Simply Straight Review
Review:  As Seen On TV Simply Straight
This is my first time using the Simply Straight straightening brush. Per the product description, it's a ceramic straightening brush with bristles that heat up to 450 degrees F.   It worked as I dreamed it would even though our hair (my ... read more ...
Anna Sui for Target out 9/13!
It's no secret I have an unhealthy love affair with CW's show, Gossip Girl. It is not the drama, the betrayal, the excessive drinking or sex that happens in the show that keeps me tuned in -- really. It is mainly because the amazing fashion and costu... read more ...
Pride and Prejudice and Zombies
Touted as an enhanced version of Austin's classic, it contains an estimated 30% new material. I had to pick it up despite the fact that A) I had never read Pride and Prejudice (I know I know... smack me. A bookworm who has never bothered with one of ... read more ...
Ragdoll Blaster: My Favorite Game-On-The-Go
Cheap, numerous, and quickly accessible apps are the differentiator for the iPhone. The problem with a glut of apps is weeding through the junk. It's like rummaging the sales rack; a golden find is usually surrounded by trendy debris in the wrong siz... read more ...
Sashay Shante!
If you're walking around that little convention called PAX or Penny Arcade Expo, and you see some crazy girls with sashes that say on them. Stop and say HI! In the past, we may have been known to make you wear tiaras for photos, so re...
The Don Wan
PopchiX Interviews The Don Wan She's a founder of the annual Fight Like a Girl Halo tournament, a host of the Loading Reality podcast, and an Xbox 360 game tester. Bow down to The Don Wan. PopchiX: What's the story behind your gamertag? The Don Wan:... read more ...
LIVE: Head Like a Kite, Dyme Def & Mad Rad
Have you ever wondered what would happen if three bands with extremely distinctive sounds would collide on one stage? Yeah, me either. However, The Crocodile -- located in Seattle, Washington-- decided to play mad scientist and unite Mad Rad, Dyme De... read more ...
Too Faced’s Mirror Mirror - Are You the Fairest of them All?
Contrary to popular belief, I am actually a sucker for good makeup. Even I have been known to lose the hoodie and jeans and wear pretty things SOMETIMES. One of my favorite make up items is lip gloss. I have the need for exotic concotions lining my s... read more ...
Youda Sushi Chef - Sushi What?
I have always considered myself a hardcore gamer but when it came to spending my last $2 on Ramen, a $59.99 game was not really practical. Unfortunately, I was faced with this problem the first half of the year as were many of my friends. I soon axed... read more ...
Halo 3: ODST Gamestop Tour
There are times when being friends with someone who works for the development studio of your faviourite game gets you into all sorts of really cool preview events. Then there are times where preview events are just too filled with AWSOMENESS to be re... read more ...
Must-have looks for Fall/Winter 09
The time for short shorts, fun summer dresses, sandals and funky tan lines is quickly coming to an end. As sad as I am to give up my beloved sun-kissed look, The Fall 09 line-up is slowly becoming one of my favorite seasons in a long time -- leather ... read more ...
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