Simply Straight Review
Review:  As Seen On TV Simply Straight
This is my first time using the Simply Straight straightening brush. Per the product description, it's a ceramic straightening brush with bristles that heat up to 450 degrees F.   It worked as I dreamed it would even though our hair (my ... read more ...
Restaurant Review: The WeatherVane
I love to eat. You love to eat. She loves to eat. Amongst all of us, I’m sure we can find plenty of wonderful restaurants out there in the world of NOM to keep our bellies full and happy. I recently visited The WeatherVane in Chapel H... read more ...
Defending my Grid - One Tower at a Time
After a long meeting with the PopChiX founders on Saturday, I was convinced to download Defense Grid: The Awakening on Xbox Live Arcade. I admit, I had been holding out for Plants vs. Zombies but from the mere suggestion that I should try this game, ... read more ...
iCeTKiTtY Reminds Us to Watch for Darksiders
Due out on Dec. 31, Gamestop's Reserve bonus for Darksiders is a Horseman T-shirt and an in-game scythe called The Harvester. You play as a character named War, voiced by Liam O'Brian (voice of Gaara of Naruto, Nightcrawler of Wolverine and the X-men... read more ...
Aion vs. Warcraft
Having been addicted too World of Warcraft since the day it found its way onto our games shelf, I thought it was time for a change. That change came in the shape of Aion: The Tower of Eternity. I had played a couple of Beta weekends, and at first, I ... read more ...
“Zombieland” - Wally World, it Ain’t
Living in a world surrounded by zombies doesn't sound entertaining-but in "Zombieland" it is! The movie revolves around four main characters: Tallahassee (Woody Harrelson), Columbus (Jesse Eisenberg), Wichita (Emma Stone) and Little Rock (Abigail Bre... read more ...
The Time Traveler’s Wife
The Time Traveler's Wife follows the story of Henery DeTamble, a librarian, and Clare Abshire, Henry's artist wife, as they learn to cope with his Chrono-Displacement disease.  Henry, who has been time-traveling since he was five, meets Clare fo... read more ...
Arkham Asylum - Crazy Lives Here
I finally had some time to play some games this past week and the first one I was really looking forward to was Arkham Asylum by Eidos. I remember seeing the large paintings adorning walls at E3 and the one that really caught my interest was Harley Q... read more ...
2009 MTV Video Music Awards
At this year's Video Music Awards (VMA) I laughed - and I cried. With Kanye West being present, it was guaranteed to be a show. Russell Brand who apparently was trying to get into girls' pants that night hosted the VMAs. Among them were Katy Perry, L... read more ...
PAX GivingChiX - Were You GamerchiX Approved?
Donning our tiaras, Nori (killaMOMjaro) and I(kiki kat) basically took over PAX 2009 with our first charity initiative with GivingChix (XCX). Okay, actually it was more like we wandered around the PAX floor with our bag of GamerchiX APPROVED buttons ...
The Informant!
I try to go and see as many movies as I can during screenings. I absolutely love them. It's worth standing in line for an hour to see the movie. Other than the fact that it's free, you can also get official movie goodies when you're walking out. ... read more ...
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