A Review of The Walking Dead #127: A New Beginning

Eagle Warhawk | May 29 2014

<Spoilers Ahead>

The issue takes place 2 years after the conclusion of All Out War. It is nice to see the Alexandria Safe Zone in sort of a paradise setting with Rick as the leader. The survivors devise a way to steer walkers away from the Safe Zone with a sweet looking samurai Jesus at the head along with Eugene heading up the logistics of it. The issue shows Rick with a cool mechanical arm for his stub, and Carl who seems to be going through the teen punk years.

This issue introduces a new group, Magna (the leader), Kelly, Luke, Connie, and Yumiko whom Rick accepts into Alexandria after interviewing them. We also learn that two years later and Negan is still alive, not only that but, Carl is having chats with him. Michonne is strangely absent from the issue, so her fate is unknown at this time. But it seems as Alexandria and Hilltop are getting along quite nicely and are thriving as a community, so much that Alexandria is hosting a fair. Hosting a fair is a pretty significant step since they are in a zombie apocalypse and a fair would make a lot of noise. Hopefully this fair will go off without a hitch, but if true Walking Dead fashion is to be followed it won’t.

Rating: 9.1/10



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Author: Robert Kirkman
Type: Fiction
Publish Date: May 14, 2014
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