfriend told me[...] read more ...
A Tale of PAX East: Storytime with Cliff Bleszinski
The description for Cliff Bleszinski's Storytime (aka Keynote) for PAX East 2013 read as follows: “You probably know Bleszinski from his work on the Jazz Jackrabbit games (and in[...] read more ...
Pretty Young Thing 19mm Curling Wand
Ok, first let me say this wasn't my finest moment of thought when I was tricked into purchasing this for $80 at a mall kiosk. Now let me tell you why I love this thing. Over the holidays last[...] read more ...
A Grand Unboxing. Or Is It?
Today I was asked to write a quick piece on the unboxing of my latest game, Bioshock Infinite, and here it is. When the game was first announced I knew then that I had to have it. I have been a[...] read more ...
Get Those Nails Looking Hot at Home!
Nail stamping is an easy to learn technique. The results will knock people’s socks off! What you need: A stamping plate There are TONS of different kinds of stamping plates out there.[...] read more ...
We Put on a Fancy Dress
PopChiX was born one fine day in 2009 as the baby of 3 incredible ladies and myself. In that time, we've grown numbers, changed faces and become a place that has made me proud. It's a place[...]
“Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don't resist them; that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they[...] read more ...
Support in Online Communities
This article is a spur of the moment article that came to me as I was reading through the PopChix forum. I realized today what support we truly have to offer one another, not just as fellow female[...] read more ...
Pyramid Head - 13” of Terror
In 2001 Konami introduced us to one of the scariest video game characters ever imagined. It didn't talk, it didn't have scary facial expressions, in fact, its head was obscured by a massive[...] read more ...
Welcome to the Bates Motel
On Monday March 18, A&E added a new show to their roster - "Bates Motel". While you may know A&E for their quirky programming with shows such as Duck Dynasty and Storage Wars, they are[...] read more ...
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