All Out War Is Here

Eagle Warhawk | October 24 2013

“The Walking Dead” #115 issue which celebrates the “The Walking Dead” 10th anniversary is out. In honor of the anniversary, 12 variant covers were released. “A” cover was the normal cover, “L” cover is the blank cover and the other 10 covers labeled “B-K” each show an iconic scene from the comics and connect to form one awesome picture. This new “All-out war” series is issued bi-weekly and consists of 12 parts described above.

Warning: Contains some graphic images

Is the first issue all the hype that they put into it? Yes. Not only does it show Rick, The Kingdom, and Hilltop getting ready for war, it also shows them confront Negan and new romances are stirring in the apocalyptic world. The ending follows true Walking Dead fashion with a nice cliffhanger to keep the audience hooked until the next issue which comes out the 13th of November. Will Rick and his little army be able to take out the villainous Negan, or will he fail? Find out in “Walking Dead - All Out War”.



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The Walking Dead #115
Author: Robert Kirkman
Publish Date: October 9th, 2013
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